Vasayo Compensation Plan Part 1 – Vasayo Rewards Program Review
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Vasayo Compensation Plan Part 1 – Vasayo Rewards Program Review

hello everyone my name is kitch Larsen I’m part of the new Nutrilinx team welcome to our the Vasayo rewards plan series again it is team nutrilinx these we’re going to start off with some quick disclaimer obviously these are not the company official or the same official or rewards plan videos if you want to see those you’ll know them by the demand dress in the student I with the couplings that down Larsen those are the official company rewards plan videos this is about as dress up as you’ll see me a very rare that I dress up more than this one thing I love about this business is it allows me to work from home in fact if you were to lower the camera right now you see that I’m barefoot so one thing I love about this business that it allows me to be myself and work from home so that’s the first disclaimer these are not the company the company’s official video second we make no specific income claims obviously results are going to vary based on each person’s individual effort abilities and other factors and lastly these are our these videos are meant to help our team members we’re more than happy work with other teams but other team should not take these videos and label them were used in as their own and very happy to develop relationships with other teams but other teams should use their own tools or not claim that these were these are their own next thing we after the disclaimer is we want to get into some basic definitions because it’s very important that we understand what we’re talking about when we go over the rewards plan so basics first of all you’re going to hear a lot of things that maybe your honor you’re not familiar with when you hear Peavy that that I’ll always refers to personal volume but that means it’s the amount that you or your customers order individually so any brand partner which will get a vet definition as well we’ll have customers and that brand partners personal volume is made up by his own orders or his customers orders next definition of CV pretty similar to the first one PV but that’s the commissionable volume a brand partner or someone that wants to build this business is going to accumulate commissionable volume that’s the amount of orders that his his or her Commission’s are calculated from you know we’ve heard we’ve already used this term brand partner or BP again that’s the one who wants to come into the sale and build the business and think of it as someone who’s opening to their own nutritional supplement store it’s someone that wants to earn an income with the visalia opportunity and lastly the customer someone who is just a user or a consumer not not building the business this person can’t enroll other people and has no spot in the company’s tree or structure has no downline another definition loyalty convenience program ltp as you’ll hear it referred to that is basically just a program that allows people to receive automatic orders from the sale every 28 days it’s a good way to have your nutritionals replenish as they’re running low again that’s shipped out every 28 days automatically from the company next why it’s important to understand these things especially for brand partners people that want to come in and build the business you’ll sound more professional you’ll come across as more serious and there will be people that join you in your journey to success that otherwise wouldn’t if you understand very well the compensation plan or the Sailor worst plan people that maybe stumble through these explanations aren’t very familiar or don’t really know how to explain these things clearly and in detail I have a harder time than those who can explain these things very well so that’s why we’re recording these videos to help people explain this more professionally because we know that people will join you on your journey to success if you’re able to explain these things clearly and professionally every every person that comes into this business needs to have a why they need to have goals what they’re trying to accomplish and their reasons for accomplishing it in my former career a sale to networking background we at what looking that i really i really like this quote that your your what is more possible if you have a big why what you are trying to accomplish becomes more realistic and easier if you have a strong reason for accomplishing it my-my why i love spending time with my family i was 10 or 11 years old when my parents started their network marketing business so i saw from my witness from a very early age what people are able to achieve if they work hard and are consistent my father was an attorney and my mother was a stay-at-home mom had six kids under the age of 11 or 12 years old and so by the time i was i don’t know my i remember the day that when my father was able to come home from being an attorney and essentially stay at home with my mom and the two of them built their network marketing business together i don’t remember exactly how old i was i would guess but I was probably 12 13 maybe 14 but I remember the day when my dad was able to to quit his full-time job and you know works his home based business and he was able to spend a lot more time with us so that’s my wife I don’t want to be 70 or 80 years old when I’m finally able to spend time with my children and I won’t be else built up spend time with my parents before they’re 80 or 90 to spending time with my family is very important so that’s that’s my wife but each of you need to find your own because again you’re what becomes a lot more realistic and easier if you’re why is strong enough so this is going to be a three-part series we’re going to go over the different ways to earn money with the Paseo or works plan the basic ways we’re going to go over in part to the more advanced ways we’re going to go over in part 3 but the last thing before we finish this part one is we want to go over the different packs and now if you’ve been involved with masayo from the very very beginning by the way I think today is what April 13 April 13 2017 if you’ve been involved with the sale from the very very you’re probably used to some of these packs that are behind me we’re also going to go over some of the new ones that are going to be coming out in the next week or two and we’re very excited about this so it being involved with paseo since October November you’ve been hearing about the founder’s pack that was our premium Lopez another one called preemption that was our highest package that is no longer available in the United States and Canada market is completely sold out that one was 1,400 $95 had 960 commissionable volume points next we have the value pack that one was likely 889 dollars it was 600 commissionable volume points at slightly fewer products in the founder’s pack after that we had the the premium pack back why don’t we when we write these down so it was fourteen ninety five and nine hundred sixty points the valley pat was 889 and 600 cv the premium pack that one was 599 and 400 CUV brand partner pack again slightly fewer products when these other ones was 329 and 240 CV and then the customer to attack someone that just wanted to try all the products at 30 day supply of all the products that one was 239 and 160 cv alright and I’m going to take my phone out to view this picture because these packs are brand new I just received them a couple days ago myself so I want to make sure that I that I get them all correct a very very exciting pack and this is the one that I think that we all need to be focusing on the most right now and I will get into that will get into why more in the second video in this series this one is 13 yeah 1399 again brand new path and it is 1000 CD so even more than the founders hack was the executive pack is 949 and that is 650 CV slightly fewer products in the Ambassador pad and the foundation packer bait the foundation attack of the intro pack are basically the brand partner and the customer intro pack moved over so again that’s 329 with 240 CV and then the 239 with 160 cv if you’d like to reach out to us and find out what these products contained one you’ll know very soon these things will be uploaded into the co app again very soon if you see if you’re one of the first people to see this video and have to know just message us and we’ll we’ll send you this information as to what in these packages again that’s been the part one of our Miss Taylor Awards plan series we’ve gone over disclaimers again these are not the company official videos again you want to see those look at the guy with cufflinks dallin Larsen I’m not a couple eggs type of guys ever on Sundays my wife makes me dress up for church won’t let me wear jeans and then we’ve got some basic definitions and the new pass so that’s everything for this part 1 will see you in part 2 you

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  2. Excellent Video Kitch. This looks amazing and helped me understand better the basics of the compensation plan. By far most clear video available.

  3. Wonderful video! I loved how clear you made the basics of compensation plan, and how you mentioned having a "why" was important!

  4. I found the terminology explanation helpful and also the layout of the packs. look forward to hearing the break downs in the next videos.

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