Video 1 of 4 is LIVE! 🙌 2020 Perfect Product Vision #AmazonFBA2020
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Video 1 of 4 is LIVE! 🙌 2020 Perfect Product Vision #AmazonFBA2020

– What’s up, guys? Darren here from ZonGuru. I’m very excited to
announce that video one for the 2020 Perfect Product
Vision is live right now. – Guys, so, you know, as Amazon sellers, we are on one of the fastest moving waves in the history of all
time, the eCommerce wave, and things are changing rapidly. So if you want the exact
strategies to launch a product in 2020, jump
on, watch the videos now. We are gonna be covering a bunch of stuff from product research,
to listing optimization, to differentiation, to
business management, everything you need to know about the latest data-driven strategies to launch a product in 2020. It’s now live, watch it and
we have some special guests, prizes, what else we got, Darren? – Yeah, I mean, the main thing here is whether or not you’re feeling lost and you’re looking for your first product or you’re looking for strategies to launch your 10th product,
there’s nuggets of information in this entire series. Video one, we kick it off really big, like Jon was saying, guests, prizes, we have an offer for new users as well. We’re really, really excited. I think, why don’t we
just stop wasting time? Just jump into the video right now. – Yeah, take on the challenge, jump in. Click on the link below and
join in the conversation, Q&A. – We will see you tomorrow for video two. (upbeat music)

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