VIDEO: AirBaltic SVP eCommerce, Sales & Marketing Jouni Oksanen @ Aviation Festival 2018
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VIDEO: AirBaltic SVP eCommerce, Sales & Marketing Jouni Oksanen @ Aviation Festival 2018

Here at Aviation Festival in London 2018 there’s a lot going on, APEX Media has just caught up with Jouni Oksanen who is the SVP eCommerce, Commercial and Marketing for airBaltic, welcome. — Thank you. — We just listened to your presentation where you were talking a little bit about how you segment your your passenger base into different personas for more targeted marketing and thinking about how to talk to them, can you explain how you do that a little bit? — Well, yeah, personalized may be the wrong term to do it, but what we did we actually had created a hypothesis of what are possible segments we can have there in our marketplace, but we didn’t went to the direction of doing assumption and starting to act, we took all the data what we had, it took like five years PNR data, the ticket data, and then combine that one with our hypothesis and see if actually there is a reasonable amount of people in each of the segments and are they really acting based on the segment and we found it out from 10 we came down to the 7 segments which are making really much more sense for us. — Okay, and were there any surprises there when you looked at the data in comparison to your hypothesis that you found you were wrong or you were really accurate about something? — Yeah, there was three different segments which was totally that we in in the office believe that it’s a segment but actually when you look at the data it says no, this is not actually even existing, so we need to drop it, so it was good learning process for ourselves to see that you know don’t just think that there is something, prove it with the data, and we found it out and then we narrow it down and now we have a seven. — Okay and the different segments I guess they would prefer to be spoken to or listen more or behave differently from one another, can you maybe give an example of one segment and how they might behave or how an airline could best market to them? — Not sure how we can put it, squeeze it in one minute or whatsoever, but yeah think about yourself, you are not traveling for yourself. You might be traveling as a business purpose most of the time, but actually also traveling for the leisure purposes as well with your boyfriend and such and then you have a totally different type of needs and to me the most important thing is to track the very first seconds of your actions with me that which need are going to solve and I need to then serve you based on that need. That’s the most important learning from the whole exercise we did. — Okay and just before we started this interview you were showing me something pretty cool, a way that airBaltic is sort of shaking up the loyalty game. — Yes, we are, airBaltic is a company which doesn’t have a connection to alliance so we are not in a one-world or whatsoever so 80% of our passengers are actually traveling only once per or twice per year so this is a huge amount of the people I need to address and if I look at in our traditional or any airline’s traditional loyalty program approach it would mean that they need to be loyal for us like 10 years to get the free flight, it doesn’t make any sense, so what we started to think about and with our partners we went to the software let’s say gaming approach and we think about what is good in Clash of Clans or why are people are re-engaging and re-engaging again and again and again and we started to develop a kind of gamification approach. In our case it means that basically every time you fly with us you get a stamp. You come back from let’s say Riga to London and then you come back from London to Riga you will get some perk waiting for you for the next time and so my idea is to stimulate the person to always do another transaction — Yes, the next flight right away. — Exactly, I’m in the top of that one, I have a new totally new communication channel, so I can always give them an update about how is your stamps doing, I can do a channel distribution shift because I can say that this only happens in our own channel, you don’t get these perks somewhere else, and those are actually driving the things. We have been running that now like five, almost six weeks and the results are really promising ones. — Excellent, well thank you so much for your time today Jouni and I hope you enjoy the rest of the Aviation Festival. — Thanks so much. — Thank you. From Aviation Festival, I’m Maryann Simson for APEX Media.

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