Video Conference Gear Tracks eCommerce with Cloud Accounting | Ryan Pinke | Xero
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Video Conference Gear Tracks eCommerce with Cloud Accounting | Ryan Pinke | Xero

The wheels fell off. I sold too much.
I didn’t know where I was. I had no idea on the cash flow, accounts receivable, accounts payable. I got it as far as I could as a single person business. Hi, I’m Ryan Pinke and I’m the founder
of Video Conference Gear. Everything had to be web-based is my rule of thumb and it was just I couldn’t find that right accounting platform when I first started. Look at the
standard players such as QuickBooks and look at their online play. And I found a very goofy thing there, was it wasn’t built on a true cloud platform. It was moved from a traditional standalone software into the cloud. Xero was built from the cloud up and there is where
I went to the, you know, Xero website looking for the Colorado partners and I ran across
Catching Clouds. Scott: Ryan was calling multiple Xero partners in the Colorado area and reached out and we started talking. Ryan: And in my first conversation with them,
I knew they were a different type of accounting team to work with. Scott: We had a great conversation. Couple
things: one, we understood his business is in commerce, you know? We asked, “Oh, you do most of your work with drop shipping. You’re selling on Amazon.” So we understood. Ryan: Some days I’m sitting having calls
with people in the Philippines, to Australia, all the way back here to the United States. You know, I’m all over the world in one day but I’m also back home by 5:00 with my kids. Scott: Xero’s really helped Ryan with the
integrations and our ability to split out his income by his various channels using Xero’s tracking codes. Really kind of both narrows his total sales, but also segments them by channel, which is really important to e-commerce sellers. Ryan: But it’s also the counseling I get
with them and the guidance and advice. That’s been the extra value equation to working with Catching Clouds. It’s not just robots working in the background; they understand my day to day business. I can bounce ideas off of them, “What do you think of this? How do
I connect this? What do I make here?” and they’re like, “Here’s where we go to
find your better platform. Here’s what we do to connect back into the Xero platform
and make your world work more efficiently.” You start bringing on virtual workers, virtual resources, virtual partners. This is where Xero helps you and creates that connectivity among all these other layers and different organizations you work with.

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