Video Content Marketing (3 Video Content Marketing Strategies)
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Video Content Marketing (3 Video Content Marketing Strategies)

By being here now, and talking to you today,
I obviously can’t hide my support for video content marketing. But what you may not know is that how even
a few short and simple videos can radically transform your entire business. Which is why on today’s episode we’re
talking all about video content marketing, and we’re breaking down the 3 key pieces
to an effective video content marketing strategy. Hello and welcome, my name is Adam Erhart
and you are watching the Modern Marketing Show. Where we take different marketing tactics,
tools, tips and strategies and break them down into bite sized actionable clips that
you can use to immediately take your business to the next level. When it comes to choosing a medium to connect
with your potential customers and clients few options compare to the incredible power
of video. There’s just something magical that happens
when someone can see and hear that you’re actually a real person, with real thoughts,
real feelings, and real emotions. There’s also the fact that video combines
both audio and visual components of your message which acts like a double shot of communication
power and allows you to better connect to both auditory and visual learners, giving
your message twice the opportunity to be heard and to connect. Probably most important of all though is that
video eliminates your ability to hide, which might seem frightening at first, but in the
end provides an injection of trust and authenticity into your business that can only be rivaled
with a face to face interaction. So with all that said, let’s break down
each part of video content marketing so you can better understand it’s importance and
how to best use it in your business. The first part of video content marketing
is obviously video. And I’m sure I don’t need to tell you
how quickly and massively video has saturated our lives in the last few years alone. In fact, video now makes up more than half
of all internet traffic, and by 2019 this number is estimated to rise to 80%. Facebook is also regularly generating over
8 billion video views daily, and Snapchat, even at 1/15th the size generates almost as
many with over 7 billion daily video views. Basically, videos not going anywhere anytime
soon and is already one of your customers most preferred forms of content to consume. The next piece of the puzzle is content. And this is where things really start to get
interesting and what begins to separate the amateurs from the pros, and I want to let
you in on a little secret. You see, the key to creating valuable content
has little to do with lighting, audio, fancy graphics, or expensive studios, and everything
to do with the answering your customers questions, solving their problems, and adding value to
their lives. Sure you can add all these fancy upgrades
later but if your content is lacking that crucial customer centric ingredient of value,
it will all just go to waste. That’s why when you first set out to create
content you want to begin with your customers in mind, do a bit of research into what questions
or problems they have, and then create your content around that. A few minutes of preparation ahead of time
will literally 10X your reach, impact, and results. We can’t talk about video content marketing
without addressing the missing link in so many otherwise great content strategies. You see the days of build it and they will
come are long gone, and have been replaced by the build it and they may come, but probably
not, because they’re busy, and they’ve got a lot of other stuff going on. In the end a consistent and strategic video
content plan will without a doubt work, but when you add marketing to the mix, it speeds
things up and allows you to get bigger and better results in a lot less time. In the same way that you want to make sure
your content is customer centric, you also want to make sure that your marketing is appropriately
targeted, and this means having a clear understanding of your ideal target market and who you’re
trying to reach. When you do this, it ensures you’re using
the right tools for the job, and gives your video content the highest probability of success. Other factors you want to take into consideration
are optimizing it not only for your users experience by adding captions or subtitles,
but also for search engines by ensuring you’re using relevant and searched for keywords in
your title, tags, and descriptions. Also never limit yourself to just 1 platform,
but instead, upload your video to YouTube, Facebook, and make sure you’re embedding
it on your website giving your customers even more opportunity to find and consume it. And if you find you’re having success with
a certain video then don’t be afraid to throw a few dollars at it and promote it which
will help you reach even more potential customers and clients faster than ever before. And if you’re looking to create your first
video ad, then I want to help take a lot of the guesswork out by giving you a free copy
of my 60 second video ad template which you can download by clicking the link below or
visiting This template will give you a plug and play script
that you can use to quickly and easily create YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram video ads. So thanks so much for watching. If you enjoyed this episode be sure to subscribe
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  1. Thanks for the video, very informative. I was wondering, how much efforts do you invest into promoting your youtube videos ?

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