Video Marketing Strategy 2018: 5 Reasons You Need One (Fast)
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Video Marketing Strategy 2018: 5 Reasons You Need One (Fast)

– Hey, I’m Brandon
Windsor from ARO Content and this is Video Marketing 101. In today’s video, I’m gonna share with you five proven reasons you need
a video marketing strategy. (energetic music) Using video to market your
small business or brand works. And in this video, I’m
gonna share with you the latest stats and
research to prove it to you. Let’s get started. Reason number one. Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video compared to 10% when reading it in text. Video is compelling and it’s memorable. Those are two very desirable qualities you want in a piece of marketing content. Video allows you to
connect with your customers or potential customers
in a way a blog post or a graphic simply cannot. Remember, people don’t buy
from faceless corporations. People buy from people. Using video in your marketing
gives your customers the opportunity to put a real
human face with your brand. Video builds trust and a
unique bond with your audience. They can hear your voice. They can see your facial expressions. The bottom line is it comes across as a more personal interaction. Now, having a face-to-face meeting with any potential customer would be ideal because it gives you the chance to connect with them
on a very human level. The next best option is the use of video because it offers almost all
of the same sights and sounds as a real live interaction. And let’s not forget reason number one. Video is a memorable
interaction with your customer. Now, is one video going to get someone to buy your product or service? Probably not. But there’s a definite
boost from one video in raising brand awareness. And brand awareness is the
foundation of making a sale. Reason number two. Over 500 million, that’s
half a billion people, are watching videos on Facebook every day. Now this tells us two things. First, video works because
a whole lot of people are watching them. Second, our audience, our
customers and potential customers, are very likely already watching videos on social media platforms. It’s become an accepted
format to consume content, so it would make sense to adapt
our method of reaching them to that format. According to a survey by
WyzOwl, 85% of people surveyed said they’d like to see more
video from brands in 2018. So if that many people are
already watching videos and they’ve expressed an interest in seeing more video content from brands, it’s a no-brainer. Give them more videos. Reason number three. Video drives a 157%
increase in organic traffic from search engine results pages. Remember, organic traffic means non-paid. So, if you’re running a
Google AdWords campaign, that would be paid traffic. Organic traffic is what you get
from a simple Google search. This means, by simply adding video content onto your website, your non-paid
traffic from search results on Google and Bing will
increase to some extent. Now, everybody wants more website traffic. Our website is how we usher
people into our sales funnel. Adding video content gives you some juice when it comes to search results, which is, again, a no-brainer. Of course, how much it
increases your traffic depends on how well you’re
optimizing your content on your website. In a future Video Marketing 101 video, I’m gonna go in depth on how to optimize your marketing video SEO. Now, you don’t wanna miss that one so be sure to subscribe to my channel and ring that little bell to turn on notifications
for future videos. Reason number four. Social video generates 1200% more shares than text and images combined. Did you catch that? 1200% more shares. This means that videos
get shared at a huge rate, much more than a cool graphic
or a thoughtful quote. Now think about that. If you have a great
piece of video content, the odds are in your favor
that your fans and followers are gonna share that with their network. This expands the reach of your content beyond just your fans and followers. And that’s the point of marketing, to get your message out to new people. Right now, video is your
best format to do that. Finally, let’s look at reason number five. 64% of consumers make a purchase after watching branded social videos. Now this is the big one, right, because everybody always asks, “What is my return on investment, my ROI?” Well, the data says video
leads to conversion, a paying customer. So what have we learned? Video raises brand awareness
because it is memorable. Number two, half a billion people are watching videos on Facebook, so it’s a widely accepted format. Number three, website videos increase non-paid search results
on Google and Bing. Number four, using videos on social media increases shares by 1200% And number five, marketing
videos provide ROI because it converts potential customers into paying customers. So what does all this mean? It means that, if you run out
and make a quick video today, customers will be beating
down your doors tomorrow. Right? Seriously? No. It means that video marketing works and you need to jump on that
train and join the party. But Brandon, I don’t know how to create a video marketing strategy. Guess what? You’re in luck. Because in the next Video
Marketing 101 episode, I’m gonna share with you how to create a video marketing strategy. I’m Brandon Windsor from ARO Content. Thank you so much for watching, and I’ll see you in the next video. (light music)

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