Video Marketing Strategy For Business (5 TipsTo Grow With Video)
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Video Marketing Strategy For Business (5 TipsTo Grow With Video)

It doesn’t matter what you do, or who you
do it for, video grows businesses. Video is the future after all and continues
to grow both in consumption, preference, and importance. But knowing video is important, and actually
putting it to use in your business are two completely different things. So in this episode we’re talking all about
video marketing, and how to grow your business… with video. Hello and welcome, my name is Adam Erhart
and you are watching the Modern Marketing Show. Where we take different marketing tactics,
tools, tips and strategies and break them down into bite sized actionable clips that
you can use to immediately take your business to the next level. Alright, lets talk about video. While it’s certainly not a new topic I’m
still shocked at either the lack of understanding, or the level of resistance so many business
owners and entrepreneurs have towards video. It’s almost like they don’t like making
money. But I know it goes deeper. And I’ll admit, being on camera can feel
daunting, overwhelming, and awkward at first, but the rewards are well worth the effort,
especially if your goal is to attract, connect, and convert more of your potential prospects,
leads, customers, or clients. But as I mentioned at the beginning, knowing
video is great, and actually using it in your business are 2 completely different ball games. So here are 5 tips to help you start, improve,
or optimize your video creation process – so you can grow your business faster, easier,
and better than ever before. Being camera shy is no excuse to not leverage
the incredible power of video in your business. Thanks to screen recording software like Camtasia
or screenflow alongside presentation software like powerpoint or keynote, your next video
is only a few short slides away. There are also other options available like
having a video professionally recorded, creating an animated video, talking over a picture
slideshow, or even using just plain old text and speaking over it as in a video sales letter
or VSL for short. The point is that no matter what your comfort
level is there’s a form of video out there that’s just right for you. I’m not going to stand here and try to tell
you that video is super simple, really easy, and doesn’t take any time. None of that is true. Video takes work, it takes time, and unless
you do every little part of it yourself, it can take some money to. But the key here is to look at video marketing
as an investment and do it strategically, do it well, track your numbers, and treat
it like the incredibly valuable marketing asset it is. Time and budget dedicated to strategic video
content is statistically money very well spent. The type of content you’ll create should
be based largely, if not completely on your audience and how far along the customer journey
they are. Are they brand new to you and your business
or have no idea about what it is that you do? Then an educational video is probably the
best place to start. Or are they aware of the problem and are looking
for different options on how to solve it? If so, an explainer video that highlights
the key benefits and features is probably your best bet. Or are they in the final buying stage and
ready to do business today? Because then you’ll probably want to create
a demo or testimonial video that showcases how things work and the results your business
is able to provide. Once your video is done the fun has only just
begun, but a celebration is definitely in order. This is because you now have a valuable customer
generating asset in your possession and can now start focusing on getting it out there
and in front of the people who matter most to your business. The best way to do this is by leveraging it
across a number of different channels including YouTube, Facebook, and ensuring it’s embedded
on your website. The greater its distribution the more people
you’ll reach, and the more potential customers you stand to attract. Every video you produce should have a goal,
whether that’s to increase phone calls, email signups, walk-ins, or simply reach more
people with your message. But the key to maximizing your videos effectiveness
is by being sure to include a call to action, or CTA for short, at the end. By leaving your audience with an action to
take you’ll be sure to get the most bang for your buck out of all the effort you’ve
just put into your brand new video. I can’t stress this enough, neglecting to
include a call to action is one of the fastest ways to tank your videos effectiveness and
results, so always include one. There aren’t many other media options available
that pack the same punch as video offers, and with 52% of marketing professionals citing
video as the form of content with the highest return on investment it’s definitely something
worth paying attention to, and using of course, to grow your business. So thanks so much for watching. If you enjoyed this episode be sure to subscribe
to the channel, give it a thumbs up, and if you have any questions, comments or suggestions
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and strategies that I don’t share anywhere else. Take care for now, and I’ll catch you next
time on The Modern Marketing Show.

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