Video Marketing Strategy: Sales Videos Never Sleep – Ep. 2 FUNNELBOX
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Video Marketing Strategy: Sales Videos Never Sleep – Ep. 2 FUNNELBOX

Hey there. It’s me your neighborhood
heartfelt video. Some people refer to me as a company
profile. Others use about us. And a select few affectionately call me
their customer pitch. Whatever description you prefer the fact
is, I’m a 24/7 salesperson. That’s right, I’m always here droppin’ a
pitch-perfect message 100% of the time. Yikes! What happened to you? Flu. Ouch. I know how that is. Oh wait, no I guess I don’t actually. I
never get sick. I’m just here lookin’ sharp as a tack no
matter what. Hilarious. I gotta fly to Florida on Friday. I can’t
be sick. Sorry sick me. That’s rough. Although I
can’t say I understand that entirely either. I’m in all 50 states at once, dozens of
countries, multiple web sites, and every social platform. Adorable now
if you’ll excuse me, I have leads to work Max Headroom. So
touchy. Oh would you look who it is. Someone couldn’t escape the Golden Girls marathon last night, huh? How’s it going late me? Traffic again? Yeah, what do you know about it? Oh traffic, well I know I had 68 views while you were on
your way here. How do you like them traffics? Wait, 68. Really? Huh, what can I say I’m always
here. No vacations, never off pitch. You won’t
catch me complaining about the lack of Whoa… Let’s not forget gentlemen. I’m the one
landing you leads. I never pick all the Snickers out of the
candy bowl or call you Jonesy like we’re frat bros. Oh and guess who doesn’t care about
getting any of your commission? That’s right, this video. Oh, thank you kindly, sick me. Now where was I? Wait guys. Guys where you going? It’s 5:00. Guys… Come on. Oh well. Don’t worry about it. I’ll just be here.
Working. Always.

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