Video Marketing Strategy Using Google+ Hangouts On Air: Todd Hartley’s SMX Speech
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Video Marketing Strategy Using Google+ Hangouts On Air: Todd Hartley’s SMX Speech

Attend SMX to get up to speed on digital marketing.
Visit Well, I just got back from SMX where I spoke
about content marketing strategies and also how to get ahead on Google Plus. So, if you
would like to jump ahead at the video marketing strategy portion of this video, just click
on this annotation or if you would like to see our case studies that we have generated
over the last 12 months, click on the annotation right here. When we start a campaign, what
we are looking for is to try to think about well what Google’s objective is. As a primary
place to start what is Google’s goal? And that goal is to provide the most relevant
search results for each individual user that uses its search engine. In the throughout
my career and may be yours also, it’s really a skill, right, to get your clients’ content
to the top of Google, but is that fulfill Google’s primary objective, right? To provide
the most relevant search results to each individual user. You know, I come from a big family and
over the years, I started to notice that what one of my favorite things is to watch people
mature and grow, to watch them evolve and prefect their craft to provide a higher quality
of representation of themselves and really we are seeing the same thing with Google right
now. As they are evolving all of their search results are coming back to you. So, Google
developed Google Plus and that’s its crystal ball. That crystal ball allows Google to look
inside of the user experience and to do something it’s never really had before which is to
provide Google with its algorithm something really organic. Authentic user data designs
specifically to prioritize search results. Some of those engagement metrics that I looks
at are things that cannot be manipulated. So, it’s providing a tool to Google that’s
so valuable, but if you miss the boat now and you don’t get on this Google Plus ship
before it sails you will miss the opportunity to claim your digital territory in that space.
And that’s why over the last couple of years the tide is really turned towards content
marketing and there are certain indicators that Google’s looking for. I call them the
definitive indicators of relevance. So time on page, high authority links, plus one, shares,
follows, or circles and also ranking the average time that you watch videos, all super relevant.
You can’t fool those and in the eyes of Google Plus and Google, those are definitive
indicators of your relevance. So in WireBuzz, we regularly want to supply content, so produce
content that our target audience is demanding and we look at Google as being well, Google
is like eHarmony. It is like eHarmony that makes a love connection between your content
and your costumers and when you use that perspective, you are light-years ahead of competitors.
So, let me tell you why video rocks and why it is essential. Video gets the best search
results. Video is 53 times more likely to show up on that first page of Google search
than any other type of content. Sites are regularly posting new video. They get 200
to 300 more monthly unique visitors than sites that don’t. Video doubles the average time
on page we see at time and again with our client projects and that’s why it’s essential,
it’s also, you know it’s the king of content and unlike any other type of content, you
can with video repurpose it into all the others plus video is an automated relationship tool.
We give you an example. Do you know who she is? You do right? Its’ Oprah Winfrey. Would
you do business with her? You probably will, right? I know I would if somebody came to
me. If Oprah said, hey let’s do business Todd, I would be like all right. Do you trust
her? You trust her! All right now you trust her, but have you ever met her? You haven’t
met her. Well, how do you know that you can trust her if you have not met her before?
Well, the answer is the video. Okay, you got it. So, the key here is video develops relationships
and so we constantly tell our clients, demonstrate your relevance, stay calm and create very
compelling video content. Traditionally, here is how we have made content. On location where
we brought our crew into, our clients offices, remotely through HD webcams and also through
Google Plus hangout, so with the advent and development of Google Plus and their broadcast
network hangouts, we have really created an opportunity where audience can be brought
into the content creation process. Super authentic, it’s immediate, it’s engaging, it’s
exactly what people crave in a social environment and then from there we repurpose the content.
Now, I am going to show you that strategy. So here is how we got head with Google Plus.
We developed a site called BreastCancerAnswers. It’s a breast cancer awareness campaign
and in one year, we generated 6.3 million video views to our content. Now not all of
that happened on Google Plus, may be a quarter of it did, but that’s still an extremely
large number. I am going to show you, how we did that. We created for breast cancer
awareness month each week another hangout on air that we broadcasted to our audience
on Google Plus and then repurposed it across multiple platforms and each week, we taught
our audience something very specific that well that they were demanding and then with
those events, we noticed we got amazing results 600,000 video views of the content. Now, this
is exactly how we did it. The first thing we did is we built an editorial calendar and
here is our editorial calendar that we are using and then we partner with giants of industry.
Now notice how we are partnering with organizations like Susan G. Komen for the Cure or the American
Cancer Society or The United Nations World Health Organization. Now, the reason we do
that is because it’s highly strategic. There are advantages to these partnerships. They
increase you prestige. They market you to your partners’ audience. They give you a
seat of the table just like I did when I went to SMX and spoke in New York and did a hangout
on air with some of the biggest names in digital marketing. It gave me an opportunity to market
to their audience and them to market to my audience and in many cases we linked to each
other and links still matter let me explain why. Google still thinks like high school.
So with every search when people get on to Google, people are typing in what they are
looking for, but Google asking itself in it’s high school mentality, it say who is the coolest
kid on this playground, right, and with each search it’s looking for .edu and .gov and
really, really big power house .orgs and that’s kind of a hierarchies so when you are doing
you campaigns, you need to recognize that you are hangouts on air, need to be partner
with those biggest kids on campus. Now, here is what we did. We recognized that our live
audience will be significantly smaller than our own demand post event viewing audience.
So the big takeaway is, you have to be very strategic in how you repurpose this content.
Now, when I went to Google and I say, we are going to be doing these live on air events
and the first one is going to teach women how to perform their own breast self exam
and we were originally going to have a model-cum-demo, Google wasn’t that cool about it. We had
to go to a fallback plans. So, we wanted to get in an NFL player or majorly baseball player
or basketball player coming and be the demonstration model, but that didn’t work out. So, we
went with a plastic boob, which is still probably we most awkward moment in hangout on air history.
But very affective and let me show you why. When you do a live event, you can only get
a small amount of people and I will show you my case study that are actually going to watch
and people will watch about three and a half minutes of video. So what do you do with the
rest of that hour? Well, if you look it at like we do, where it’s your opportunity
to create content and bring your audience in then you repurpose the video and you cut
it up and you will notice that there are chunks of little three minute periods inside of that
hangout on air that will be very valuable if you cut it up and repurpose it. So, here
is how we did it. Step one, we went to and we downloaded this app that allows you
to download off of YouTube. So you just select your browser and then it will download it
right in your browser and the next time you go to your hangout on air inside your YouTube
channel it prompts you right there to download the video. Then in step three, your goal is
to cut up the most relevant search based videos that you can get out of that hangout on air
and then optimize them and you will find from a one hour hangout, you will get about 15
to 18 video clips from there. So, what you need to do is, you need to put your branding
all over it, you need to create an open, a question, page, and also call to action and
then you put your video right there in the center and noticed we didn’t interview with
the CDC, the CDC, that’s the Center for Disease Controls and, that’s
the coolest kids on campus. You won’t find anybody cooler than them. So you give them
back your content, but first you upload it into your YouTube channel and then you post
your new video clips onto your website. From there, you then take that link and add it
into your Google Plus page and also you hash tag accordingly, so if your niche is breast
cancer, then you need to be hash tagging breast cancer or cancer or women’s health, anything
that will tap you into a larger audience. So, the case study impact is we got 616,000
video views from those five events because we repurposed it properly and it didn’t
suck when Google send in a news letter that featured Breast Cancer Answers in awareness
month. That was a really nice clue for us, but it’s all because we demonstrated our
secret. Partnered with the biggest organizations, got our name out there and used the platform
very-very well, but then one of our sponsors, Oncotype DX approached us and said what if
we sent you to the largest breast cancer event of the year, really the super bowl of all
breast cancer events and what would you guys do, so here is what we did. We put together
a live broadcast where the biggest names in breast cancer when they came off the podium,
they sat down with us and they shared their information, we broadcasted it out and I was
crushed when we got after three days and nine hours of live broadcast when we got 4500 views
and I got into the car with Dr. Harness who is right here on this image and I said to
him on our way back to the airport on the last day, I said, I think we totally failed
and he said are you kidding me? Think about the way we repurpose this and I forgot we
had a whole purposing strategy that was built into this. So, you need to know about it.
Here is our interview schedule for one day when we were at this conference and in this
one day, you can see all the people that we interviewed on the left side, but on the right,
these are all the questions we asked and those questions became their own stand-alone video
clip and then we gave each medical center that we did an interview with, their marketing
and PR teams, they got video clips back of their experts talking about each individual
question. So, the case study that we got, here is the video search result. You will
see that if you type in the conference and interview, it’s all us or if you type in
our sponsor in the conference and the year, it’s all us. May be the conference and the
test that our clients sent us there for and then what if you looked at Edith Perez, who
is the big rock star of cancer at the Mayo Clinic. You will notice that many of the results,
I think it’s five of them are on the first page of Google. Our content recaptured from
her from that event, but what if instead of her name, you typed in the Mayo Clinic, again
a lot of it is us. That’s how well this content is performing inside the Google search.
So the big take away from this case study from the live on location broadcast using
Google Plus is look we got 4500 live views and yeah sure I almost jumped off the roof
of the house because I was so bad and out of shape that we only got 4500 views, but
after we repurposed that content, we end up generating 163,000 video views, which is remarkable,
considering I was just about off myself a month before and shortly after we returned
back from that conference, Google selected BreastCancerAnswers as a recommended cause
that every new person, who signs up in Google Plus gets to follow. Well then World Cancer
Day came and we decided we are going to host a hangout on air and invite the largest names
in cancer, remember the coolest kids on campus. So they came, or part of our live broadcast,
we borrowed credibility in audience, we gave them back video content and this is relatively
new, so I don’t have a case study to tell you what the results are yet, but what you
should know is the organizations, many of them posted out live video feed that you can
get right out of Google Plus your hangout on air and they posted on their website, which
introduced us and our campaign to their audience and you can see right here that this works
for even WireBuzz’s projects. You should be doing the same thing. Now, the big take
away here is, you cannot let your business be irrelevant. The true cost of remaining
anonymous might be irrelevance. By not being inside Google’s crystal ball, by not claiming
your digital territory early, during these early days of wild west period, you are going
to remain anonymous and when you remain anonymous, you ultimately will remain irrelevant and
that’s exactly how you can get ahead on Google Plus and why we are strategic video
creation and content marketing agency. Attend SMX to get up to speed on digital marketing.

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