Video Marketing Template  for all your Videos
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Video Marketing Template for all your Videos

the first few seconds on the most
important part of the video this is where your audience decide
whether to watch it a click away now today I’m going to share with you a
video mocking template they’ll grab the audience’s attention
right from the very start and holder right through to the end the hi I’m Gerry Tacovsky from Vimaco now is
is such a thing as a video mocking template a format that you can use for all the
videos well I’m gonna share with your template
that is not only easy to use but works every time and at the end of this video
I’ll show you a link we can download a worksheet to use P your own videos hmm now it’s absolutely vital that you grab
the audience’s attention right from the very start they can’t do
something is funny rising intrigue thank you visually
interesting by the way you frame the picture boy use the lights Saturday thanks
graphics you can start without provoking question
also make an unusual statement in fact he can do anything you like but
plays don’t be boring spoon now tell you audience what you going to
tell them but more importantly tell them the benefits or get from
watching a video the mark teason by revealing something
towards the end but under no circumstances should really
be best content until last we might have known live to see it hmm 12 Ortiz has made a decision to watch a
video me as a good time for been a branding for yourself this is where you put the animated logo
but remember no more than part sickens they know watching a video
to look at ads they want content with real value spoon now is the time to deliver on your
promise now break happy content into bite-size chunks a simple step-by-step format that’s easy
to follow and remember now are probably limit to say the final
six major points now if you have more major points that
need to be covered will consider another video perhaps even
a series of videos spoon so when you finish going through all
your points it’s time to do a summary a summary could be something like this
but we spoke right from the very start to grab the
audience’s attention and then tell them what you can tell
them Tom benefits to the video then do believe branding and gow3
content in step-by-step format and they do a summary something just
like that hmm in marking videos now is the time for
the CTIA the call to action what do you want your viewers to do do
you want them to sign up for the newsletter you want them to visit your website sign
up for a webinar whatever it is now is the time to tell
them all they want to so there you have it
video mocking template that will work for you every time not a promise to you earlier
that I would share with you link we could download a worksheet to
use for your own videos so look out for that link its other on
this video or just below if you learn more about the a
mocking be sure to subscribe to this channel now
love to get your feedback so please leave your comments below if you like it share with your friends
and colleagues until next time this is Gerry Tacovsky from Vimaco

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