Video Marketing Tip #1 – How To Keep Your Visitors On ONLY Your Videos (Stay With Me Technique)
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Video Marketing Tip #1 – How To Keep Your Visitors On ONLY Your Videos (Stay With Me Technique)

Hey guys, itís Brandon from,
and today I want to show you the first tip to my video marketing series, to help you
guys bringing more business through video marketing. There is a lot of marketers out
there, say if you want to do video marketing donít use YouTube. And the reason they said
that is because of related videos that come from the right side, and if you are at the
end of your video, when your video is playing on YouTube. They believe that the person watching
your video could see those thumbnails, and end up watching your competitors video. You
know what I say to do, bull honkeyÖ Yeah thatís right, I said it, bull honky. Now,
there is a technique that I developed called The stay with me technique. And this is what
I use in my video marketing, and my clients video marketing to limit the amount of competitors
videos that appear on the right side of the page. And at the end of your video. So, I
want to show you guys exactly how to do this, and what you need to do to do this for your
own videos. So, letís go ahead and check it out. Before we begin, I want to go over
a few things. No. 1, I think YouTube is actually vital to your campaigns. I donít think that
you should be avoiding it at all. YouTube is such a powerful site, and it gets 4
billion video views a day. And since YouTube is owned by Google, itís heavily favored
in the search engine results. So, if youíre not using YouTube, itís a terrible mistake.
Youíre not taking your fair share of 4 billion video views that gets every day. So, the benefits
of YouTube greatly outway the risks of YouTube, especially if you use my stay with me technique
to really eliminate your competitors videos from ever appearing near yours. So, letís
just get right into the stay with me technique. There is 2 parts in this, so letís jump right
into part 1. I call this beating YouTube to the punch. Now, this is a technique that Iíve
just started doing myself, so I havenít done a tone of my videos yet, but Iím going to
be doing it on the end of this video. So, be sure to watch the entire thing, and see
how I implemented this, on this exact video. Now, Iím sure ??? seen this, but when the
video is done playing on YouTube, they put on a bunch of thumbnails that go to different
videos that are related to the video that youíve just got done watching. It looks something
like this. Now this is a great spot for your competitors videos to be coming up, so this
is really important to try to eliminate that from ever happening. You never want your viewers
to see those end thumbnails at the end of your video. So, this is what you do. When
your video is done playing, put in your own thumbnails. And do this when youíre editing
your video. You put in 10 or 20 extra seconds at the end of your video, with a black screen,
or a decorated scene. You put thumbnails of other videos that you have on YouTube. Now,
when youíre done with that, you export it, you upload it to YouTube, and then you create
annotations on top of each one of those thumbnails, and link them to your other videos. This way
it almost looks like that the video is done playing, and the YouTube videos will come
up, and people are going to click on them to go see the other videos. Cool thing is,
that all of those videos are going to be yours. So, youíre almost beating YouTube to the
punch by putting in your own thumbnails, before theirs even appear. Now, the other thing you
want to do, is put in your call to actions. So, youíre going to take 5 to 10 seconds
to tell them, like our page, visit us here, comment on the video. Or whatever you call
the action is. So, once you call the actions are done, then you put in a thumbnails to
your other videos. There is a few different ways to do this. You can create an end frame
that shows all your called actions, plus the thumbnails. Or you can do your called actions,
then the thumbnails. Both ways are really effective. But the key thing is to put your
own video thumbnails in the end, and link them to your other videos. When youíre adding
inner annotations, there is one thing to remember. You have the option when people click on,
itís opening to a new window, or keep it within a same window. I always recommend keeping
it within the same window. Donít open a new one, because what happens is, they get done
watching that, they may close that tab, then go back to your original video. Now, the video
is almost done, so if they hit play, or they see the video thumbnails on the right, they
may click on those. Always just keep it within the same window. Now, youíre maybe thinking,
what if I have only one video. The solution to that is easy, get more videos. So, if you
own a tile contracting business in Los Angeles, you can do a tile contracting video in Santa
Monica, Beverly Hills, or whatever. Different locations. Same with any business. If you
own a business thatís based in local, and youíre doing local videos like that. Just
do a location near you, another one near you, and another one near you, and you will end
up having multiple videos. So, obviously, youíre not be able to do this on your first
video, but as you build up more videos and more videos, and more videos, you can start
linking them all to each other. Or, if you just have a regular YouTube channel, just
start creating more how to videos, or more videos on your subject. And then just begin
linking them. So, there are maybe one video that doesnít have a lot of extra thumbnails
to put on there, but just do it to the rest of them. Now, there is a few people already
doing this on YouTube. And there is one channel that I want to feature, called The piano guys.
This guys are amazing, their music is amazing, and theyíre already doing a great job of
putting this effect on the end of their videos. So, you should check them out, especially
if you like a good music. But, check out how they do this technique on end of their videos.
Iíll have a thumbnail, and this video that you can go and check up their channel. So,
be sure to watch to the end of the video, and you can check them out there. All right.
So, letís move on to part 2 of the stay with me technique. This is what I call channel
up. Use your channel to your advantage. But this is that actually really powerful, especially
if you have a couple of videos in the same niche. For example, I did a couple videos
on Facebook, marketing on how to create a Facebook landing page, and how to do a Facebook
profile, and anytime someone watches those videos, the other one always comes up, the
related videos on the right. So, letís check this out. When you upload a video to YouTube,
you have the ability to start tagging them with key words. Now, people always do the
general key words about the topic that that videos in. One thing you need to keep in mind
is to always tag your videos with your channel name. Most likely no one is going to be using
your channel name to tag their videos. So, only your videos will have your channel name
in it. And when that happens, YouTube is going to realize, hey, all these videos have the
same tag, that no one else is using. They should be related, right. So, itís going
to start putting all your other videos in the right side of the page, and at the end
of all your other videos. So, if you have a couple videos that are in the same niche,
and have your channel name in it, itís almost guarantee theyíre going to be coming up.
So, if youíre doing a lot of Facebook videos, or tile contracting videos, or running store
videos, or restaurants videos, or whatever, and you tag them all with restaurant, your
channel name, and even like a city, or something like that, they have the same city tag and
channel name. Itís almost guarantee that theyíre all start to coming out together.
So, if weíre doing local business videos, I would recommend always putting in the county
name, your city name, your zip code, and your channel name, that way all the other videos
will always have the same or similar tags, and they always come up next to each other.
So, youíre maybe wondering how I do this for clients. When I do a video, and video
marketing, I put them into one of my YouTube channels, and then Iíll tag them with tile
contractor Los Angeles, but Iíll also tag all the other videos the same way. So, if
I do a physical therapy, Iíll do a Los Angeles physical therapy video, and then Iíll do
a tile contracting video for client, to be a Los Angeles tile contracting. And then Iíll
do like a tile contractor in San Diego, or Iíll do another business in Los Angeles.
So, now I have all these 4 different videos for 4 different clients, that are all kind
of tag with the same name, and Iíll tag them with my channel name. So, what ends up happening,
when someone watch a tile contractor in Los Angeles video, youíll notice that my other
video start appearing on the right side also. Cause the other videos, like the physical
therapist in Los Angeles was also tag with Los Angeles and my channel name. And this
tile contractor in San Diego will appear also, cause itís a tile contractor tag and it was
also tagged my channel name. And then any other businesses in Los Angeles will also
appear. Which is awesome, because all those other videos are not competitors to tile contractor
in Los Angeles. So, by taking my clients videos and putting them all to YouTube channel, then
all the other videos will appear on the right side, and no competitors will ever show up.
So, all my clients never really have to worry about their competitors videos ever appearing
on the related videos on the right side, or at the end of their video. So, I hope you
guys like this stay with me technique, and Iíve created a free check list that you can
download at the link below. And make sure youíre really using The stay with me technique
correctly. Iíll help you guys to look through your uploading videos to really analyze, make
sure youíre doing it a 100 percent correct. So, go ahead and download it, click on the
link below, and enjoy. If you guys are using this stay with me technique, I would love
to hear any success stories that come from it, or anyone else that is using it and getting
good results. So, go ahead, leave me a comment, send me an e-mail, or message me on YouTube,
and if you like this video, let me know by hitting a like button, subscribe me to my
channel, or leave me a comment below. And here we go guys, hereís part one of the stay
with me technique live in action right now.

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