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Video Production Glasgow Edinburgh Scotland – Lemonjet Studios Video Marketing

Are you searching for a Video Production company
in Glasgow, or Edinburgh or around Scotland? If you want to use video to attract more customers,
we’re Lemonjet Studios. And we have a great video offer to tell you about at the end of
this video, so stay tuned. Did you know that online video is getting
bigger every year? According to Facebook, the average Facebook user is watching 75%
more video this year than the same time last year.
We specialise in online video marketing. Because an easy way to grow your business, is to be
found by the people looking for a company like yours, right now. People are searching
on Google every day and these are the hottest leads on the internet. We want these people
to find your business. And here’s the best part. Just look at how
video makes your company really stand out from the competition. Because with video you
can show up on Google with a visual video thumbnail. And because these thumbnails are
pictures they attract 41% more clicks. More clicks means more attention to your business
and that means more sales. If you’ve been slow to get started with video
because you’re nervous about going in front of a video camera, you’re not alone. But with
video, you have choices and you don’t need to appear in your video if you’d rather not.
We’ll show you a range of video styles. Because we want to make everything really easy – so
you can get going with video and start seeing results.
And we want you to feel excited when you see your business in full-motion video for the
first time. We’re Lemonjet Studios and for a limited time,
we’re running a great special offer. So if you’re looking for a video for your business
don’t miss it. Go to to find out more.
Are you ready? We make video simple and affordable. Just head on over to and
let’s get started.

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  1. Excellent promo. I sense the need for your simple & affordable services will only increase as the word spreads. Who knows, I may even need your services 🙂

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