Video tutorial – How to add branding to Mailchimp signup emails and signup box | Mailchimp DIY
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Video tutorial – How to add branding to Mailchimp signup emails and signup box | Mailchimp DIY

Hi, hi, hi Its Anna here, your Digital Techie genie. Welcome to my another DIY tutorial DIY series and this time I want to show
you how you can add your branding to the Maichimp signunp box and following email sequence. I`m actually getting a little bit frustreted frustrated when I go to website that has beautiful branding but when I sign
up for our newsletter or a goodie what I’m getting back is default grey and terrible
Mailchimp sequence so let’s change that! you to have a hand in your mouth you
back out and come back your branding assets such as logo and colors and
little bit of text for your email and about 20 minutes of free time so let’s
start when you to go out mountain back out and I assume that you
have your list already created if you don’t check out my child now posted a
video soon how to create a list in mountain so to at least click on the name and then we need to go
on the signup forms and that’s where the big in we need to guard general forms
scroll down to take a look that’s what we think they pulled him sign this is
exactly the same when it comes to the email sequins so what we will be doing
here is changing that to something more sexy so let’s make it beautiful and
design the background box here where tax code
for the carla is what we see here so I want to go for white I need to time we
Neff’s here and we will go to write and next thing I want to do is change the
default last name to a nice but I want to use image here so you can click on
bad I know how to import from URL upload image 22 create that so let’s go to our
country back and a custom dimensions we can go for six hundred and Co 800 289
299 if you are familiar with cum should know
that you can upload your logo here so images you want to use for above ground
so what I want to do is used that I use on my website ride that this perfect then I want to use and
now I want to limit of texts say come black is perfect color doesn’t look good rights which it right and then I need
more space between a lot of us that’s perfect text and again wide to my newsletter next thing you need to download to your
computer and because we want to go on a high quality let’s go for the PNG going
back to Belgium background and 25 Jan time ago go so here we have our graphic can even
link to the website or Facebook or Twitter which ever you want people to go
on a click on bad just say and scroll down there we go we have my regret here
looks much better now let’s have a look the form itself so first thing I want to
do is remove and last name who wanted to give us last name I don’t like that we
have here to design again we need to go to forms happen they must abstain formed are you
ok we don’t like they subscribe to list on color change had threatened and now
you need to have the economy your branding yes I have mine here pink 12 you start you can also change
the text color has pink now changed well to go to that go test go so I think that’s pretty much the last
thing we won we can change as well is the chimp go chase called monkey we
would want to go for this one if you will go for the premium account then you
need to watch him back ok I think that looks primed it just never look we can
change that’s good changed for turks to Georgia tire pink color go forms we have them but quiet that to be my pink changed help
text pink paying that should be less got the email sheik when’s the next
thing we need to Jeff if thank you paid this is Paige people and after day they
feel in the hand which call MailChimp is also giving a chance to put are you were
also if you have a thank you page on your website you can just paste URL here
if you don’t have a thank you page what I will recommend you is more information
here and that books instead of almost finish it doesn’t really tell people
anything they normally don’t notice this little text here so what I would do on a
date and then information about what they need to do so the next day need to
do is go back to the mailbox and look out for confirmation email from you and
click the bottom in that email so there will get to go D or sign-up to your
newsletter so you can get creative and craft some good message here to let
people know they supposed to next thing we need to just the
confirmation and this is the one that will land in people’s inboxes after they
sign up so you want to confirm subscription price if they signing up
for a good day we don’t want to see content subscription they want to
receive the goodies so again what I would encourage you is added that
information so what you can do here a little bit information about it so
welcome them and ask to click that button below once you do don’t click
Save and Close next thing what you can and Jeff information here so you can make that
big if you wish to change of fun and be even some images here if you wish just
click you want your image you can obviously
signature for example my thank yous down in a minute bit smaller and save it here night so now once we have that done we
need to go up again we can forget about it confirmation capture but then we have
a confirmation thank you page and again in the page that people will and after
the click the subscribe button in an email just custom my second ago in that
case you can also thank you page you were out if you have another one created
or you can just text here again who wants to know that subscription is going
to put something much much more exciting here and you can also include healings
so my tape if you doing some pretty good and you don’t want to pay for be
automation you can use that so you can put here here and keep then you can make that link so telling
you he poked out you can do you can get here and we can pretend easy PDF pay
here R close and a week ago and they can download
from bad page how cool is that again this bid you can adjust the only thing
you need to leave the base stays curled emerged as this one will do list and
Andres this is required now chimp again you can find something more exciting
here use a match to check what I had thank you thank you as my signature as
well just go close attention is a little bit too big so just that line we can now it looks better but it didn just so you can just play around with it piece doesn’t want to do some space trick pack last between it to look at the final
welcome email so again here you can welcome paper to your tribe you can send
them some goodies here and email you can get them some information but remember
you want to be sent you need to take that otherwise it’s not gonna go so do
that and then play the information here you can change it text you can add links
and images you can do whatever you wish just play rounded make it look sexy part
of your brand then safe and closed and that s pretty much what we supposed to
do just quickly go back and check it in our mailbox let’s co-op in China go books you don’t necessarily need to
use the time to issue you know something different but this is like a stand-alone
just test and described ok so we have a nice surprise thank you page where I
haven’t changed anything here but you will do I look much better so now I need
to go to my gmail account ago but looking in yes I want to
subscribe to this list and then again I have my bun I have my nice Brennan
foreign traffic so you get done pretty good job bank should have another email
here subscription confirmed unfortunately we
cannot do anything about that but at least it looks much better to afford him
I hope you find this information helpful if you did please subscribe to my
channel I promise to post more useful taped and ey technique so stay tuned by

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