Vietnamese PIZZA! Mekong River Night Market in Can Tho VIETNAM
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Vietnamese PIZZA! Mekong River Night Market in Can Tho VIETNAM

hey guys it’s Mike Jen I am in the south of Vietnam at the metcon Delta at a city called gum Hill which is his capital of course first time in southern Vietnam very excited to be here and as soon as I got here which is about two minutes ago I was happy to find out my hotel is actually situated right next to the gun hood night market which of course I wanted to visit so first time at a Vietnamese night market let’s go see what he got to eat first impression after arriving in the city is that it’s super colorful I mean they’re just beautiful lies everywhere the city is extremely vibrant it gives off a completely different feel in Saigon I mean it’s rushed and there’s a lot of people there’s of course motorbikes everywhere if I the same time it gives off a sense of I don’t know late backness and this is the night market right here wall a portion of the night market the food portion you know the pushing we care about whenever I go to a 9:00 mark I don’t know whether it is in Taiwan is in Thailand as long as the ninebot I just feel so excited to be here all right we’re gonna keep going because to last all we went to the guy ran out of butter we’re gonna go find a guy with butter the first thing we’re eating is oh by the way this is dog our guy he’s gonna show us around the Mekong Delta and you’re you’re really excited about this what is this a tank noon or you came calling down Vietnamese feed there and this is not like a peace of heart in Vietnam this is actual sort of like a VMI’s pizza yeah so right here you can see like the rice paper for the course and then the topping okay cat apply appeaser but in rice paper is the typical rice paper you see a lot of enemies restaurants typically you took that in water a little bit yes and it’s just being grilled as this over over charcoal and what’s on table right here so we have to act we have a tiny stream great onion hold it topping yeah Wow he’s rolling it into like a like a taco yeah I’m tied up okay well I’m excited let’s get one all right so this is it oh yeah oh yeah how much I got breakfast taco or Pete jump because the eggs it’s got a beautiful charred taste to it I get the shrimp flavor on this because of the shrimp paste it’s super crispy and what I really like is that you bite through the crunchy layer but it’s so smooth inside because the egg when the sauce mix well together it is literally like the finished crust pizza kind of face of this planet yeah my favorite snack was your first night if this is a snack that means we’re gonna eat a bunch of more stop shopping come on keep going what is this it’s the real so they put a hole in the egg cuz I saw this I’m looking at it I’m looking at these eggs and I see holes in them yes and they pour out everything yes they season it did they pour it back in it they cook it yes okay I gotta try one yeah that’s some Harry Potter stuff this is really high this is it look at his egg that’s black pepper on the bottom there do you gonna saw oh oh there’s chase inglewood the herb there’s really good look at this the yoga is gone I wonder if there’s anything in the middle of his ears really there’s nothing here it tastes like a steam Nick that is both yolk and egg wash let me try this far with all the pepper here no nice peppery but it’s got to be eaten together with the herbs Wow oh that’s peppery oh this is good I think this is a pretty good breakfast yeah actually you haven’t even had summer off since I came to Vietnam which that’s a crime right away the summer roll feels different than when I had in the states it’s not sticky at all I mean the ones in the states is feels a little gelatinous even on the outside this that’s not the ingredients seem to be the same shrimp some pork green onions I’m actually really looking forward to this because this is something else I eat sin a lot in the States but I mean I’m just assuming it’s gonna taste a lot better here Wow there’s a huge difference between what I’m eating here and when I simply get it be in these restaurants in the u.s. first of all like I said um the rapper is not nearly as gelatinous also inside the rationalists really soft almost a little mushy shrimp is fresh pork is nice this dish tastes more refreshing here because it really doesn’t feel heavy at all also no distinct difference is that in the u.s. um typically this wrapper is made with lettuce on the inside here it’s all herbs and it’s pretty sharp it’s got a nice shrimp flavor as well I need something to drink and of course you’ve got to get some fresh sugarcane juice as refreshing really sweet but incredibly refreshing I saw these walking around Saigon this night market has a ton of these barbecue stands I wanted to try one of these things these are basil leaves wrapped in beef you guys grow a lot of okra here yeah I never had Oak Grove grow before which is nice all right doc you’re gonna tell me whether this is legit or not okay you have different kind of sauce here uh-huh what does that sauce this one is what we call the red and chili sauce for ensuring your favorite chili sauce and here hot sauce together with a little bit of portion yeah the basil MPB is what I’m kind of gaming for when I came to the stop and I try this one I think this is ridiculous I love this yeah so much you love it so much now you’re gonna try it and then you’re gonna tell me if it if I’m just being stupid tourist guy and I haven’t had the best one that’s good yeah I mean they have like 20 of these bobby gusto this is ridiculous I love the green chili sauce because it’s a little peppery it’s spicy those guys ma’am I mean grilling feet of basil you can kind of imagine that right how extremely fragrant basil is it balanced balanced oh you have too fat in there you have the beef in there and you have the green to roll everything in balance it’s the perfect wrap yeah like you mentioned synergy man oh you’re gonna try to go out to fish yeah and I go for it I’m having another one of this these beef basil thingies this is insane oh wow did a really good job with this I can’t believe how good is now you just all day long all right I don’t need my B’s in a burger anymore I don’t need a burger bun give me some basil give me a basil punch Wow I’m really surprised I’m glad I did dish by the way I didn’t like Oh Chris how I came to be enough growing okra no oh boy so slimy I feel like I was attacked by ectoplasm grilling over all right so this looks really interesting it’s grilled rice paper tonight the pizza I had before but it’s also sort of like a spring roll this is basically a Fri summer roll but doesn’t have any shrimp I don’t think you might have some pork maybe purely vegetarian I’m not really sure what’s in here except for ID I see carrots and mushrooms hmm it’s definitely not vegetarian there’s kidding just kidding I’m okay if it was because this is actually really delicious scrapbook soaked in light and crispy love all the veggies especially the courage here I think they pickled they’re just a little bit now you changed mushrooms and I think minced pork inside along with peanuts so a lot of crunchy elements here this I think this is kind of like maybe a fusion kind of thing a little modern take on it on a spring roll or a world grille spring roll [Music] walking by this these are mangoes yeah it is their sake mangoes shaking Mingo yeah so she was shaking in a container yes in a container sweetest sauce I mean it feels like the sauce is not it’s not a sweet sauce it’s gonna be a little salty it’s not sweet a little bit salty sour even yeah let’s give this a try I never tried this before I never had Mingo that wasn’t sweet I’m assuming this is kind of like a little crunchy it looks a little punchy very crunchy look at this some shredded chicken and shredded beef yeah shredded chicken and beef it’s not as sour it’s very crunchy y’all grab food hot spicy spicy is sweet and tangy really crunchy yes the texture it’s kind of fibrous I mean you’re gonna have to chew a lot on this I can’t believe how well this works with you know chicken they’re like spices this does remind me also a bit of a papaya salad preset for this is like sweeter when chew share buzz right you guys man you’re gonna try this ring come here what is this doc this looks like Jeff and it’s not in the sweet stuff it’s a sweet soup yes I’m in kinds of beans here and that’s Jeff yes I kind of want both all right so here here’s the two things we got I think this is the jet because it’s more colorful I don’t know I don’t know how to identify these things all right what is usually the difference between this in this soup so it is pretty to know something below these like kind of Chinese Vietnamese mm-hmm Theresa no and all the material here are natural yeah so that’s kind of yeah guy some some juice ooh it looks like almost like like a porch like a healthy Chinese congee mmm tastes like bubble tea what like no there’s stuff in here mmm my chili is nice I myself prefer this one yeah this is very much like a bubble tea all right this is interesting I see stuff wrapped in banana leaves so we have white rice flour and poppy ochre right in there II mean sign it’s free mid-fall I was thinking chunks of which is like rice wrapped and stuff inside the rice but it’s like a translucent sticky cake Wow look at this you can see all the ingredients inside I see legs those are legs or something yeah that sure was like I see legs I’m not sure who’s legs they feel onto I’m hoping it’s a shrimp and yeah was the first time I see this wanting to make on Beltre yeah normally they have it is and the basic City Beach City yes interesting in this room well I feel honored are they having her [Music] oh grandma can cook if you’re not used to this sex sure I feel like we’re gonna find a little off I mean it’s extremely mochi s I like it because it’s chewy also snappy because as the peanuts enzyme that shrimp gives it a beautiful beautiful seafood flavor this is nice I mean I don’t feel like any of these because it’s heavy but it’s good I can see why you like it so much I mean I just can’t oh wow this this is interesting a lot of cuttlefish hand up and I’m thinking that’s some sort of cuttlefish Turkey and she’s grilling it what’s the best way to do it you have to use the corner like this one the traditional way yeah because we live in a CD so you can yeah in front of your house you get I’ll do that no we use the gas though that’s dope yeah oh she’s putting on a machine no oh it’s a tenderizer because I was thinking like I mean it’s thick Wow look at this really thick dry looking cuddle fish jerky it’s it’s all tin dream and flaky almost look at this I’m gonna just put these two together this is dry and it looks not that appetizing look at how flaky as we come good smells great I’m about to bottle this fragrance and sprayed all over me what are you dipping it like this with that yeah both sriracha tamarind sauce Timur is awesome it’s really peppery it’s really salty I don’t know if I can eat too much of this it’s good I mean it’s a fun thing that you but after the first cup of ice there’s also much for me Brady sells I like all pepperiness I love how flaky this now I love how she turn like you know essentially like a like a rubber sheet into this just fantastic is the whole process just amazing but I carry more than three but yeah very salty also very sweet at the same time this is a very much a sharable food that this is your favorite stick your rice with chicken be enough every time a cop becomes really and this is like a traditional Vietnamese dish yeah it could be breakfast it will be lunch or dinner oh thank you Oh squid inside Oh spoons at all I think getting it oh wow that’s a little different than I thought was going on in here that looks good Wow look at what you see the chicken is what is this it was like poor chicken some kind of pickle veggies all right we’re gonna go eat this somewhere because she’s not like 20,000 people waiting for her like busy let’s go let’s go eat I’ve never seen people line up on motorbikes before literally lined up on motorbikes the sticky rice is stronger than my spoon I’m just gonna get a big spoonful a lot of chicken good the one thing I’m always stirred up when I’m ordering chicken is is it’s gonna be dry and that’s not the creature well you guys see all the sauce is on the bottom you see all that’s all glistening and raise yourself it’s delicious very fragrant and actually I chased the lob cheong that’s some of the flavor of the LOB shot in the rice as well – gee why did your favorite dish they give you so many so many things here like you como quail eggs some pickled veggies and like some tofu skin I just wish they give you a better spoon I mean this spoon is just like there’s the rice like I said it was stronger than a spoon come on work it spoon you can do it don’t let me down I’m about to dish the spoon just shove my face in a box probably after the basil beef my favorite tonight you know oh you know what you really will be really good yeah if we got the basil beef and we put it in here no chicken a little beef also man with your wishes and beetle beep left all right so let’s wrap this up and then we’ll go for a walk [Music] I really like this city like I said before is a lot more peaceful than Saigon it’s just you just people just walking around really chilled you got up you got a big lotus flower over there if you can walk on those cool walkway and it’s breezy and nice and apparently there’s people fishing at night look at this well I had a lot like a food that took a walk if you like that bird will set it off now it’s time to go to bed because tomorrow tomorrow it can be really exciting through that a duck so what are we what are we doing tomorrow going to see the floating market floating market there’s food there right yeah well I’m really excited about that anyway I appreciate you showing me around the night market can’t wait to start the food adventure tomorrow thank you guys so much for watching on tell me it again

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