Visit Madrid - 10 Things That Will SHOCK You About Madrid, Spain
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Visit Madrid – 10 Things That Will SHOCK You About Madrid, Spain

hey fellow travelers market with Walters room state we're in Madrid Spain the Retiro Park clearly my favorite places to chill out and relax in this amazing city and today we have for you are ten things that shocked tourists when they come here to Madrid and it's a really awesome City so sometimes I'm really searching things that really shocked you because you will love it here but the first thing that shocks a lot of tourists whether they're coming from northern Europe or the u.s. is how late things get going here when I talk about things being late we're talking if you want to go out and party and stuff like that it is late late night if you're coming home before 3:00 or 4:00 you're a grandma basically okay but it's okay if you can't hang with them go for a tourist probably what's going to affect you most about this lateness is lunch doesn't really start until one o'clock those great deals you'll have with the menu of the day they don't start until 1:00 and dinner a lot of the restaurants don't actually have their kitchens serving food until nine o'clock at night so you're eating dinner nine ten eleven twelve o'clock at night those are the times so make sure you adjust your kind of eating schedule for that but the thing is you don't have to worry if you don't meet like one of those eating times because it seems like the second thing that shocks you is the measures being used the people from Madrid always seem to be snacking and eating and I was talking to one of the locals I said why and it seems like people have like a breakfast and something else are like hobbits and stuff like things like well we kind of are because we have a Seine we've got five fingers and we have five meals we have breakfast about 7:00 8:00 a.m. then we have second breakfast about 10:00 or 11:00 and then we have lunch between 1:00 and 2:30 I think we have Metis in them like a snack and that's about five or six oh and there's a good Spaniard you'd have like coffee and a cigarette you know kind of stuff and then you have dinner at nine o'clock at night and you'll see is here Madrid you know if you've got to wait for people to do something you'll grab a coffee or you grab a drink and if you get a drink they'll give you a little tapas you have a little snack give it a little something here and there it is kind of shocking just how long to these people are snacking on little things but how sane and good-looking they are I'm watching you buddy okay folks how do you do this I need your secret okay now the third thing that might shock tourists when they come here is how much the people in Madrid smoke and not just smoke but a lot of people like roll there cigarettes and when you're walking around town you might you know smell that wacky tabacky as well but people do smoke a lot here in Spain in general but especially Madrid and with a group of students here and they you know they've been going out and like why does all my stuff smell it's like well it's because the smoke that's out there like oh yeah because we're used to in the US and other parts of Europe you have a lot more bans on cigarette smoke and cigarette smoking is bad and stuff like that and but here people do smoke a lot so be prepared for that now the fourth thing that shocks tourists when they come here is they think I'm coming to Spain I'm going to have pie and I'm going to have sangria and they go to Seoul the thinner part of here in town really cool place to go to see things to the pleasant Maya and the plethora out all kinds of stuff but what shocks them is how watered down the sangria is in the center of town and how crappy the pie is the center of town look if you're going to have you want to have sangria here in the center like there's good sangria around Madrid but in the center where all the tourists go it does get watered down so I recommend is have the teen told Abe Adamo which is like like sprite or Fanta with wine that works a lot better than the kind of crabby sangria also the paya if you go to a place and it has a sign with 10 different versions of paya out there realize all 10 of those versions are microwaved ok so don't get a at those places there's other things you can get arroz caldo so is a nice hot like rice stew option I have chicken or seafood in there instead of that okay but don't be shocked you're like wow sangria and pea sucks well yeah if you're in the center of Madrid it will more or less probably suck ok so cuz it's a tourist trap thing and when I talk about the center of Madrid with this pie in and sangria stuff I'm talking like soul and around the Seoul station the soul yeah but the part of the soul the main thing with the bear is and stuff like that it's around there once you get farther out you're not going to have any problems of the sangria the pie a kind of stuff but just know like in that Center touristy part that's where the issues are the fifth thing that shocks tourists when they come here is all the great deals you can get on food and drink and fun here in Madrid one thing is you'll see a ton of bars that have their one euro thanks for a shot or a beer or something like that you can really save a lot of money when you come here because it is an affordable place but probably the best deal you're going to have is you have the menu of the day the lunch menu at these restaurants they'll give you a choice or first off you get bread you get a drink you get a starter the starters here in Spain are fantastic and then you get a main dish and then you get dessert or coffee so think about it five things you're going to get for like 10 to 13 euros the thing is the food is fantastic and you get to have a great selection of it and it's a great deal so I do recommend you have that lunch be your main meal because you can have so much good stuff that way and also in terms of tour shopping if you go to the market instead of the shop you go to the markets at the open-air market and stuff like that on the weekends and some of the other markets around town you can get huge discounts and a lot of stuff that tours buy when they're here so you might want to take you know check out some of those markets as well now the sixth thing that might shock people when they come here is the two prices there's two prices when you go to a little bar or something like that there's the price at the bar and then there is another price if you sit down usually it's about a 10% kind of surcharge when you do sit down that's why when you go to the bars a little like kiosks and shops and cafes you'll see a lot of people old ladies old guys young people you're sitting at the bar having their coffee or having their beer or having their tapas because it is actually a different price at the bar than sitting down and I have heard some tours complain about that why was it you know 2 euros there and now it's 250 here they're like well so you're you're sitting at the table so if you want to save a little money just go to the bottom like the Spaniards and you can talk to them because the people here but rid really are super friendly you don't speak that much Spanish they'll still talk to you so it is pretty kind of fun now the 7 thing is going to shock you remember I told you that the Madrid Angels are the people from Madrid are really friendly they're really nice but you really see that in the police officers here now police fear of the city they are super helpful if you're lost and you don't know where to go you're not sure where a site is just ask them they are super nice and super helpful maybe if they don't speak English if you got your math and stuff like that they will give you good directions and for me honestly in terms of helpfulness London cops are by far the most helpful red cops are right below there because they are they are really super nice and super helpful and some of my female friends they've said they're super hot as well so hey helpful hot why not okay so don't be worried about talking to them to get some help now the anything that shocks some people when they come here is the summer heat and the summer exodus that happens in August look Madrid gets unbearably hot in August even late July you know high 30s even 40 Celsius to like in the hundreds and Fahrenheit and it is so oppressive hot here and the thing is in Spain and August most people have vacation then so literally the city kind of disappears and so all the people you have here are other tourists okay but it is super hot and super not full of Spaniards so that is one thing that kind of shocks people when they come here in August thinking oh I'm on vacation I'm going to hang out with the Spaniards in fact it's my Spanish and do stuff and they're not around okay now the next thing that shocks people is I'm here in January and I am freaking cold okay when people think of Spain and Madrid they think oh it's Spain it's warm it's always hot it's great well yes it's warm most of the year but here in Madrid it can get chilly I mean I have a t-shirt shirt jacket on and I really wish I had one to my Walters we'll pull over is right now because I'm cold because once that Sun starts going down you really start to feel the chill and when you're here in Madrid there's a lot of really cool day trips Toledo Segovia Avila El Escorial there's a lot of cool places you can go but like Segovia it's like another thousand feet higher and it gets a lot colder Avila I remember the first time with the Avila I thought I was going to freeze to death I was so cold because I've been where enough stuff so if you're going to be coming to Madrid in December January February make sure you bring some extra layers because Spain isn't always warm and Madrid is not always warm so be ready for that and a tenth shock I have for you is how low the ceilings are and some of the metro stops so honestly some of the metros places it is actually kind of a low ceiling so if you're over like six – be careful if you got your kid on your shoulder be careful because they're going to bump their head but honestly actually the tint shock will be if you're on the Metro you really need to pay attention because you might be shocked how many pig pox and stuff actually happened towards the center of town like the Seoul station and stuff you do want to be careful one of the tips we got from some of our local friends here was if you notice your wallet missing don't freak out just go back the way he came and look on the ground and look in the trash can because the people that pickpockets all they want is to cash they don't want the cars or the other things so take the cash out and then just throw the wallet on the ground and you might find it there okay so dude check those things out anyway those are typical you know tiny little shocky things that might happen who you are here in Madrid it is a fantastic place I've been here many times I've taught here I've had students here I've had a great time I wrote my family here before my best friend here before it is a really awesome time so if you want to come do come you also might be shocked to hear in retiro they have a statue of the devil hey I'm headed Kyoto the fallen angel so you can check that out it's actually at 666 meters up doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo so be ready for that anyway we're gonna learn more about Spain ten things that will shock you about Spain well you should eat in Spain five things your love and hate about Madrid check us on our website at Walters WorldCom we're also on Twitter Facebook Instagram YouTube and we really appreciate your like subscriptions can you like travel videos like this we put out two a week so why don't you click that you know subscribe button and you get these of our videos in your feed every week so anyway I'll say adios them underneath and have a great time and you won't be shocked how much you will love this city it is a fantastic place adios divinity

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45 thoughts on “Visit Madrid – 10 Things That Will SHOCK You About Madrid, Spain

  1. Madrid def gets cold in December. I visit every few years to see family and remember walking out of the airport freezing lol

  2. The thing you need to be careful with is hygiene and how they store/keep the food in some of the restaurants and bars. I've lived here for 6yrs and I've had food poisoning too many times here now.

  3. Fortunately I speak Spanish so I get a lot of good info from cab drivers, and one of them told me that Spanish police officers are very honest. Although the paella in Madrid may not be the best, the seafood in general is very fresh. I’ve been to Vigo on the west coast which has huge seafood processing facilities, and by about 0300, the seafood is processed and on the road. People say that the best fish is sent to Madrid because they pay the highest prices.

  4. Keep watch on your wallets on you and avoid the street games. They'll scam you that way. Other then that Spain is a great place.

  5. I heard this saying about the climate in Madrid –
    Tres meses de infierno, nueve meses de invierno (I think)
    Three months of hell, nine months of winter.

  6. Of course it's cold in the winter especially in the mountains 40kms north of Madrid where we have the ski slopes. July and August are very hot and dry, nice. One thing the city has all year round the air is very heavily polluted from exhaust fumes.

  7. In Madrid if you want to eat well at a reasonable price always look for a bar/restaurant that seems to be very busy with the locals, you won't go wrong.

  8. When you refer to the food and sangria as being crap well you get what you pay for, if you're prepared to pay extra you'll be given the good stuff. Obviously when you're resident here you'll figure out the best places that charge reasonable prices, as can be said for many tourist cities in Europe.

  9. I got really excited when I saw the Reina Sofia museum because I want to go to Reina Sofia School of Music

  10. I know its Spain, but considering it's the Capital and they have so much tourism I was shocked how few people spoke English. Examples….
    1. My bag got lost at the airport and neither the woman on my airlines baggage reclaim, the man at lost and found or the police officers spoke any English.
    2. Travelling into Madrid the taxi driver, hotel staff or waiter in the restaurant spoke very basic English so definitely pack a phrasebook.
    3. Travelling from Madrid to Pamplona nobody at the train station or on the train spoke English.
    Also if you tell people (in Spanish) that you don't speak Spanish they will just ignore you and carry on talking to you anyway 😂😂 Gorgeous city though! Amazing food, and the indoor food market was the highlight!

  11. On the terraces there is a higher price than in the interior of the premises because the municipality charges them for occupying public space.

  12. I am from Madrid. The paella and sangria are from Valencia ir Mediterranean Coast.
    We have tapas such as Spanish omelette, Madrid stew, bocadillo de calamares,…

  13. Tip for tourists: If you want to try the Paella around Madrid (Paella is a traditional dish from Valencian Community) you must go to local places. I mean, if you see any restaurant/bar with English, French or Italian promo, don't go in. Search for "Menú, plato del día". It doesn't mean that the food is bad in this kind of touristic places, but if you compare it with the local one, daaaaamn!

  14. The first time I was in Avila was in April, we were surprised by snow in the morning: the couple up from Madrid for the day in shorts didn't last long.

  15. I am from the Philippines and proud of my Spanish culture and heritage! Viva España!!! Viva Filipinas!!!

  16. The best thing about having a Satan statue 666 meters above sea level is that the statue was put there BEFORE the official measures (sea level in Spain is measured from Alicante) were established.

  17. The biggest snock for me was definitely the meal times, I usually eat lunch around 1 or 2 pm but dinner around 6 or 7pm. 9pm is just so late. I also find people start smoking so young in Spain and also France, I used to see teenagers who liked 13 or 14 all smoking quite often

  18. I lived in Madrid for 6 months. It holds such a special place in my heart. Madrileños are amazing people, the city is safe, peaceful and beautiful. I have to admit that I wasn’t expecting the video to be this good but I agree with almost everything esp. when you mention Londoners’ level of politeness.

  19. All I can say is I've never experienced a city with the nightlife Madrid offers.
    So so late and so much variety every day of the year.

  20. Word " Shock" leads to absolutely negative points, but what you mentioned, this is Madrid good & bad. Like this video for pls for word SHOCK

  21. Madrid is a must if you come to Spain, join an authentic Madrid tapas tour at:

  22. If you get a paella or any kind of rice in general in Madrid, you are doomed. As a fellow madrileña, i suggest only try the local dishes, like churros con chocolate, callos a la madrileña, cocido madileño, or a nice bocata de calamares in the plaza mayor. Never fall for the paella and sangria thing in Madrid

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