Visual Effects Major at John Brown University
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Visual Effects Major at John Brown University

Visual effects is when you either
augment something that you’ve shot, so you shoot in a small town and need to
add skyscrapers. So you’re augmenting something you shot and adding to it, or
you can go as far as creating something from nothing. An ancient city, a fire, a
spaceship, a planet, an explosion, and any of those things that you cannot shoot with
the camera. With the development of virtual reality, augmented reality, the
crossover between the gaming industry and visual effects industry, things are
changing really fast these days. It’s exciting to partner with a small school
like JBU, where the professors are so hands-on and have such good
relationships with the students. There’s such a strong relationship there
and to partner with another small company like mutiny, where we can really
mentor those students to make sure they have the skills that they need to find
jobs. What I’m excited about with the new program at JBU is that we can actually
provide that to students and help them take that path towards visual
effects. If they’re not even going to become visual effects artists, if they
still want to be directors or cinematographers, they’ll be able to take
a few classes and have that understanding of how visual effects
deeply integrates with the film industry. As an alumni of JBU myself, one of the
things that I appreciated the most about my experience here in the culture of JBU
is that it’s very forward-thinking and it’s very interested in trying to
implement what’s next in the industry. What’s nice is that from
the professors and everybody around, there’s this encouragement to try
things. Even if it’s new, so new that nobody even really knows how to do
it, you have to get your hands dirty, you have to jump in there and I think
that a Visual Effects program at the school is going to do well because the
culture encourages that sort of exploratory

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