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for anything in this state tablets will support films are
everywhere they’re being used more and more for
shopping consumers already spend billions of
dollars shopping on their mobile devices undoubtedly they will spend even more in
the years to come there are huge opportunities in mobile
shopping those opportunities will be even greater
if the mobile shopping experience were better shoppers want to focus on finding items
they’re looking for not learning the user interface for shopping at we believe the most natural and easy is
to use interaction from mobile shopping is based on a graphical and spoken
interaction within the intelligence software agent or shopping assistant here we see a shopping application for
children’s clothing starting with a simple search we’ve been
show how easy it is to restrict the search by price this can be hard to do in a purely
graphical interface also a graphical interface usually
forces the shopper to select one of the apts price ranges with voice the shopper simply enters the
exact price range he wants how incest i’d like to look for some blanket art let’s just look at the once the cost
less than one hundred dollars spring s what if the user likes one of these she could ask for more information just generally express interest in the
item the system is smart enough to figure out
that if the shopper expresses an interest in and item she’d like more information in the agent should take the initiative
to show it to her in addition the system knows what items
are on sale based on the product database and can conversation only include that
fact so stinky blankets lorena skewed xxxxxxx sects if the user wants to think more about an
item she can ask to put it on her wishlist explicitly through the system understands that
thinking about an item means saving it on the wish list great i’d like to think about that one last the system proactively shows the user
the wish list to confirmed that the new item will be remembered and so is the users looking at her wish
list she might know something that she wants
to add it and she can do that by voice or combined
voice in touch as well since space looks at three skipper goto socks by
trumpet let’s make that three skipper brooches
that spectrum ten sucks past okay let’s look this is now let’s look for susan assets s steps yes after shopping for a while it’s easy to
forget what u looked at an ap might or might not have a recently viewed items function even if that function as easily
available fish typically in no way to search within it here she refers to previously viewed
items by voice because the system automatically remembers everything the
user has looked at come to think you fit remind would blankets i’ve looked in it’s poke a pretty good sport on my wish list
too last i think id like to look at those in
person sometimes our usual want to look at
something in person before she buys it if the merchant has retail stores it will be neutral for the shopping
assistant to find the nearest store and help the shopper with the location anticipating the shoppers needs aac it extracted star chest great copy right there sets akshar apt finally a natural mobile shopping experience his
seamlessly integrated with the merchants instore experience or you’re just a tad travels
transparently across devices so that champing that starts on a tablet can continue in the store on the user
smartphone as it’s we might look like it’s not looked at you might like that that looked at has he’s most chris some of the features of a truly natural
mobile shopping experience include warm simplified access to information
about the merchants inventory which is provided by tight integration
of the conversation ingin and the inventory database provide services like offering to wrote
the customer to a retail store memory of shared experience between the
user and the system as we saw here with the conversation in
jobs automatic memory features to sum up this demo shows how natural
the mobile shopping experience can be through the use of a powerful
conversation in june as easy to customize and supports
natural spoken interaction

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