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100 thoughts on “Warren campaign selling ‘billionaire tears’ branded mugs

  1. yea, cuz who wants to be a billionaire right? politicians should be encouraging people to succeed. not vilifying those who have.

  2. FOX viewers should not they get ripped off by the rich 1%. Funny thing warren is going to do what Trump failed to do. All we ask that the rich pay about 30% taxes proportionate to everyone else

  3. There are 600 billionaires in the US, if you taxed all of them $1 billion 1% of the $56 trillion needed to pay for Warrencare for all economic collapsing proposal. If that were ever to take effect, every billionaire would immediately leave for safer countries.

  4. Just try n get even millionaires to agree lmao she wouldn't have any investor's hahaha hahaha hahaha such the loser. Even a first grader could do better math lolololol

  5. the only reason those billionaires exist is because of the unconstitutional corporatism that the government controls the entire economy picking the winners and losers allowing the FED to print billions of dollars of funny money and give it to these corporations and Banks if you give me billions of dollars interest-free I can make lots of money to

  6. Quantitative easing taxes everyone to bailout the banks man Wall Street right now the FED is printing billions of dollars pumping it it to Banks and Wall Street destroying our currency making our money worthless and who's paying that price the lower and middle-class the biggest tax in history folks pretty soon your $25 an hour job will only buy you about $2 worth of products

  7. What those millenniums are lazy and don't have a job don't realize is Elizabeth Warren's tax plan is going to tax the food so that means got them thinking that everything they are getting for free is not going to be free for too long because billionaires are not going to stay there going to move somewhere else then it's going to head Millionaires and billionaires are not going to stay there going to leave too so that leaves the taxpayers so for those foolish enough to believe Elizabeth Warren's looking out for you how about you ask her if she going to tax herself because she's a millionaire to I believe especially with her lying about her being Native American and getting all those privileges

  8. quantitative easing is printing funny money giving it to Banks and big corporations that's how they're getting so rich people is the biggest scheme in history everybody else is paying the price their money is becoming worthless that's attacks a hidden text the biggest hidden text and history they are taxing the middle class in the poor and giving all the wealth all the assets to the top 1% this is the biggest scam ever invented pulled off by Republicans and Democrats working together in a corporatism model we do not have free open markets

  9. 😂😂😂… she can’t even be an original, she stole that saying from “Liberal Tears” that’s already been printed on mugs and t-shirts.
    Sorry but grandma is cray cray.

  10. Let me get this straight – a woman who became a MILLIONAIRE "flipping" people's foreclosed on houses in 2008 financial crisis and lying about being Native American for a job at Harvard, is selling mugs that says, BILLIONAIRE Tears". Is she jealous or just DUMB??

  11. This is a taxon holdings, not income.The billionaire will be paying taxes on the same property every year. Someone like Zuckerberg would have to liquidate holdings just to raise the cash to pay the tax – flooding the market and lowering the value of the same stock that little old ladies with mutual funds depend on.

  12. I bet they won’t do near as well as the Trump straws! LOL
    Daily wire should sue for copyright infringement.
    Warren cannot meme, and she can’t market either. Both require a genuine sense of humor, something neither she nor her supporters possess.

  13. This is definitely why I’m not supporting Warren or Sanders for president because there being hypocrites. How can you say your against rich? When they themselves are apart of the upper class/elite.

  14. When you don't have an original idea of your own… Then again, Warren has already demonstrated how good she is at acquiring things of other people.

  15. These people are lying to you. You poor suckers are being fleeced by the rich. Finland has the highest taxes in the world and are the happiest people on the planet. Just Google it.

  16. What about Bloomberg? Isn't he the presumed Democrat Nominee? ? ? Of course, Biden is DONE, Warren is DONE and Bernie is DONE ! Lol ! Maybe Lil' Devalle can make it BIG !

  17. Someone should make some mugs that say "Billionaire Tears the USA Apart" as in ripping to shreds, not tears as in sadness. OR better yet, "Billionaire TARES — Look It Up!" Tares is the word used in the Bible for the evil ones that will be removed from the earth and burned in the fire.

  18. There is no such thing as billionaire tax because it is an everyone tax. The difference is billionaires have some left over and the workers have nothing because their wages went all into taxes to pay for all the freebies.

  19. The reason you have a leading candidate (warren) putting out fuzzy math programs is because the mainstream media will never say anything against a leftist. What the media does not report is at least as important as what they do report. They will only report bad things about Trump or conservatives. And what they report about Trump doesn't even have to be true. The MSM are the greatest threat this nation is facing. They call Russia our greatest enemy when it actually is China. Mis reporting, twisting and not reporting is the main thing they do.

  20. The "strive-for-average-professor" Warren, now want all of us not to attend her class. Because if I study well and be motivated in her class, I suppose to share my grade with those who are less fortunate in her class.

  21. I just want to point out that the Republicans are finally having to admit the wealthy aren't paying most of the taxes to counter the "tax the rich" argument. Don't get me wrong, Whitey Warren and the Left suck, and chances are their tax hikes on the rich will indeed never be paid by the rich but all of us just like how Amazon doesn't pay taxes. But the traditional Elitist argument that "most of the taxes are paid by the wealthy" and they therefore deserve respect, privileges, and exemptions the rest of us don't get is BS and we all know it. We the People pay most of the taxes and Congress and the state and local governments that have been extorting us owe us!

  22. 😉 Gates, Buffett, and other Democrat Billionaires shouldn’t mind giving their wealth away; after all, they’ve been complaining for decades they haven’t been paying enough taxes!

  23. Shopify, the company Warren’s campaign is selling the mugs through, is owned by billionaire CEO Tobias Lütke, worth $2.8 billion.


  25. Why would anyone believe that the left will get these people to pay? Private equities, offshore accts, islands, cash business..any needed social programs will be on the backs of the middle class. I still don’t understand why anyone feels they have a right to anyone else’s money. I’m liberal but not left wing.

  26. A % should go to Mark Dice! What a loser Warren! Or should we ban the cup like they wanted to do with liberal tears? 🤣More hypocrisy!

  27. We need Andrew Yang in office!!!! Case closed!!!! Let’s at least get SOMETHING out of all this mess before they stick Kanye west’s mental self into office

  28. Keep education alive INFINITY Hu-MAN IS DIFFERENT ONEDAY YOU WILL SEE A LOT AGAINST ME and it’s still a secret

  29. ahh the irony of trying to sell stuff to make millions to buy an election…. only to steal trillions from the public to pay for a small vocal bunch of idiots that cant do for themselves.

  30. Using the slogan "Billionaire Tears", while using a company that is worth billions of dollars to sell them lol! Oh the irony

  31. Such a simple explanation summing up her policy in about three minutes. Still felt too long. Please make videos shorter next time. You almost lost me. Just show me a guy in a suit who says he disagrees. That's all I really need in order to believe what I already believed anyways. Plus a the host has a British accent. I'm convinced!

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