We Are Diageo | Meet Our Marketing Team | Amsterdam, Netherlands | Diageo
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We Are Diageo | Meet Our Marketing Team | Amsterdam, Netherlands | Diageo

What we do here is we, basically, look after the brand globally; how the brand shows up, what it looks like, what kind of marketing campaigns we might want to do, what advertising we might create. I’m responsible for the marketing strategy and activation of brands all the way around the world. This is the best job ever. We’re working with different talents. It’s extremely exciting. I literally get to work with a new to world brand, bringing it to life with all the ups and downs that come with it. For me, what I feel always when I’m here, is you’re surrounded by experts in marketing and industry leading people. Being this close to different nationalities, different backgrounds, really opens your eyes and you’ll really open your knowledge and your experiences. And from a marketeer, that’s incredibly important because you’re always trying to put yourself into other people’s shoes and actually, how do other people really see the world and how can you then influence and tell your stories in the way to them that they actually find attractive? Brands have talked to consumers every single day because marketing is the voice of the brand. The product experiences, the campaigns, glassware to TV commercials, everything in between. Working with alcohol brands that are part of people’s celebrations, there’s very few products and brands that you get to work with that actually have that moment of joy within consumers’ lives. The key thing that makes a brand great is the product itself; where it comes from, the heritage it has, the quality credentials that it has and if you have that as a the brand, it makes your life as a marketeer so much easier. It gives you a wealth of stuff to tap into. The brands we’ve got have got such fantastic histories. Some brands will go back thirty years, some histories such as Ketel One, will go back 325 years. You go up to our archive in Scotland and you drink in the history and heritage of our brands, you see immediately that there are stories to tell for days. Really strong backstories, authentic backstories, something consumers look for today. My job, as I see it, in particular is to make it also relevant for the modern contemporary. At the same time, we have a big responsibility because you’re talking about brands, so to carry on that legacy, we have a big responsibility behind you. That is why I love working with Diageo because you’re working with such amazing brands, with such great stories, that you can spend time crafting in a way that really connects with consumers.

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