What A $3 Million/Year Digital Marketing Agency Looks Like – My Company Org Chart
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What A $3 Million/Year Digital Marketing Agency Looks Like – My Company Org Chart

What’s up you guys Jason Wardrop here and in this video I want to break down kind of the organizational structure of my business all the members on our team what they do and so you can kind of get a look at my business and Maybe structure your business along the same lines If you’re in a similar business now the reason why I thought to do this video is when I got started even now I always like to look at Companies that are a little bit bigger than where I’m at and see what it actually takes as far as personnel To be able to scale up to get to that point. All right, so let’s just break this down right here I’m gonna go through I’m gonna write all the different aspects of our company and so you can kind of get a look now before we dive in to the structure for those guys who might not know what business I’m in if this is maybe the first time you Settled across my channel I run a marketing agency. And also have a software company Which our marketing agency it leverages our software to be able to help get results for our clients So we work with the real estate Agents and we help them in generate leads market their business to be able to grow their business And so that’s kind of what our software does This allows us to automate a lot of kind of just the boring repetitive Tasks that you have to do over and over again if you run a marketing business All right, so you kind of got myself up here at the top Which I manage every single part of the business We have other people kind of manage more of the minuscule aspects of different parts But so I’m not gonna I’m just gonna actually race myself up here Because you guys probably already kind of know that and so we’ve got over here. We’ve got the sales We’ve got our marketing We’ve got our Development so we’re just gonna write dev So development is basically our software engineers where they’re building out the actual software and then we have our support Okay, because obviously if you’ve got a software lots of times people will email in or the live chat in and be like hey I’ve got a question on this How do I do this or that and so we need a support team to be able to go through and help those people? and then we also have our Account reps Which are basically our success reps? So the goal of our software is to actually have all of our users be able to do on their own But at the same time there’s a lot of times people that don’t want to actually do everything on their own They just want someone to do it for them. And so that’s where our account reps come into play So these are all the different pieces now Let’s just break down who is in all of these different pieces and their role and how they got to that position So we’ve got over here We’ve got sales now most you guys probably know I do pretty much I’d say 90% of our sales But we also have so I’ve got myself right here, but then we also have Cody Who actually trains our sales reps? So we have two sales reps that do all of our phone calls? they jump on the phones if somebody wants to talk with our company and see like You know where they’re at what they’re doing what they need help with and so Cody is he’s been in sales for a long time He’s worked with Tony Robbins. He’s worked with a lot of other big real-estate companies and so he doesn’t actually do any of the actual sales calls, but he just trains our sales guys and we’ve got Jason randomly enough same name and Thomas Okay, so that’s our sales team I do most of the sales just like online through webinars and all that but then if somebody needs to jump on a phone ask about one of our higher ticket plans or Anything like that, that’s where Jason and Thomas come into play and then we have weekly meetings every single Friday where I meet up with Cody Jason Thomas we Dissect any of the problems issues that are happening in the business how we can help them move forward how he can prevent any issues or met different funnels through tweaks in the funnel that we need to make and so That’s key guys If you have a business and you have a team it’s really important to meet every single week so that you can solve problems quick and Make it make the changes and then just move on from there. Okay, and then marking right here This is just me. Just a solo guy right there And so I do marketing on YouTube ads Which I’m sure you guys have seen Facebook Ads all that stuff to book appointments for our sales reps and to get P leads generated for our webinars that we do every single week and so Basically, I’m just a one-man shop. Right? So I just I do all of our marketing and then our development over here. We have Kurt Who is what you could call our CTO? I don’t really like we don’t give ourselves titles at our company because we’re so small that everyone just Just helps out and everyone just does whatever they need to do But Kurt is over all of the development and then he actually has a twin brother Randomly enough and his name is Kevin. So we’ve got Kurt and Kevin where overall a development and then we have Drew Who is our UI UX designer? So what that means is UI UX that’s our user interface user experience. So basically Developers they’re the ones to actually program all the automations all everything the software does but Developers aren’t good at making things look pretty and that’s where drew comes in. He’s an amazing designer So he makes the software actually look how it looks Okay, because if you guys see software that a developer has actually gone through and designed it doesn’t look that good All right. So that’s where you need a designer to come in and make that happen. Okay, then over here. We’ve got support and lauren Is amazing and if you guys i’ve been a customer with us you probably have chatted with lauren at one time or another she is a head of support and she is absolutely amazing if you guys have ever chatted with her you guys know that to be true already and then we also have Devin and taylor Okay, so this is they help out with whenever someone like emails into our support team or inside the live chat majority of ever all Of our conversations are inside the live chat through intercom people asking questions about the software how to use different things or how do I go through and implement things into their business so that Is where a support team comes in and then our account reps? Like when a client that it may be like hey this self-serve thing It’s a little bit too much for me. I need someone just to run this all for me We actually have like devin and taylor so we’ve got devin down here And we’ve got taylor and we also have zan Who are our main account reps that we’ll go through and you know manage any of the counts that we need to have set up Okay, and then did nice She’s not on here because she is what we call Basically our CEO k our chief operating officer she makes sure that everything is just running smoothly now denise actually started out as an account rep and then She started helping out with some whore and she just knew both of those So well that she moved into more of the CIO position okay, and that’s to be able to relieve a lot of the stress off of my plate because She manages all of our weekly team meetings. She runs them She makes sure everyone knows what time they’re at. If someone needs time off they need to take a vacation They let her know and then if she needs to go through and jump in with cancellations anyone’s like refunding or anything like that She’s able to handle that but she has done the job of the account reps She’s done the job of support so she knows those inside and out so she can also help train on these different positions All right, and the thing is with our support team Obviously, you got to know our software pretty well inside and out, right because if someone’s having a question of like hey How do you do this with the software? You’ve got to know so what happened is all of our support members Lauren Devin and Taylor, they all start out as account reps as you can see Some of them are still account reps and they help out on support as well as with our account reps Lauren is a hundred percent she just focuses on support and help me answering your questions or if you’re you know using Arsenal then she helps answer those questions, but that is our structure guys. That’s pretty much it. So we’ve got one two, three four Five six seven eight nine ten people which of those let’s see Jason’s full-time myself Kurtz full-time Lauren’s full-time. Denise is pretty much full-time Taylor’s pretty full-time. And so we’ve only got a few Kevin’s full-time as well now So we probably only I’d say like six people that are actually 100% full-time Okay And this is a pretty well-oiled machine as you guys can tell it’s pretty lean and mean because there’s only ten people and drew He only probably goes through and does designs for us like once every six months to nine months something like that Cody he just jumps on our calls. He trains her sales guys, so he’s not even really a full-time person And so we’ve got you can basically cut that down to eight people right there And so guys it doesn’t like that. The crazy thing is is a lot of times people like that are in an older generation they think in order to have a big business and really be able to scale to crazy revenue that you need tons of employees be Able to have everything happened. Well, you can actually get a pretty lean and mean and make everything Function pretty well, and I’m not saying this is perfect But I just want to give you guys an inside look at what our business looks like And how we’ve scaled things up and the cool thing is being a software company and a marketing agency The only place that we really need to go through and add on more people Would be in the account reps or the support stage Okay They’re like if we’re getting tons and tons of users and we need to add more support reps Because there’s just so many questions We can’t get to them all then we maybe add another or second person right there and then account reps We don’t focus on that as much as we used to back in the day. It’s more on the self-serve software So we’ve kind of gotten pretty lean and mean just down to three account reps right there so anyway guys I hope this video was helpful to kind of give you guys an inside look at a three million dollar per year business What our structure is who’s on the team what everyone does and how kind of the whole organization’s laid out? So this video was helpful for you. Go ahead. Give it a thumbs up Let me know if you have any questions right down below this video as you know, if you’ve watched my channel, I’m pretty transparent I like to let everyone know what’s going on So it can hopefully help you in your business So with that said guys, thank you so much for watching and I will see you in the next video

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