What Are Entry Level Jobs in PR? | Public Relations
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What Are Entry Level Jobs in PR? | Public Relations

If you’re interested in a career in PR, there
are certain things that you need to do to prepare to get that entry-level position. I would start as soon as possible, which is
college. Yes, a degree in communications and public
relations is very valuable, but what’s even more valuable is the experience because PR
is a field about who you know. It’s time to start early, building your Rolodex. While you’re in college, try to take as many
public relations internships as possible. So have a job while you’re in a semester at
college. During that summer, take another PR job, maybe
something different. Maybe you do in-house PR, out-of-house PR,
brands, celebrity. Throughout those college years, intern, intern,
intern, because when you graduate college and you start applying for the entry level
positions, yes you’re going to have a degree in communications or public relations, but
what’s valuable to that employer is actual work experience. If you want to gain an entry level job out
of college in the field of PR, you need to have some experience under your belt, and
the only way to do it is internships. Let me tell you, all agencies need PR interns. I’m always looking for them. Spring, fall, winter, summer, my doors are
open and I’m ready to take in young, college students and teach them about the field of

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11 thoughts on “What Are Entry Level Jobs in PR? | Public Relations

  1. These videos helped so much I was thinking about going back to school for PR and now I know for sure! Thanks for all your help in the public relations field 🙂

  2. I'm a Junior in college, took a PR internship in-house for a solid company this past summer. I learned so much about the work place culture and habits. I also gained a plethora of hands on experience which means a lot. Today, it is almost vital that you get real world experience via internships!

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