What are Stocks? | by Wall Street Survivor
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What are Stocks? | by Wall Street Survivor

stocks made easy presented by Wall Street survivor calm this is Julie she lives in Paris Julie is known for her delicious qusomes she started baking when she was a little girl and ever since it has been a dream to open a bakery of her very own and supply the city with her wonderful presence she figures that it will cost her $100,000 to scar her business with all of the supplies staff and costs of starting a business the problem is Julie only has ten thousand dollars to put into her company she definitely can’t build her business properly on $10,000 what is Julie to do julie decides to issue stock to investors to help raise money stocks are pieces or shares of ownership of a company each share is worth a certain amount based on what the company is worth companies issue shares to investors in order to raise money because she is $90,000 short Julie decides to get nine of her friends to invest in the remaining balance however to do this Julie must give up ninety percent of her company and shares now Julie and her friends each own ten percent of her company five years later Julie’s bakery is booming she has turned her bakery into one of the biggest in Paris her company is now worth 1 million dollars Julie got the money she needed to create her business without acquiring additional risk or debt also Julie and her nine friends each turn their ten thousand dollar investment into $100,000 just like Julie’s friends bought shares in her company you can also buy shares of publicly traded companies like Apple or Walmart if Apple has 100 shares and you bought one share you would own one percent of Apple to learn more about the stock market sign up at Wall Street survival calm and play the web’s biggest fantasy stock market simulator

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  3. One question based on these examples. If the others own shares on these companies, and the company succeeds, the company makes a profit, but the shareholders only profit based on the rise of the stock price. Right? The 90% bakery scenario is misleading because is not truly split that way. Correct? Just asking

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  5. As far as I know what you're talking about is only in the case of a publicly traded company. In that case you buy a share of a company and only profit when the share price (and therefore value of the company) goes up.

    In the case of a private company, where all the owners have the same amount of shares in the company- since there is an equal split of ownership then there would also be equal share in the profits.

    Julie's case is the later, private company and equal ownership (10% each).

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  7. This is an overly simplistic explanation of just one of many facets that is the stock market.  Companies and shell corporations can be created for the sole purpose of inflating the value of stock which is similar to Facebook fraud using bought likes to inflate the value of a Facebook page.  You also have the unregulated derivatives market; it is more like gambling than investing in actual stock.  Stock market crashes and bank runs were caused by companies committing massive fraud against the public, as well as high-end bankers like J.P. Morgan feeding the public credulous information to start panics.

  8. Do you have to have a business? An 18 year old on the news does it at lunch and recess and on the bus and he's worth half a million dollars Is it also if you have money?

  9. I love your videos so much!! They are very informative, they provide real-life examples, they're cute, they're colorful, and best of all they don't make me fall asleep after 10 seconds. THANK YOU!!!

  10. So say I buy a stock….does that mean I have so many shares? Would I be able to sell it? How exactly would I make money?

  11. One question, if Julie started her business with her own talent and did more contribution to the company than other investors, shouldn't Julie own more than 10% of the company?

  12. I have a question! What if one of Julie's friend decides that she doesn't want to own stock in the Bakery anymore? Who does she sell to? What if no one wants to buy Julie's friend's share?

  13. Thank you for explaining stock the easiest way possible with visuals. Every time I hear the word "stock", I'm thinking, "What is a a stock?" Now I have a better undersanding of stocks. Thank you!

  14. +Wall Street Survivor How do you value the company at $100k when she has 0 revenue? What valuation did you use to make other investors invest a currently non-existent business for $10k @10%; in other words, what valuation did you use to value her business at $100k? I'm confused…

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  16. What if Julie decided to leave her business and start a new one . Does that mean that her friends won't get any more profit ? Plzz reply I'm dumb about investments.

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  19. Can shares expire after a certain amount of time?

    for example Susan buys 10% of Julies companys share but only for 6 years of benefits then it expires?

  20. So does the profit Julie makes from her bakery stay with her and her investors simply get the difference in their shares when they decide to sell them, or is there some sort of short-term earning for them?

  21. So in other words if I buy 10-20% of apple’s shares, I can actually have some kind of power because I own 10-20% of apple, right?

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  23. No thanks
    For now I think that I will just invest in the wholesale market
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  24. Is that a general case, cuz julie and everyone contribute the same amount and she does all the work.
    Is there more to it than revenue to it cuz if not then julie is getting the least out of it

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