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What Do Hiring Managers Think of People Who Took a Step Back in Their Career | JobSearchTV.com

I’m Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter. I’m a coach who helps people in a variety of different ways that can involve your
career job search hiring more effectively, career development, managing and leading, workplace related issues, a whole host of different things someone
had a concern about what managers think of people who’ve taken a step backward
in their career and there’s a couple of variables to the question I’m gonna
first deal with the economic times in which this is occurring so times are bad
firms are more forgiving now when I say the term manager I think about staff
level people what kind of step down are you taking? You’re gonna go from a senior
developer to a developer level 2? No big whoop. Are you going from a director
to a manager so I’m so bad People get that, especially if you say,
“hey look, there really weren’t a lot of choices in my marketing area for what I
do so I’m not independently wealthy I’m sure you didn’t see my name on the list
of wealthiest Americans on Forbes or Fortune. I needed to get back to work and
they’re just one choices that always works in bad times. In good times, there
needs to be as good an explanation as that one so for example I had an
opportunity to learn fill in the blank firm was going to pay for my training. It
was a great opportunity, yeah, I had to take a step down in title but the work was
going to be phenomenal. People get that. So, bad times. Now, let’s go to good times. The person’s got to take a step down, you better have a good story as a manager
taking your step down not many good stories that you can tell even that one
I just did a moment ago about the great opportunity to learn something people
get nervous when they hear that story because they smell BS. After all, for you
to take a step down, you’re an adult you’ve got
responsibilities like you probably took less money for this opportunity they
don’t like that staff level individual That’s the way I told it earlier. That one
can work. Now, let’s go further. I want to be clear about title..
So, the question was asked about what does a manager think?” I want to deal
with in a variety of levels. So, your’e C-suite, you’re talking to in a senior
executive and they took a step back a few years before you better have a good
reason and related to the economy for why that made sense like the one I gave
earlier but most of the time it isn’t really liked they wonder whether they’re
hiring someone else’s loser who along the way, not only stubbed their toes and couldn’t land, wasn’t maybe as good as they’re claiming to be everyone likes to see a
nice smooth career progression why well that signifies to them the person who’s
always on always on the way up in their career so when they hire you it’s part
of that progression fundamentally there are excuses. And in bad times, firms are more forgiving of staff-level individuals and more senior individuals who do that
although in economic times that are poor they’re more forgiving . . . but you better
have a good story worked out and be able to sell it be able to tell it in a way
that has sincerity and conviction hope you found this helpful i’m jeff often
the big game hunter I just don’t think called, “The Big Game Hunter” when I began in recruiting because I used to hunt down leaders and staff now I coach people in
organizations as I said earlier and if you’re interested in one-on-one coaching
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take care

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