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What is 5G? | CNBC Explains

That is 4G – the mobile network
that’s used around the world to make calls, send messages
and surf the web. Now there are plans for 4G to
be replaced by, you guessed it, 5G – a new, faster network that has
the potential to transform the internet. 5G is a software defined network – it means
that while it won’t replace cables entirely it could replace the need for them by
largely operating on the cloud instead. This means it will have a
100x better capacity than 4G – which will dramatically
improve internet speeds. For example, to download a two-hour film
on 3G would take about 26 hours, on 4G you’d be waiting 6 minutes, and on 5G you’ll be ready to watch your
film in just over three and a half seconds. But it’s not just internet capacity
that will be upgraded. Response times will
also be much faster. The 4G network responds to our commands
in just under 50 milliseconds. With 5G it will take around one millisecond –
400 times faster than a blink of the eye. Smartphone users will enjoy a
more streamlined experience but for a world that is increasingly dependant
on the internet just to function, a reduction in time delay is critical. Self-driving cars, for example,
require a continuous stream of data. The quicker that information is delivered to autonomous
vehicles, the better and safer, they can run. For many analysts this is
just one example of how 5G could become the connective
tissue for the internet of things, an industry that’s set to grow threefold by 2025,
linking and controlling not just robots, but also medical devices, industrial
equipment and agriculture machinery. 5G will also provide a much more personalized web
experience using a technique called network slicing. It’s a way of creating separate
wireless networks on the cloud, allowing users to create
their own bespoke network. For instance, an online gamer needs faster
response times and greater data capacity than a user that just wants
to check their social media. Being able to personalize the internet
will also benefit businesses. At big events like Mobile World Congress for
example – there is a mass influx of people in one particular area using
data-heavy applications. But with 5G, organizers could pay for
an increased slice of the network, boosting its internet capacity and thus
improving its visitors’ online experience. So when can we start using 5G? Well, not yet and according to
some analysts not until 2020. 5G was created years ago and
has been talked up ever since. Yet it’s estimated that even by 2025,
the network will still lag behind both 4G and 3G in terms of
global mobile connections. Its mainstream existence
faces multiple hurdles. The most significant of
these of course is cost. According to some experts, 5G
could cause network operators to tear up their current business
models for it to make business sense. In the U.K. for example, 3G and 4G networks
were relatively cheap to set up because they were able to roll out on existing
frequencies, on the country’s radio spectrum. For 5G to work properly however, it needs
a frequency with much bigger bandwidth which would require
brand new infrastructure. Some analysts believe that the extensive
building and running costs will force operators to share the use and
management of the mobile network. This has been less of an obstacle for countries like
China, who are taking a more coherent approach. The government, operators and
local companies such as Huawei and ZTE are about to launch big 5G trials
that would put them at the forefront of equipment production
for the new technology. That may be at the expense of the West, where
there is concern regarding Asia’s 5G progress. A leaked memo from the National
Security Council to the White House called for a nationalized 5G network to keep
the U.S. ahead of their global competitors. White House officials dismissed the idea,
but some experts predict that by 2025 nearly half of all mobile connections
in the U.S. will be 5G, a greater percentage than
any other country or region. It’s still likely however that much of the West
will have a more gradual approach to 5G, driven by competition but with
a patchy style of development. For example, AT&T pledged to start rolling out
5G later this year but in just a handful of cities. For key industrial zones however, it’s predicted
the technology will be adopted quickly, while for many in rural areas
5G may be a long way off. But when 5G does establish itself
and fulfills its supposed potential, it could even change how we get
the internet at home and at work – with the wireless network replacing the
current system of phone lines and cables. It may not happen overnight,
but 5G is coming. Hi guys, thank you for watching. If you’d like to see more of our
tech videos then check out these. Otherwise comment below the video for any
future explainers you’d like us to make, and remember don’t forget to subscribe. Thanks for watching!

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100 thoughts on “What is 5G? | CNBC Explains

  1. One sided reporting is unethical. No mention of the Health Hazards ? The Surveillance ? The mind controlling Ability ? The killing of plants, animals and even alteration of bacteria genes ?

  2. Gonna kill us off, what a load of horse shit , global annihilation here we go…world has gone mad, spearheaded by geeks and murderers…

  3. The reason for 5g is because government are ready to force chips on us that's how they are going to control us


  5. 5G will have a definite effect on people’s psychological and physical health. Check out “5G Blessing or Curse”. This kind of radiation is very harmful over time to humans, animals, and plant life. There are credible scientists now raising RED Flags.  Not nut jobs, but credible scientists.  Over 10,000 peer reviewed studies that are being suppressed because the riches to be gained by a few are enormous.  There are safer alternatives that can be employed to utilized much of the new technology.  Less expensive when you factor people’s health into the equation.  Do the research for your family’s sake and don’t allow this assault on your personal
    health. Sign the petition: https://www.5gspaceappeal.org


    1. Higher frequencies = DNA & Cellular damage
    2. Cryptochromes = biological molecules –> ALL life (animals, insects, mammals, etc) has a magnetic sense
    3. Research has shown man-made EMFs disturb ALL species (sources cited below)
    4. Sign of life = presence of electricity (e.g. ECG or electrocardiogram) –> all life is electromagnetic sensitive
    5. Elaine Fox's research shows a significant statistical correlation (~90%), however, did not meet the threshold of 95% because they were only able to test this with 1/3 the people needed (~40/135)
    6. Almost all countries set public exposure limits to EMFs based on the ICNIRP's guidelines, none of these have NOTHING to do with long-term health effects from exposure to EMFs.
    7. All guidelines wrongly assume the only thing that can affect health is it is powerful enough to heat the tissue, but they don't know underlying long-term effects
    8. World Health Organization classifies EMFs as possibly carcinogenic to humans (No. 208; May 31st, 2011).

    𝘾𝙤𝙣𝙛𝙡𝙞𝙘𝙩𝙨 𝙤𝙛 𝙄𝙣𝙩𝙚𝙧𝙚𝙨𝙩𝙨:

    – Elaine Fox's and most (if not all) scientists' research is funded by nothing other than the Telecommunications industry
    – Scientists ARE NOT objective (they would like to), but reaching wrong results will lead to less funding and employability
    – Research is driven by market share and profit

    I will leave it up to you to reach a conclusion…it's common sense there are many factors that can influence this (eg. diet, physical activity, environment, chemicals, etc) but it is obvious there is an increase correlation, increasing the risk for the development of negative effects.


    Please copy/paste/share this with everyone.

    – Dr. Andrew Goldsworthy of Imperial Valley College (Biology Department)
    – Professor Elaine Fox's "Hypersensitivity Symptom Associated with Electromagnetic Field'
    – https://youtu.be/FttrOK1ec4Q

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  8. These towers are destroying our minds. I almost always wear silver fiber hats to protect myself. www.denzdefense.com

  9. Untested on Humans, they are throwing this tech out with no controle,we know that it contains radiation as they have refused to deny it.

  10. I'm ashamed of our educational systems when I read comment sections like this. How most people in the 21st century don't understand even the basics of radiation is beyond me.

  11. bunch of boomers in the comments lmao. technology is bad fire is scary and thomas edison was a witch

  12. For 5G implementation, rest of the world use SUB-6 (3.5 GHz). Check your home WiFi routers which mostly use 2.4 & 5 GHz. If Sub-6 is harmful, your home routers would be too.

    Already implemented in Chicago and Minneapolis, only US uses MILLIMETER WAVE (30 to 300 GHz) to implement 5G, and needs a lot more transmitters because its transmission range is a LOT shorter than Sub-6.


    For frequency impact to human, Health Canada already has a report, seems SUB-6 is safe, while Millimeter wave maybe NOT: "For frequencies from 100 kHz to 300 GHz, tissue heating can occur and must be limited. Basic restrictions have been specified in this safety code for RF field exposures in the 100 kHz to 6 GHz frequency range, in terms of maximum whole-body SAR (averaged over the whole-body) and peak spatially-averaged SAR, (averaged over a small cubical volume). For frequencies above 6 GHz, RF energy absorption occurs predominantly in surface tissues (e.g. upper layers of skin) and the use of maximum SAR limits, either whole-body or averaged over a cubical volume, is not appropriate. "



  14. 5G is able to litteraly destroy the bonds to your cells which can lead to lots of tumors and other dangers, they can mess up and destroy any cells in water, which means they will destroy our testicles and ovaries which will lead to MASSIVE infertility rates and mess with your eyes and brains, now think about what that can do to developing fetuses that are in the womb surrounded by water?? And don't even say "NoN IoNiZiNg" it is non ionizing but the wave lengths are short and compact which means that radiation is coming and bursting at your body non-stop and continuously and these won't be "miles away" like 4G or 3G no these things will be made in your CAR and in your HOUSE and OFFICE hitting you literally nonstop us humans are screwed and it will be too late to stop this soon

  15. Really? It's years away? Then why do they need a tower in Enderby BC, population very small. Do they want to use us as guinea pigs?

  16. Dear all conspiracy theory idiots watching this video: 5G WILL NOT cause cancer or cook you from the inside. You need a frequency of around 70,000 THZ to start causing cancer and other health problems on a global scale or small scale, even. 5G operates at 6GHZ. Hence, 5G won't cook you from the inside or cause you cancer. Stop trying to make yourself look clever and feel important by saying 5G is going to kill you etc. Also the information written online saying 5G is bad is written by people as stupid as you and is 100% lies meant to scare you. So stop believing everything you read in the internet and get out of your parents basement. Trust me, I'm doing a physics degree.

  17. God forbid we have to wait 3 seconds for something… faster doesnt mean better especially when it can hurt us health wise. Also with such a short attention span how can anyone take in any information any more. I'd rather not get cancer and wait 10 sec for a video to load. Give me a break people. What will you do if all this fails us one day? Will you remember anything in that brain?

  18. Isn't 5g just a bunch of mini receivers planted all over connected by fiber optic wires? I fail to see how this is a step forward for anything other that speed.

  19. We should focus on research on RF exposure more before making new things like this.
    What health concerns that are true or false, what non-ionizing radiation actually does to the human body if any at all and by long time exposure.

  20. 5g should be banned….stop fooling customers….this technology is responsible for taking lifes not giving lifes….iam ashamed that we will be using this technology and due to this many birds will be getting killed…..

  21. Who cares about speed. Its quick enough . Stop trying to be clever we dont want it

    Its genocide thumbs down everyone 👎🏻 not my comment though 🙂

  22. My 4g is fast, I tired 3g on an old phone and it was hideously slow, we forget how Awesome 4g is,and I use to think 3g was quick lmao, must be insane 5g,in Doncaster the council cut all the trees down, disgusting.

  23. Show us the research and honest results ! No one knows what the millimetre wave will do to everything from Us to the very smallest insect !

  24. 5G has been initiated to eventually over time eliminate our own creative potential and become completely subservient to elite mind control system including implants and Nano tech …It will be used as a weapon to control us even more…

  25. Seriously , the elite /controllers, want to turn us all into obedient ""cyborgs "",cant you see this fact ..WAKE UP NOW…

  26. 5G will possibly interfere with that of radar imagining. The United States Air Force, along with NOAA, said there might be issues that may arise because of this. Why 5G? Yes, "the future is here". Is it really here when you're choosing to sacrifice much the advancements we've made in that of weather forecasting? The risk is just too great to take! The chances of developing illnesses are also increased compared to 4G. More reported cases of memory loss, headaches, mood and sleep disorders, leukemia, ect. Even then, 5G wouldn't be as effective as 4G. The average range for a 4G satellite Is 22 miles (itleast) but best performance would be that of 2-3 miles away from the tower itself. 5G being at a higher frequency, would possibly bounce of buildings. Having a higher frequency, means the penetrative ability decreases, leading to a more ineffective, especially if you're paying more. P.S. my information may be needed to be fact checked, so please research issues with 5G and compare how it is to 4G. Get scientific if you have too! I'm 16 and know the more possible impacts. Stop following the "popularity is the way to go because everyone else wants it" (hype beast) and get knowledgeable about how new innovations might effect you.

  27. 5g is TERRIBLE for you and the environment. I am fully opposed for this network to come out. #5gspaceappeal

  28. Its gonna make a lot of people have Cancer. Other diseases won't even matter. Have fun before you get exposed to this.

  29. This technology scares the hell out of me, for health and surveillance reasons. No thank you! I pray that there is a large public pushback before this technology is installed all around me without my consent

  30. 5G is dangerous to human life. Milimetre waves passing stright through our bodies, NO CABLES! and Wi-Fi radiation everywhere. Not good for human health

  31. If they roll this out its time for guerrilla warfare against these towers, destroy them or they will destroy you and your children.

  32. Good, more retarded people will need that. Real life is for normal people. Hope the whole world got stuck in 5g so I can take advantage. I won't be the only one

  33. I bet NASA will still have that 10 sec delay in their transmissions from the iss. Not matter how many G's we have.
    I wonder why..just what are they hiding?

  34. yes that is why we are all getting Cancer did you know that they can see everything that you do …Boy we are sure heating up the planet

  35. This video is full of shit. Whats the bandwidth? Whats the frequency? Is it harmful or not? What makes it faster? Nothing is covered.

  36. This is an outrageous intrusion & assault on the health of civilisation. If you value your life, then protest loudly. If you don't, then enjoy cuddling up with your phone at night. The truth is very close now…

  37. Our Heavenly Father told us of false gods in commandments and Revelation Chapters including subliminal Santa Revelation Chapters 1 14 Old Testament

  38. This amount of ignorance in this comment section. Just wow. Americans know that they will never get this incredible technology, so they start to defame it.

  39. This 5G is definitely going to bring up cancers %
    Is this why we’re being told one in two people will get it.
    Boycott boycott boycott

  40. 5g = newest attena design ! Called attena mimocells ! Big screen cells ! 6g = more new attena design ! Electronic diods transmitters , capacitors , slots sockets , nanflash pins memmory !

  41. There is no need for 5G. It’s a marketing scam just to make telecom more money. And, for some reason they won’t spend anytime testing it for safety. No thanks!!!!!!

  42. 5g will be the thing that kills you…might keep that in mind when the doctor tells you your cancer is from heredity.

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