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What Is Branding – Brand Building Basics

Brand strategy, brand design, brand coaching, brand consulting… oh my! What the heck does branding even mean?! I thought branding just had to deal with logos… right? Contrary to what you may believe, branding is not just a pretty logo. And with this ever increasingly popular buzzword, the water can quickly become muddy. So, what exactly is branding? In this video I’ll be clearing up some common confusion and sharing my top brand building basics. (intro music) Hey there! I’m Holly of Holly Meyer Design, and over here on this channel I share brand tips and design tutorials that empower wholehearted creatives to infuse new life into their brand so that they can captivate their audience and stand out in their industry. Think of your brand like a cake mix. When you’re baking a cake, your ingredients include: flour, butter, sugar, baking soda, eggs, frosting, sprinkles… With a missing ingredient, your cake will be too running, too dry, or it won’t even rise in the oven. In a similar way, your brand ingredients include everything from the promise you make to your clients, your logo, your website, your photography, your copywriting, your social media presence, and even your client experience. Your brand encompasses what people can expect from you, your service and/or your product. And when there is an emotional connection, your audience is more willing to hand over their money, stick around, become loyal fans and tell the whole world about you. While brand strategy, brand design, brand consulting, and brand coaching are all individually important… each component comes together to make up your entire brand. You can have a pixel-perfect logo, social media graphics, and newsletter templates… but if you don’t have any brand strategy your business won’t be sustainable for much longer. And vice versa… you can have all the right action steps in place, but if your visual design isn’t refined and polished your audience isn’t going to trust you as much as the competing brand in your industry. To build a brand that rises to the top like a cake in the oven, make sure to include all of your brand ingredients. Now I want to hear from you! What is your biggest struggle when it comes to building your brand? Tell me in the comments below this video! I would love to learn how I can support you as you uplevel your business. If you enjoyed this video about brand building basics, download my free cheat sheet – 7 Brand Improvements to Attract More Clients. The link will be below this video in the description so you can grab your copy and be well on your way to strengthening your brand. Thank you so much for joining me today! I am so incredibly grateful that you took time out of your busy schedule today to watch this video. I’ll catch you next time! Hey there… Brandon joined us!

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