What is Caffeine Water? What you need to know & product review of Avitae Caffeine Water. Part 1 of 2
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What is Caffeine Water? What you need to know & product review of Avitae Caffeine Water. Part 1 of 2

Hey everybody, Caffeine Man here and today
we’re going to be going over caffeinated water. That’s right! They put caffeine in water and I’m excited
to tell you all about it. This is going to be a 2 part series. In Part One, this one, I’m going to go over what caffeinated water is, go over several of the name brands and their caffeine content, and then do a taste test of one the top rated ones on the market, Avitae. So, want to know more about caffeinated water? It’s coming right up. INTRO: C *THUD* M *THUD* *LIGHTNING STRIKE* Hey everyone, thanks again for joining me today. If you’re wondering why Im wearing a Hawaiian
shirt…or technically a Bahama shirt… But, there’s not significance to it. It’s just laundry day. If it’s your first time here and you want
to stay informed on all things caffeine related, feel free to hit the subscribe button. I post new videos every Tuesday night. In today’s video Im going over caffeinated
water, in my 2 part series. In this video, Part 1 I’ll go over what caffeine water is, go over a few of the top name brands, the caffeine counts in each, and then do a product review and
taste test on the biggest supplier Avitae. Part 2 is titled, Caffeinated water and why
you’re drinking it wrong! How can you drink water wrong? Well, it doesn’t make sense now, but it
will when we get there. I was surprised with how many people didn’t know about caffeinated water. When I mention it to people, they thought it was something brand new, but the truth is, it has been out for over a decade, just not a lot
of people have heard of it. I remember seeing Avitae’s cone shaped
bottles in 2009 and I know that Water Joe was created somewhere in the late 90’s. So, what exactly is caffeinated water? Well, it’s pretty simple. It’s water… and caffeine. Two simple ingredients. They come in a variety of different sizes,
brands and caffeine levels and they do have flavored ones as well, since you know, people
like to add flavor to their water. So let’s get into a few of the top rated companies. First on the list is Water Joe. Water Joe came onto the market in 1996 when a student, who didn’t like coffee or soda, needed to stay up late studying for his exams,
decided to add caffeine to his water. Thus, Water Joe was born. Water Joe comes in a 20oz bottle and has 70mgs
of caffeine in it. They also have a 700ml bottle with 85mgs; as
well as a 1liter bottle that has 120mgs. Another company is called Hint. Hint a fruit-infused, flavored water company
that started in 2005. They have 14 different flavors and eventually
they expanded their product line and decided to add caffeine to some of their waters. The flavors of the caffeinated water are lemon cayenne, apple pear and black raspberry. They’re 16oz bottles and have 60 mgs of
caffeine in them. Lastly, the one I will be doing a taste test
of, is Avitae (Ah-Vee-Tay). There’s a close up so you can see how it’s spelled. And a lot of people get confused on how to say it because it looks kind of hard to say but it’s pronounced Avitae (Ah-vee-tay). I’ll include it on the screen so you know how to say it as well. How do I know that’s how it’s pronounced? Because I decided to look it up to make sure I got it right because I’m a helpful guy like that! And I don’t want any of my fellow caffeine lovers sounding silly by pronouncing wrong…you know like that girl who bought the Ver-sais (Versace) dress. And those people who bank at San-tan-der (Santander). *Laugh* I could do this all day. Avitae has been out for a little over
a decade and has really expanded in that time. I’ve seen it in a few grocery stores, which
is big because when you try to find caffeinated water in a store, your choices are little
to none…usually being none. I haven’t seen any caffeinated water at
Walmart, Target or Stop and Shop. I DID find some of these at Shaw’s, bought some on Amazon and heard that they have them at Hannafords. I’ll include a link to Amazon for you though,
in case you can’t find them near you. Avitae, they like to give you options. For their regular unflavored water, you can have the 45mg option, which really, why bother? 45? Come on? The 90 mg option and they also have the 125mg option, which is this one, and I bought a full case of it, because its 125 mgs. As for their flavors, all of the flavors come
in the 90 mgs option. The flavors are Blackberry, Tangerine, Pomagranate
Acai and Strawberry Guava. They also have some sparkling flavors, even
though I hate sparkling water, and they come in Watermelon, Passion Fruit, Berry Kiwi,
Raspberry Lime and Black Cherry. SO, why drink caffeinated water? Well, it’s a great product for anyone who needs caffeine but doesn’t like coffee, tea, soda or energy drinks. That’s a lot of stuff not to like, but there are picky people out there. Then again, it could be good for college students, doctors, nurses, 3rd shift workers. You get the benefit of staying hydrated and
getting your caffeine boost. I mean lets face it, who doesn’t like the
taste of water? It’s what we need to survive. But, just about anyone can use it. We could focus on workout fanatics, busy parents,
overloaded college students, third-shift workers and more, but why focus on specific people? If you drink any caffeinated beverages, you
can fit this into the mix. Some people have asked, does caffeinated water
dehydrate you? Apparently the dehydration myth of coffee
has people concerned. But, No, caffeinated water does not dehydrate you. Many studies have proven that caffeine doesn’t have any effect on hydration and does not dehydrate you. They’ve done studies with coffee, tea and
even these caffeinated waters. There was a time when a lot of people thought coffee dehydrated you, but over the past 6-8 years, studies have been showing
that just isn’t true. So, let’s see if these waters taste like water. I’ve skipped the 45 mg one because it didn’t have that much caffeine in it and I figured if you were going to taste the caffeine, you’d taste it in the higher caffeine count ones. Plus, 45? Come on, I can get that in a little piece of caffeine gum. I can get that in a cup of tea. I gotta step up the game a little here, you know. So, here’s the 90. Huh! It tastes just like water. Now, it does have a hint of flavor, but it’s nothing bad. I compare it to: Poland Springs has it’s own flavor, Dasani has it’s own flavor, Fiji water has it’s own flavor. Smart Water definitely has it’s own flavor to it. My wife actually buys the ones from BJ’s, I think they’re called “Essentials” (actually Essentia) and I actually don’t like the flavor of this one. Even though it’s supposed to be water, they’re overacheiving H20? It has a whole bunch of other stuff besides water in it. It has the electrolytes for taste but it also has Sodium Bicarbonate, Dipotassium Phosphate, Magnesium Sulfate, potassium cholride, I don’t know which one of those make it taste funny, but I don’t really like the flavor of it. But that’s just a side note. All these different waters, as you know if you drank different waters, have different flavors to them, and I’d say this one just has the flavor of Avitae. That being said, I do know a little bit about caffeine and I do know what caffeine tastes like because I’ve tried a lot of products like caffeine gum. Caffeine has a very bitter taste. And sometimes, like in some gums, it’s hard to mask that taste. Some gums don’t do it that well. Like I thought Alert gum, meh, had a little bit of a chemical taste, but it’s bitter, it was the caffeine. Whereas MEG energy gum didn’t really have it. If you’re curious about caffeine gums, I did a video on them and I’ll include them in a card above. So, Avitae has a touch of caffeine flavor to it, but if you don’t know what caffeine tastes like, you will just think,, “Oh, this has a little flavor to it. It must be the Avitae flavor.” So, it’s not bad. I definitely recommend it. Let’s move on to the 125mgs. Oh, okay. It definitely tastes like water, but it does have a little bit more of that caffeine taste to it. I’m not sure if everyone would like it because it is a touch bitter, but if you want to try caffeinated water, maybe you start with the 45mgs and see if it’s right for you or step up to the 90mgs. As for the 125mgs, you might not want to drink it straight up. But, still buy it and put it to the side for now. Because in Part 2, I’m going to go over why that should be the only one you are buying. Part 2 is going to be awesome! I’m extremely excited about it, even more excited than this video. Because I’m going to tell you why you’re drinking caffeinated water wrong. But before I get to far ahead of myself, we still have some of the flavors to try so let’s try them out. Next, I’ll be trying the Avitae Natural Blackberry. Hmmm, I’d say it’s okay. It tastes just like the 90mg bottle, and I can barely taste the blackberry so it’s really just a hint of flavor. It definitely covers up the slight hint of caffeine bitter flavor, which I said was the Avitae taste. But I was expcting something just a little bit stronger. Now, I know a lot of people, when they drink their flavored waters, they sometimes like them strong but most people just like a hint of flavor and that’s what this has. Next, we’ll try the natural tangerine. That’s a lot better! I definitely get the tangerine flavor.It definitely covers up that hint of caffeine flavor. And you can taste the tangerine in it. Orange and tangerine tend to be strong flavors so I can see why it’s stronger than the blackberry. Now, it’s not a strong flavor and it’s definitely not sweet but enough to know that this water does have tangerine in it, and it’s really good. Now I actually had to go to 2 different Shaw’s Markets to find all these. I was only able to get the tangerine and blackberry for the flavored one, but… unfortunately, I was able to find several of the sparkling waters. So if you’re a sparkling water fan, I do have some of those to try out *sigh* I’m not excited about it, but that’s what I do for you guys. I try these out so that you know what they taste like. First one we’ll start out with is the Berry Kiwi Well, it’s definitely got a fairly strong sparkling water flavor to it, so if you like sparkling water, it’s not light like some of the other ones out there, but you can actually taste the berry, moreso that the natural blackberry one. I can’t really taste the kiwi but it might be because I’m focused on that strong sparkling taste, so let me try again Yeah, I can still taste the sparkling water, pretty heavy, and I can taste the berry…but I’m sure theres some kiwi in there. The next one is Raspberry Lime. Hmmm… this ones actually not too bad. It still has that medium sparkling water flavor but I can definitely taste The raspberry and I can definitely taste the lime. Lime also tends to be kind of a strong flavor so I can see why they used it. The raspberry and the lime aren’t too strongly flavored but it actually balances out well with that sparkling flavor, so I actually like this one. And the last one that I’m forced to try is the Mandarin Passion Fruit. Hmmm, wow! That one’s pretty good too. It’s got that medium sparkling flavor, but mandarin, since it’s an orange, has a strong orange flavor and a bit of passion fruit as well. Out of the 3 sparkling flavors, this one probably has the most flavor to it, None of them are sweet because none of them have any sweetener and they’re all naturally flavored and I might be buying some of these sparkling water. But if you like sparkling waters, these do taste really good! Ah! Thanks Red Bull. So, that’s it for part 1. Thanks for joining me today and definitely stay tuned next week for Part 2 I’m going to tell you why you’re drinking your caffeinated water wrong, if you’re even drinking it at all. and I’m going to tell you all the ways you should be drinking it. It’s going to be an awesome video, I put a lot of work into it, and you’re going to learn a lot of good stuff. And this 125mg bottle of caffeine water is going to be your new best friend. Don’t forget, if you want to stay informed on all things caffeine related, feel free to hit the subscribe button. I post new videos every Tuesday night and hope you can join me. Until then, have a great day… …or night. You know, like those people who “supposively” say everything right. You know, like those people who like to eat Nut-ella. You know, like those people who like to drive Volks Wagons. You know, like those people who drink Stella *laugh* Art-ois *laugh* You know, like those people who drink Stella Art Tois. You know, like those guys who want to drive a Porsh. *LOUD GURGLING BURP* Ewwwwww!!!! Ughh!!! Sparkling Water burp. *shiver* Oh! Excuse me.

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