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What is ‘Eberron: Rising from the Last War’? | D&D Beyond

– Not only is this a new world that you’ve introduced into fifth edition. But this is a full campaign setting. – Well– – With multiple sub-classes,
a completely new class for the first time, and
then a whole bunch of… You have basically an added
background with Patrons. You have a lot of content
in this singular book. – Yeah, so we got our feet wet last year with ‘Guild Masters Guide to Ravnica’ with doing a campaign setting. But this one is even bigger because, yeah, ‘Guild
Masters Guide to Ravnica’ had the monsters, the magic items, talking about the world. But it was sort of like if
that was cranked up to 10 ‘Eberron Rising from the Last
War’ is cranked up to 11. (Interviewer laughs) Because not only is it a longer book but as you say it has a whole new class, it has the group Patron section, has even more DM hooks,
so yeah it is a lot. This book has been
occupying us for over a year and it’s one of those things. We’re always working on
things way in advance and then we just keep
our (laughs) mouths shut. So it’s been a lot of fun working on this and this has been a hard
one to not talk about because it has been so fun to work on it. So I’m glad we finally
get to talk about it and that this November people will be able to get their hands on it. – What is the name of the book? – It’s ‘Eberron Rising From The Last War’. – Why is it called that? – It’s called that because we really made an effort throughout the book to stress that defining feature
of what this world is: That two years ago, the
world came out of a war that lasted for 100 years and there’s no part of life in Eberron that hasn’t been touched
and shaped by that. – Basically, it’s sort of like the rubbing the sleeps from their
eyes as they step out of this decades long war that
could have destroyed everyone. And because of that war, because of all of these
nations spinning up their magical industry,
they’re now in peace-time but with magical inventions that the world didn’t have before. The world now has lightning trains, plentiful airships, Warforged,
people who were created to be simply soldiers in the war suddenly have independence,
they have souls and have to find a place for
themselves in a post-war world. All of these elements weaved together as people embark out into the
world to essentially find out what ancient things survived the war, what happened to my loved ones? Is my hometown even still out there? And the meeting place for so
many of the amazing elements in the setting is the city of Sharn. Sharn is this wondrous fantasy metropolis with sky scrapers that pierce the clouds, airships soaring, amid it’s mighty towers. And people from all over
the world gather there it’s essentially the New
York City of Eberron. But New York City, again, with airships,– (Interviewer laughs) monsters walking around, magic everywhere. You can imagine– – Gravity is a bit different. – Yes, thanks to elemental
magic that is plentiful there, many things function in wondrous
ways in the City of Sharn. And so we imagine that the City of Sharn will serve as a home base for many people. In fact, there is a first level adventure in ‘Eberron Rising From The Last War’ set in the City of Sharn. Meant to be a way to get you started. And you could then, once you
play through that adventure, play through an entire
campaign, just in that city or you could venture out
into the broader world to again, find out how did
the war affect everybody? What’s left? The book also includes
various playable races, it also includes rules for being a member of one of the great dragon marked houses. The dragon marked houses for anyone who’s unfamiliar with Eberron,
are essentially corporations, but corporations run by families that are united by these
things called dragon marks. They’re essentially these magical tattoos that appear on certain
members of the family. And these marks have in them
different magical abilities. People got to see some
of this content last year in our DM’s Guild book ‘The
Wayfinder’s Guide To Eberron’. And if a person is wondering, “Well, what’s the difference
between these two products?” Well, if you look at just simply the number of words in the two of them, ‘Eberron Rising From The Last War’, is over two and a half times longer than ‘Wayfinder’s Guide To Eberron’. People just compare the number of pages. That’s misleading because
the pages don’t have the same number of words on them. – Right. (Interviewer laughs) – So again, this book, ‘Eberron
Rising From The Last War’, has 320 pages. So it is the size of
one of core rule books of the game, it is jam packed. – What excites you about Eberron? What was fun for you to be
working on this new book? – What really excites me about Eberron is just the tone and feel of it. It’s… we’ve always talked
about it as a combination of sort of pulp adventure
and noir intrigue. So the campaign that I ran years ago involved sending the
characters off into ancient ruins in a very Indiana
Jones heroic sort of way, but then behind the
scenes was an agent of the Order of the Emerald
Claw who was posing as an ally for them and a
mentor an a Patron for them, and turned out to want their
things for nefarious purposes. So that blend of we’re doing
awesome adventure-y stuff in lots of really dramatic landscapes with all these forces working
both behind the scenes very subtly like the Dreaming Dark and sometimes very overtly. – For those that don’t know,
what is the Dreaming Dark? – The Dreaming Dark is a
force of evil that lurks in the Plane of Dalkor,
which is the plane of dreams. Hence, the Dreaming Dark, and
a force of darkness, yeah. But it pretty much sums it up – [Interviewer] Yeah that makes sense. – So the race of Kalashtar which we saw in ‘The Wayfinder’s Guide’
are sort of fugitives from this forest. The Quori dominate the
continent of Salorna across the sea which we
don’t really see a lot of, but their agents are over in
Korver doing mischievous stuff and sneaking their way into dreams and hunting down the Kalashtar
and all sorts of good stuff. – There’s two additional planes
of existence within Eberron. – [James] There’s a whole bunch. – Okay, so what are the
different planes of existence that exist within the Eberron universe? – Eberron exists within its
own sort of micro-cosmology The story that we crafted
in ‘The Wayfinder’s Guide’ Jeremy Crawford and Keith Baker
mostly worked out together was that it was intentionally
sort of hidden away, to keep it safe from the
extra-planar forces like Lolth, and Asmodeus and all these
things that … Groonch, that love to get in and
meddle with mortal races, and even Gods like Morodin
or Korolon or Palor. So it exists in this
little bubble but then you have a micro-material plane there, and these other small
planes that orbit around it so there’s Fernia, the Sea of Fire, there’s Riscia, the Plane of Ice, they don’t correlate directly with planes in the standard D&D cosmology, so there’s a weird thing where demons and devils and angels
who all have a fiery theme might all live in the plane of fire, rather than their own separate plane. So it doesn’t mean they get along– – Yeah. (James laughs) – But so the origins of celestials
and fiends and elementals are not necessarily what you’re used to. – We talk about the possibility of The Ring of Siberrus which is this ring that surrounds the world of Eberron and it being breached. And something from another
D&D world getting into Eberron or vice-versa, someone
from Eberron getting out into other D&D worlds. – [Interviewer] Right. – Which is actually the case for the MPC-VI I actually play
in Acquisitions Incorporated, this hasn’t been revealed yet in Ac-Inc, but I can reveal it here. She is actually originally from Eberron. – [Interviewer] Oh, nice. – And I won’t reveal yet
how she’s able to do it, but it is actually because
of something that is a part of Eberron’s story that she’s able to slip into other worlds. And that, I think, it’s
going to be fun for people to explore whether they
want to keep Eberron sort of tightly contained within itself, or if they want to
explore the possibilities of things from other
D&D worlds creeping in – [Interviewer] Which I love. – You can imagine some of the big bads that threaten other D&D worlds– – [Interviewer] Yeah. – Suddenly realizing
there was this other world that was hidden away
because the story we tell is that the Progenitor
Dragons hid Eberron away from various forces in the D&D multiverse. But if the DM decides
to go this direction, those forces might have found it, and you can imagine somebody like Asmodeus or Lolth worming their way into this world that just emerged from
this catastrophic war and maybe causing some new trouble. Now the thing is, is Eberron
has plenty of threats of its own, so if a person wants to focus on sort of the homegrown
threats in Eberron, this book has them covered. Something else this
book has is a bestiary. We have a chapter of monsters and among those monsters we also stat out some of the really big
bads of the setting. I mean there are people
familiar with Eberron would expect us to stat
out the Lord of Blades and who is basically the leader of a group of Warforged who want to,
violently, if necessary, form a place for themselves in the world. The Lord of Blades is there. But we also even stat
out some of the mythical overlords, the fiends,
who in Eberron’s stories have often thought to be
behind many of the world’s greatest evils. A couple of them get statted out. Some of the horrific Daelkyr
are statted out in this book. So there are plenty of awful things for people to oppose in
their Eberron campaigns without going to the broader multiverse (interviewer laughing) but if you bring in those things, I think, you know, you’re gonna make
a pretty amazing story mix. – If you wanna make enemies,
there’s plenty of enemies in Eberron already. You don’t need to leave to find some more.

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24 thoughts on “What is ‘Eberron: Rising from the Last War’? | D&D Beyond

  1. I want to hear about players handbook 2. So we can use all those "fixed classes" they have been talking about in adventurers League

  2. the Eberron Cosmology actually kinda explains what happened to the Dragon gods of The Forgotten Realms after they just vanished

  3. Since Wayfinder's coming out I've been running a cop show inspired campaign in Eberron, can't wait to add more to the game with this new book!

  4. We need more Campaign setting books and fewer adventure campaign books. An actual Forgotten Realms setting book aside from Sword Coast would be great, for example. I love the 5E mechanics, but this is my biggest complaint about this version.

  5. So when Rising From The Last War is released what happens with Wayfinders Guide to Eberron? Wasnt it supposed to get an official release eventually?

  6. I played in a homebrew eberron 5e campaign pre the WOC book was released. One of the quests we did involved dealing with the summer and winter courts in the feywild. Because of us winter on Khorvaire was particularly harsh that year, opps.

  7. Such ample new material scares me a little. But I want to DM it so bad. I should start read and study it as it were an exam for university!
    I like it so much!

  8. I am running an Eberron game right now where an ancient forge was turned on, deep in the swamps of Droaam. The party left it on and then caused hell all through Droaam to the border of Breland. Now there is a huge diplomatic crisis! Some want to take an army into Droaam. Some want to use diplomacy. I don't know what is going to happen, but it's getting very exciting! Remember, the Sisters want recognition as a nation, which the Treaty of Thronehold did not give them. It's going to be an interesting couple of Fridays over the coming weeks. Getting this book will only help assist me in running this already complex and great game. 🙂

  9. Originally in the 3x days it was the Shifters. I love werecreatures and I got to make one with a +0 LA. Now it's all the Steampunky feel and magic.

  10. Todd: “So what is up with the 2 new planes of existence?”
    Earth vibrates as a bunch of Eberron nerds rush to the comments to rant cosmology
    James, diving out in front: “Actuallyeverythingisdifferentandseparate!”

  11. I really liked Guildmasters Guide, thought it was one of the best 5e supplements, and am really looking forward to Eberron.

    One piece of criticsm – it would have been great to advance the story a bit, so mayb it was set 7 years after the last war rather than 2. It would just give the setting a fresh wind and allow for a bit more progression, and you don't really lose anything about how the War is still important to the setting and to the characters.

    Too late now, but just my two cents!

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