What is Inbound Marketing?
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What is Inbound Marketing?

The Marketing world has
evolved dramatically over time. The “Mad Men” era of traditional
marketing is considered too old school now. Try to remember
the last time you purchase an item or service. Did you actually wait for a particular
commercial to pop up on TV? Did you call a sales
person to ask about their service? Nope, you probably did what most
people do nowadays, you went online and
you did your own research. You may not be aware of it
but you’re already part of this modern revolutionary
Marketing process. It’s a fundamental shift in
the way we do business in this high-tech super connected world
we live in today, it’s called
Inbound Marketing. It’s a marketing
strategy focused on attracting, educating
and empowering consumers via relevant content
that actually helps, and guides them until
they are ready to purchase your product or service. But to understand
Inbound Marketing, you need to understand
the Buyers’ Journey first. The Buyers’ Journey
is an active exploration or research process that a buyer goes
through prior to, and leading up to
the actual purchase. It’s made up of three stages: Awareness, Consideration
and Decision. When you feel those
first symptoms of a problem also called “pain points” you’re in the
Awareness Stage. You’ll tend to do
some high-level research to understand or identify whatever it is you need,
or what you’re going through. Then the research bug
really kicks in after this stage. You’ll find that
you’re now researching your options, discovering
various solutions and analyzing all
these simultaneously; this is called the
Consideration Stage. Then finally when you’ve googled
and rack your brains enough, you’ll reach
the Decision Stage. this is when you’ve
ultimately decided on a solution and now you can
compare vendors to make your
final choice. Inbound Marketing
is all about creating relevant and remarkable content tailored to the audience
at each stage of the Buyers’ Journey; this means you’ll be
helping the buyer by understanding their problems and figuring out
how your brand can truly fit their needs. This is the Inbound way
of building trust and brand love. Content and take many
forms, such as: Blogs, ebooks, infographics,
landing pages, whitepapers, and what you’re
watching now: Video! Content within context that’s Inbound Marketing! adopting an inbound
marketing strategy will make a considerable
impact on brand awareness lead generation and nurturing,
and cost-reduction; it will also educate prospects
on your product or service, and speed up the
sales process overall. The next videos cover
more about creating and measuring
Inbound Marketing strategies. Keep on watching! and don’t forget to
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  1. Indeed a well presented video on inbound marketing.
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  2. This video is amazing. The animations, music, and explanation was very well put together. The video had my complete attention. This great. Need more videos like this.

  3. amazing this is my inspiration!!!

    i want ask. you create this just one people or you have team ? how much time you created this video until finish ?

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