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What is Marketing Automation? | @SolutionsReview Explores

Hello and welcome to Solutions Review Explores
– our flagship series where we take a multi-video look at the 17+ enterprise tech categories
we cover here at Solutions Review. I’m your host, Jonathan Paula. Today we’re kicking off our series on Marketing
Automation – what is it, and how might it affect your business? Simply put, Marketing Automation is a technology
solution which enables businesses to automate certain aspects of their marketing. This allows marketing professionals to streamline
their campaigns and automate necessary but repetitive tasks. One of the main goals of marketing automation
is to give its users more time to focus on important and revenue-generating tasks. Things like data entry and email customization
are certainly important – but they can easily eat up a large portion of someone’s day. If those tasks can be automated, you can spend
more time on higher priority tasks. The main goal of marketing is to attract consumers
to your business in hopes of them purchasing your goods or services. We refer to these potential customers as leads,
and a vital aspect of marketing automation is generating as many leads as possible. Using email campaigns and landing pages, marketing
automation software will capture the information of these leads. As they continue to interact with your brand,
marketing automation software can categorize leads based on various demographics, or business-related
filters such as industry and organization size. This makes it much easier for marketers to
create marketing materials that are unique to a specific person or organization and will
help usher the leads through the sales process. The most common marketing automation feature
is email and newsletter campaign management. Users can easily send hundreds of customized
emails to curated lists of leads and customers. As these email campaigns progress, you can
keep track of certain statistics like read-receipts and click-through rates. Another common feature is landing page and
form creation. Clients from specific e-mails can be directed
to a customized landing page to help improve conversion rates. Registration forms can be added to these landing
pages, and certain marketing automation software will automatically categorize or profile customers
depending on the information they submit. One of the biggest reasons marketing automation
saves marketers time and money is something called automation workflows. Automation workflows are tasks that are automatically
performed in response to a specific trigger, or according to a set of rules and predefined
conditions. Common workflows include welcome messages,
re-engagement campaigns, customer feedback, and cart abandonment notices. Other benefits of marketing automation include:
Easily scalable tools. Marketing is important to a business regardless
of its size, but not every organization has the same marketing needs. Large enterprise-level businesses need to
keep track of thousands of leads at a time, whereas a smaller business handles smaller
amounts of information. Many marketing automation solutions allow
businesses to purchase a software package that fits their individual needs and business
size. This is often through a sliding price scale
based on the number of emails you want to send out each month or based on how many contacts
you want to store in your database. Another feature is that it’s frequently
packaged with CRM. If your organization is looking for both CRM
and marketing automation solutions, chances are you can find something that kills two
birds with one stone. Most modern CRM solutions come with robust
marketing automation features. This reduces installation time, costs, and
avoids potential integration challenges. For more information about marketing automation
software, marketing automation news, or our comprehensive buyer’s guides and other resources
– be sure to visit SolutionsReview.com. And to join us next time when we explore the
evolution of marketing automation. For Solutions Review, I’m Jonathan Paula. Thanks for watching.

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