What is marketing? If I asked you, what would your definition be?
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What is marketing? If I asked you, what would your definition be?

What is marketing? Now you might think
this is a really stupid question coming from someone like me who’s been doing
this for 25 years. But bear with me. I’m writing a book. I’m writing a book about
keeping marketing simple. Helping people to put together simple marketing
strategies and simple marketing plans, without all the complexity and the bloat
and the gobbledygook. And it occurred to me that lots of different people have
lots of different views about what marketing actually is. And of course
there are people who are working in marketing and there are people who have
never been near a marketing department in their entire careers. And everybody
has different opinions as to what marketing actually is. For example if you
went out onto the street with a clipboard and asked somebody to tell you
what marketing is, I think a lot of people would just say it’s advertising
and it’s promotion. And of course it’s a lot more than that and I want to reflect
that in the book. But I thought it’d be a really interesting exercise to ask you
what your definition of marketing was. So you can help me with the writing of my
book. I’d be really pleased if you type down below in the comment section your
definition of marketing. And you never know I might actually use it,
anonymized, of course in the final manuscript so are you up for this? What
is marketing? Go!

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2 thoughts on “What is marketing? If I asked you, what would your definition be?

  1. What a broad question, but I'll take a stab at it — and if you wanted to cite me in the final copy, I'm all for it 😉

    Marketing is an education about your "thing". Sure there may be a pitch involved some place, but ultimately it's all about creating a journey for a potential buyer to find out about you, learn about how you can help them, and then finally pushing them through the action of buying from you.

  2. In broad terms it's about conveing and persuading the positive aspects of a product, and thereby creating value for the potential customer. Using the 4 p's as your starting point

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