What is Marketing Strategy?
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What is Marketing Strategy?

– You wanna know the most
important element of marketing, and yet it’s the least practiced? It’s marketing strategy. I’m John Jantsch with Duct Tape Marketing, and I have worked with thousands of business owners over the years, hundreds and hundreds of
consultants over the years, and I’ve yet to find a business that fully implements and understands the power of a marketing strategy. Now, I know we’ve all read books and we’ve all studied, and yeah, strategy, strategy, strategy. But, here’s the thing. An effective marketing strategy certainly helps you understand what to do. But perhaps, more importantly, it helps you fully understand
and value what not to do, and that may be far more important, because today we’ve all these channels and all this stuff floating around, now we’re chasing the idea of the week, and it makes it very
difficult to stay focused on what actually matters. Until you can understand
who makes an ideal client, and it’s not everybody
who needs what you sell, or seems to need what you sell. An ideal client is somebody
you can actually help, that has the right problem,
that has the right motivation, the right mentality and even
values what it is that we do. A marketing strategy helps you understand what it is that you do that’s unique. The value that you bring that can differentiate
you from everybody else who says they do what you do. It can help you understand the impact that you want to make in the world and in the lives of your clients. And if you don’t understand
those three things, you’re going to constantly
be chasing, in some cases, the wrong things. You’re gonna constantly
be busy, but on what? An effective marketing strategy will help you stay focused
on the right priorities. Take a day, take a week. I don’t care how long it takes, and figure this part out.

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  1. If anything in this video makes sense you might want to check out this free training – https://mkt.ducttapemarketing.com/3-step-proven-system-2019

  2. Full disclosure – I am Duct Tape Marketing junkie and a client of John Jantsch. DTM has transformed our firm's marketing approach and helped us achieve results we never thought were possible – dramatic increases in Google, Facebook and LinkedIn and most importantly INBOUND calls and emails. Thanks so much to John and Jenna!!

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