What Is Multichannel Marketing and Why It Matters – The SAS Point of View
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What Is Multichannel Marketing and Why It Matters – The SAS Point of View

Multichannel marketing
is all about choice. Giving your customers the
choice of interacting with you in whatever manner is
most convenient for them, at all stages of the
customer journey. Why is this important? The proliferation of
channels gives consumers more control over
the buying process. It is essential to
reach your customers when they are ready to engage. Sounds like a no-brainer, right? However, multichannel
marketing is only effective if done correctly. Here are three ways
companies fall short: Irrelevant messaging Your messaging must
be highly targeted! The many channels
available to customers means that delivering the right
message to the right audience isn’t enough. Disjointed campaigns Campaigns must be
highly choreographed across all channels to
reach the right customers. Tailor your message for
each channel in a way that customers will find
meaningful and trustworthy. Poor optimization Which channels are
delivering the best results? Knowing what triggered
a customer to respond enables you to
assess whether or not your marketing efforts
are getting results. Let’s go over three key steps
to successful multichannel marketing. Create and maintain a
single view of the customer It is vital that you understand
your customer’s value and how they interact with your
brand across multiple channels. Establish a platform
that integrates traditional and
emerging channels. You can greatly simplify
the creation and execution of cross-channel campaigns by
creating a single campaign that can be replicated
across various channels. Strengthen your brand by
creating consistent customer experiences across all channels. Customer experience is
one of the most powerful competitive differentiators. Multichannel
marketing is complex, however it is
indispensable when trying to connect with customers. By deploying a
multichannel platform you will know your
customers value, deliver consistent
experiences and find it simple to hit your mark.

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