What is Production Process (Metalworking)?
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What is Production Process (Metalworking)?

What is Production Process? Production Process
of a workpiece involves the transforming a raw material form its original state to a
finished state by changing its shape or the properties of the material in a series of
steps. It is generally classified into six groups: The first being Primary shaping Process,
which is the production of a solid body from a molten state, gaseous state or amorphous
materials like glass; poured into a hollow space of desired shape. Examples include Casting
and Powder Metallurgy. Second comes Deforming Processes which makes use of stresses like
tension, compression, etc. to deform a material in cold or hot conditions without changing
it’s mass or metal composition. Some of them are Forging, Rolling, Sheet Metalworking and
Extrusion. Third is Machining Processes in which the material is removed by providing
suitable relative motion between the workpiece and tool to generate required size and shape
of the component. Examples are Drilling, Milling, Turning etc. Fourth is Joining Processes,
here two or more pieces of metal parts are joined together to make a final component
using heat and/or pressure. Examples include Welding soldering, Brazing, Adhesive Bonding
etc. Fifth and the last second group is Surface Finishing Processes, in which only a negligible
amount of metal is removed from the workpiece to provide a good finish or a protective coating.
Examples are Grinding. Sixth and the last group is Material Properties Modification
Process, which are the processes that provide certain specific properties to metal parts
so as to make them suitable for particular operations. Examples include Hot and Cold

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