What is Salesforce? | Salesforce Questions Answered
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What is Salesforce? | Salesforce Questions Answered

Now that face-to-face jobs have pretty
much been eliminated all together. The following questions are coming in from
family, friends, and people who have just seen Salesforce thrive in what looks
like to be an economic crisis. So here are just a few questions
that MinuteAdmin has been asked. So MinuteAdmin, What is Salesforce?
Why is Salesforce so important to know? How do I get into Salesforce? How much
money can I make with Salesforce? So if you’re out there and really want to know
what Salesforce is about, how to get into this career, and how to really learn
Salesforce, check out this ebook that MinuteAdmin put together for people
just like you. Let’s get started by going over what we’ll talk about in this e-book.
The first thing we’ll talk about is what Salesforce is. This will answer the
question that everyone has when they first hear about Salesforce. The second
thing we’ll talk about in this ebook are salesforce projections.Which explains
where Salesforce is headed in the near future. The third thing we’ll talk about
are Salesforce jobs. We’ll talk about the three most popular types of Salesforce
jobs. The fourth thing we’ll talk about are Salesforce salaries. Your earning
potential with Salesforce. The fifth thing we’ll talk about is how to learn
salesforce for free! The sixth thing we’ll talk about is the first Salesforce
certification you will need to get. The seventh thing we’ll talk about is the team here
at MinuteAdmin. And last but not least we’ll talk about learning Salesforce
with MinuteAdmin. We’ll talk about the training courses that we offer so you
can excel in the Salesforce world. So what is Salesforce? Salesforce is a CRM
platform in the cloud. The cloud means all your information can be accessed
anywhere in the world as long as you have a username and a password. CRM
stands for customer relationship management. Think of a CRM as a big
warehouse for your data to live inside of. “Why are CRM’s so popular you ask?” Well
every company needs a place to store information about their customers. It
would be kind of crazy to have a ton of customers but not have any information
about them. A CRM keeps track of all their information. Let’s look at an
example of a company that would need to use a CRM. A modeling agency works with
different brands and models. The modeling agency needs to keep track of which
brands they’re partnered with. They also need to keep track of all the models in
that agency, so they buy Salesforce and use it to keep track of all their brand
partnerships. They also use it to keep track of all the models they have in the
agency. So now that we know what Salesforce is, let’s talk about a
Salesforce projection that will get you excited.
There’s expected to be 3.3 million new Salesforce jobs by the Year 2022. Meaning
people with Salesforce skills are going to be in high demand for a very long
time. This is why we’re giving you this ebook. You could be the next person with
Salesforce skills to get a high paying Salesforce job. Speaking of jobs, there
are three Salesforce job roles that stand out above the rest as the most
popular jobs in the Salesforce world. The first job role and the most popular one
is a Salesforce administrator. There’s no coding required as a Salesforce
administrator, and the average salary is $95,000 per year. The second job role and
the next most popular job in Salesforce is a Salesforce developer. You’ll be
coding a lot as a developer. The average salary for a developer is $125,000 per year. And the third Salesforce job role is a
marketer. If you’re someone that loves marketing and you have a knack for
technology, there are tons of job opportunities out there waiting just for
you. The average salary for marketers with Salesforce skills is just over $85,000 per year.Those are just a few job roles and salaries in the Salesforce
world you can get over 20 Salesforce certifications. So depending on the
amount of experience you have and the number of certifications you have, you
can potentially make way more than the average salaries we just saw. There’s
also another factor that plays into how much you end up making in the Salesforce
world. The TYPE of certification you get… You’ll likely make more as a certified
Salesforce technical architect than you will as a Salesforce administrator.
You’re probably wondering how to get into Salesforce by now. But the question
is “Where do you start?” Perfect question. The first place to go
is trailhead.com. Trailhead is the free place to learn all about Salesforce. When
you get to trailhead.com, sign up for a free account to get started. When you
sign up for your free account the activity to do is the admin beginner
trail. The admin beginner trail will get your feet wet in Salesforce. Once you get
your feet wet, you’ll be thinking about getting your certification. Here, we’ll go
over the steps to take to get your Salesforce administrator certification. The first certification to get in the Salesforce world. Step 1 –
do the Admin beginner, intermediate, and advanced trails. A link to each trail is
in the description below. Step 2 – Get the Salesforce exam study
guide from trailhead.com. A link to that exam outline is in the description below.
Step 3 – study the test topics on the exam
outline. Grab the MinuteAdmin study guide with links, and the trailhead
activities to do as you’re practicing each topic. Step 4 –
sign up to take your certification. When you feel ready, take your Salesforce
admin exam. You can take it in person at a testing center, or online in the
comfort of your own home.There are links in the description below to sign up for
your exam. If you have any questions leave comments below. Now, let’s meet the team
that put this guide together. We’re here to help and support you at any time
during your Salesforce journey. Meet Kaelan Moss, the founder and lead
trainer here at MinuteAdmin. Kaelan is here to help answer any questions that
you may have when it comes to Salesforce. He’s also an amazing trainer that
delivers his trainings with real-world examples so you never feel confused. We
also have Nakia Shalon and Sadeil Lewis. Nakia and Sadeil are our trainers here at
MinuteAdmin and deliver personalized training experiences for everyone
looking to learn Salesforce. Sadeil also leads the initiative for all military
spouses. His goal is to give military spouses the Salesforce training they
deserve. And then we have Kinslie monai; our social media strategist. Kinslie is
focused on building our social media presence so that we can deliver a
consistent customer experience. And our final member is Taylor Wilson, head of
business development for veterans at MinuteAdmin. Taylor is very
well-connected with the veteran community in Southern California. All
things pertaining to veterans roll up to Taylor Wilson. Now that you’ve met the
team, let’s take a look at the Salesforce courses that we offer here at MinuteAdmin. We offer training for the Salesforce admin certification. If your
goal is to get prepared for the exam, we are here to help you in your journey
toward certification. Our next training is for Salesforce marketing cloud. We’ll
guide you through setting up marketing cloud as an administrator all the way to
running reports and everything in between. This is not a developer heavy
course. This is focused on helping admins in the system as well as end-users
looking to gain more experience with marketing cloud. The next course we teach
is the reports and dashboards course. This course is designed to get you
feeling comfortable with reports and dashboards inside of Salesforce. Our last
course is for people that are looking to get hired onto companies with their
Salesforce skills. We help you get your LinkedIn
setup, enhance your online presence so that recruiters and employers will
notice you and give you the connections that you need to get hired. All of this
is done through one-on-one coaching calls with you. So get in touch with us
to set up training for you and your team. To do that there are multiple ways to
contact us. Send an email to Kaelan at MinuteAdmin.com
DM Kaelan Moss on LinkedIn or direct message our Twitter page @minuteaddmin
Thank you for reading this ebook and we are so excited that you’re on your
Salesforce journey. Keep blazing trails Trailblazers. If you want a copy of this
ebook, click on the link in the description below. Don’t forget to hit
that subscribe button so you don’t miss out on any future MinuteAdmin videos!

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