What Is The Best Campaign You’ve Ever Run? | Account-Based Marketing Explained
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What Is The Best Campaign You’ve Ever Run? | Account-Based Marketing Explained

– Hey, I’m Dave Gerhardt. I’m the Director of Marketing at Drift. And tonight, we’re hosting about 200 of Boston’s best marketers right here in our office at Drift. And we have a panel of
five all-star marketers. And we thought it’d be
fun before the panel if we grabbed each one of them, asked them all the same three questions about account-based marketing. And the third question is, what’s the single best campaign you’ve run for account-based marketing? – So, one of the coolest
things that we’ve done from an ABM perspective is, we did a direct mail. Yes, it’s making a comeback. (laughs) I actually love direct mail. We did a direct mail last
year to our target accounts and it was a View-Master. So the old-school
View-Masters where you’d click into the little picture wheel. And it was about the launch of one of our newest products at the time, around instant detection response. And the results were amazing. I think one, it was
creative, it was clever, it was a little bit different. Had a bit of nostalgia to it as well. We got a lot of great response, not only from what it did
to help open doors for reps, but even just from a social perspective. From people saying like, “Hey, if you’re going
to send me something, “send me something cool.
And this is really cool.” – Yeah, actually it’s live right now. We sorta just closed the signups for it. So we’re hosting a road
show-type event in New York City, with Google and Johnson &
Johnson speaking on our behalf. We have a target list
of accounts to focus on. Reached out to them early
with a marketing message. Hit them with display,
targeted display, right? Targeted emails and had
the sales team come in and in two hours, two
hours of sales effort, we registered 82 people. – [Dave] That’s amazing! – The goal for the event was 60, which is awesome, right? Which really shows the
power and the effectiveness of focused messaging
and collaboration that account-based marketing brings. – Sure, the number one
campaign that we’ve run is direct mail. A high-impact, dimensional direct mail with an empty iPad mini
box with an insert in it. The insert talked about
our value prop, messaging, as well as the offer,
so folks meet with us, they get the free iPad mini. Yeah, that’s knocking it
out of the park for us. That’s our, I guess I would say our best performing campaign. – [Dave] Send them an empty
iPad box. That’s amazing! – Yep. And if they want
the actual iPad mini, they have to meet with us. Yeah, I won’t reveal my
numbers right now, but, yeah, the account-to-meeting
conversion rate is huge. And then conversion-to-pipe
is even bigger. – I think that actually getting the appropriate amount of alignment between what folks are
doing on the marketing side, and then how we have
the sales teams assigned to targeted accounts, so that actually creating’s
been more of a structure thing, rather than a campaign. It’s creating that level of
focus on the marketing side where we now have marketing
people then attached to sales people going
after accounts together, and then creating variable comp plans that actually aligned
together for the same reasons. So that they win together. – So the single best campaign we’ve run is around this concept of office snapshots. So, there’s this blog
called Office Snapshots, but we call it Robin Snapshots. And we’ve been able to say,
“People might not want to “look for the tech,
but they love offices.” They love the bars, they love the chairs, they love the lighting. It’s kind of why Pinterest
and Instagram exist. So we want to say, “Let’s
highlight some of our customers, “without saying that they’re customers.” And be able to put up those posts, and then target people
like them who will be able to engage with those posts. Through that, we’ve been
able to increase site traffic by 50% and leads by 20%, just by telling people what
the future of their space could look like or kind of one day you’ll aspire to be like that. (fading tech music)

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