What is Your Passion?
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What is Your Passion?

My major is digital media production.
It’s a passion for me because I’ve always loved film. I’ve always loved to
be behind the camera and all of that kind of stuff, and so coming here where there’s
no real film program was scary but in the end it turned out to be for the best because I was able to make my own opportunity. My major at Manhattanville is
international studies I chose it because I love to travel and I also love to
learn how the world is very interconnected with one another. I’ve
always wanted to be a teacher since the fourth grade. Ever since then I’ve found great
qualities in the great teachers I’ve had, and also in the other teachers I’ve had, who haven’t had as great of an impact I’ve learned how I don’t want to teach and
it’s just my passion I have had since I was young and I want to pay it forward back to the students I have in the future. I’ve worked as a camp counselor I’ve worked
with children in babysitting, so I’ve always been around that scene and I just
knew that that was something that I wanted to pursue. I always liked numbers, so
I was always really good with math and my see my analytical skills as highly developed and I am basically highly interested in capital markets, so finance was the only major for me. I was always good with numbers growing up, so the business aspect was definitely something I should be interested in. I also like sports, so I may mix it up with sports business management as I move on. I’m an English major with a concentration in creative writing
I also minor in marketing communications it’s my passion because I personally
want to be a fashion journalist so being able to write creatively and to really
focus on becoming a journalist to being able to communicate people through words
on one of my biggest passions in life so being able to make people feel something. I love social media and I love doing marketing. I love American studies because history is always something that I was interested in. International studies is a passion for
me because I want to be the ambassador to Israel one day and this is it one
step the right direction.

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