What It Takes To Be A First Class Flight Attendant For Emirates
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What It Takes To Be A First Class Flight Attendant For Emirates

Each year, more than
180,000 flights take off for Emirates airline, carrying
about 60 million passengers. And the people in charge of
all those travelers onboard? The 21,000 flight
attendants and pursers that make up
Emirates cabin crew. It’s a pretty sweet gig. Free housing in Dubai,
discounted tickets, and getting paid to
travel the world. But with long hours
and busy schedules, the job is not always as
glamorous as you’d think. Here’s what it’s like
to be a flight attendant for Emirates. Siti Nurazlin: My
name is Siti Nurazlin, and I am a first-class crew working for Emirates. Narrator: Like the
200,000 applicants a year, Siti had to meet the
airline’s qualifications. A minimum age
of 21 years old, a height of at least
5-foot-2, an arm reach of about
7 feet on tiptoes to reach those
overhead bins, fluency in English, at
least a high-school degree, and no visible tattoos
when in uniform. Just like every
other new hire, Siti started her
Emirates career at the bottom, in economy
on short-haul flights, and, through the years,
she’s worked her way up to first class. Today, she crews an average of nine long-haul
flights a month. Her schedule changes
every week, but she’s always on flights that last anywhere
from six to 16 hours. And for a lot of that
time, Siti is on her feet. She estimates
about 11 hours out of a 16-hour flight. Siti: The job could be quite
challenging physically, so we need to
maintain our physique and also be quite fit. Narrator: But, thankfully,
she’s not in heels the whole time. Siti: We do change our
uniform after takeoff, so we get to put
on our flats, because the high heels wouldn’t get really
comfortable in 16 hours. And we change
into our waistcoat. Narrator: Siti is also
required to look the part. Siti: Usually we keep
to a natural makeup. Like, eyeliner and
mascara usually is a must, and, you know, the Emirates
red lipstick definitely. Narrator: And just
like makeup, hairstyles, jewelry, and
nails are also pretty strict. As for jewelry, they can wear diamond
or pearl stud earrings, but no necklace. And their nails
have to be clean, with either a nude or red
polish or a French manicure. Now, these requirements are
for female flight attendants. Males have to be
clean-shaven and style their hair with minimal product. But there’s an added
level of responsibility for first-class
attendants like Siti. For starters, she knows
who the regular fliers are and what they like. Siti: We do have information
on our customers. So, on every flight, we
will observe the preferences and the likes and
dislikes of the customers so we get to write it
down for future flights. For example, like, pajama size
or their preferred drinks, so the more someone
flies with Emirates, the more we can cater to
their personal preference. Narrator: She’s
also required to have an expert
understanding of the entire
first-class menu. She knows options
for passengers with dietary restrictions, the perfect wine
pairing for dishes, and the tasting
notes of 60 cheeses. And since she’s typically
serving international travelers, Siti is a master
at communicating across different
backgrounds, but she’s not the only one. Like most of the cabin crew, Siti knows more
than one language. For her, it’s English
and Malay. But there are over
60 languages spoken across Emirates cabin crew and a staff of
140 nationalities. Now, onboard, Siti’s
duties are pretty standard. Do a safety check of the
plane before passengers board, provide food and drink
service during the flight, and go through the cabin
after everyone de-boards. But off the plane, the perks
of the job are substantial. Flight attendants
get a base pay depending on experience, with an hourly rate
stacked on top. Starting out, that equals
about $32,000 a year. Plus, they get free
housing in Dubai not far from the airport. They get 30 vacation days,
one free flight a year, and can nominate friends
and family for discounted tickets. Siti: The perks of this
job especially would be the concessionary tickets that we get,
and not just for me, but for my family
and friends as well. So I don’t really have
to travel on my own or travel with just
my crew friends; I can travel with my friends
who are not flying as well. Narrator: For the veteran
and first-class flight attendants, they even get to staff
events like the US Open or make special
appearances. But the best part? Layovers in 161
cities worldwide with accommodations
and meals covered. Siti: The best part of my
job is traveling, definitely. I’ve been to over 100
destinations with Emirates. I have never, and I don’t think
I would ever travel to all these exotic places
that we fly.

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  1. if anyone wants to know why they speak Swedish here is the answer:

    they fly 2 a380 a day from Stockholm arlanda and swedes fly a lot.

  2. All it takes to be a Flight Attendant us to be willing to SLEEP WITH THE SHEIKH , and his Brothers too !!! I am honestly very serious… not kidding, and most anyone who lived in Dubai and Abu Dhabi or anywhere in UAE or Gulf knows that truth very well. Over 90% of air Hostesses are pimped into prostitution for Rich OLD Arab Sheikhs. Or if they refuse, they are fired of the job, and have no rights. No matter if they are Indian, Asian, European ( Russian, Ukrainian, Canadian.. etc). I was an insider for over 20 years. Saudi airlines used to take them in busses to the Palaces for " Parties and Entertainment " , were they got drunk, and then Raped, but could not say anything, since they were informed they could get jailed for admitting they were Drunk … so they just shut up about it. That's what it really takes, and those new videos are new reqruiting propaganda, that's all.

  3. Me just remembering the time my brother got to ride in first class because his tv wasnt working in economy (made me and my family feel like peasants)

  4. I used to be an Emirates Business Class crew member, but after 5 years, I left. It's true that the salary is good and you get to see the whole world while working and getting paid. Dubai is fun too and you get lots of discounts to spend in Dubai (parties, shopping, restaurants..) but it is very hard. And challenging; the culture and the country, the weather and conditions. In Emirates, you fly a lot, it's so bad for your body to fly over 100h per month. Now I'm back in Europe flying for a Spanish airline and it's 1000 times better! conditions, benefits and the whole country is better!

  5. 1st class lounge in dubai is absolutely huge, i was there yesterday and it was so quite in the lounge but so busy in the airport itself

  6. yeah no. Work for Delta or another American Airline. Free flights for you and you family and are allowed to upgrade to first class when its not full. I heard only pilots can upgrade at Emirates. Yeah that's not fair. Ill stay with a company that treats me right. The job is the best. Also you don't see older Flight attendants at Emirates. Emirates is not a career. I encourage anyone who wants to earn their wings, to do it. I love my Career as a flight attendant!! Pay is pretty good for what you do. Eventually you make 6 figures! the job is so flexible you can have a whole other profession on the side.

  7. Random rich guy sucks a straw

    Flight atendent : OOLALA, looks like he needs something to spice it up 😛😛😛😛

  8. It must be annoying to be stuck in a place thousands of feet up with a lot of people who you’re forced to talk to

  9. There are worse jobs. 11/16 hours is only 69% of the time. It's definitely a long shift but that means she's not on her feet nearly 1/3 of the time

  10. The mock “kingdoms” are supporting all types of terroristic activities around the world. Just don’t fly in their planes. Make statements with your wallets. USA baby🇺🇸.

  11. Salary for (First Class Job) should be atleast £45000 year for start up and Doing 10 to16 hour journey its soo boring plus no sleep no nufin getting dried out…lol

  12. One thing that I must criticise:

    “Layovers in 161 cities.”

    Take away:
    All of Saudi Arabia
    Kuwait City
    Some of India
    Because these flights are turnaround flights. There is no way an airline would have layovers for their crew here unless it was a late night arrival coupled with a early morning departure

  13. It appears that there's also a "physical attractiveness" requirement to be an Emirates flight attendant. All the attendants look pretty and I've never seen any older flight attendants like I sometimes see on American flights.

  14. ALL airlines pay for your hotels on a layover, this is not a perk, it's the cost of doing buisness. $32k/year living in Dubai is borderline poverty. The 200,000 applicants per year are from poverty stricken countries where everyone is trying to escape. They love those applicants because anyone else tends to resign after 2 years.

  15. In the Dutch Airlines we have fat and ugly males and females because it is discriminating to only let good looking people give you service in Business Class

  16. Me at 3AM: okay I need to sleep now
    This video: comes into my recommendation

  17. I never noticed. but thats nice they are allowed to wear flats. anyone in the "service" industry is on their feet 8+ hrs a day. being allowed to swap to comfortable shoes makes a big difference 🙂

  18. By 1 free flight, they probably mean 1 CONFIRMED free flight. The rest they can probably fly standby/jumpseat, which is unlimited. They just need the time off.

  19. a first class flight attendant should know how to serve wine and not discriminate passengers based on skin color, you can expect rude service if you are non-white on such airlines like emirates, etihad, and qatar, they will basically treat you like shit so their first class is only a measure of their first class rudeness towards you, you will be paying a premium for their lack of service, I have basically stopped using emirates, etihad, and qatar airways, the minute you start your journey you will get a rude chauffeur service, rude checking counters, to terrible flight attendants, to rude immigration service in their hub cities LOL

  20. I am 168cm on my id from 4 years ago, will i qualify? Oh sorry I DONT USE MY FOOT TO MESURE THINGS BECAUSE ITS FREAKING ARCHAIC!!!!🌚

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