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What We Do 2018 | Jelly Digital Marketing & PR

Hey Are you listening? Can anybody hear me? It’s not that I’m being ignored It’s just that I’m clearly not in the right place to be heard. But what about now? Do you think I’m in the right place to be heard now? Hey, it’s Darian here from Jelly. At Jelly, we believe that marketing is about getting people’s attention And more important, getting the right people’s attention The question is, in a time with so many mediums to reach consumers How do you get the right audience to see you? How do you actually get people to pay attention, and take the action you want them to take? Like coming to your store, making a purchase, or downloading information. The media landscape is changing, and there are new forms of influence and new types of media So knowing where and how your audience is spending their free time Is more important than ever. At Jelly, we combine the fun and creative side of marketing, with the data and information collection that’s possible today Allowing your marketing to get a layer of accountability that you deserve. With our core disciplines of social media, digital ads, and public relations We make sure that your brand shows up in search results online We always make sure that your brand shows up in the press. So your brand is now seen and heard by the right audience And we work to monitor and optimize to ensure they’re taking the right action. So if you’d rather be here And not here We’d love to hear from you. We’d love to host your at our studio, have a warm drink Have a little toast and some jelly. We actually have jelly at our offices It’s a strawberry jelly, it’s delicious. But come on by, we can have a chat, and see how we can partner with your brand. (Jelly Digital Marketing & PR) jellymarketing.com

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