What will define success through the digital evolution of health marketing?
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What will define success through the digital evolution of health marketing?

JOSEPH COWAN: What’s going to
define success is how we talk to the patient and how the
patient responds to us. As has been talked about many
times here at the conference, we tend originally when we first
start out in business, to think about this in terms
of dollars and ROI. I haven’t yet met a pharma
company, and the people within the pharma company, that haven’t
got an intense desire to help people. That’s why they’re in this. These are very smart people. They could be in any
business on earth. But they chose this particular
one the same way that doctors and nurses choose
their positions. It’s not all about the dollar. That’s necessary to make the
materials, but the reason they make the materials is all
about people’s health. I think the media has a
difficulty in that they are presenting this in a very
popularist fashion. And it’s making the enemy
of the pharma company. And I think success is going to
be how we utilize social, how we utilize search, how we
utilize all of these new digital means to change that in
people’s minds, because we have control over that. The media has control
over what they say. But we have control
over search. We have control over display,
YouTube channels. These are things where we have
the chance to change the mind of people and make them see
pharma and the marketing of pharma to them as really the
informational source it is, and not just a means of
procuring dollars.

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