What will define success through the evolution of marketing today?
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What will define success through the evolution of marketing today?

I think everything needs to be,
I don’t want to use the word redefined, because
what’s happened in the past is important. I think it needs to be further
defined and we need to create a new lexicon and a new
vocabulary today. I don’t know what traditional
media is and new media and emerging media and
social media. And at the end of the day,
we have to say there is consumers, there are brands, and
how do we create relevant and meaningful conversations
with them that engage and delight them and make them
want to come find us? I don’t care if it’s TV, radio, print, Facebook or Google. It doesn’t really matter. That’s the problem. We get so caught up in, is
it traditional, is it? How does a consumer want us to
communicate with them and have conversations with them? And what’s the right messages
that are relevant and contextual in their life
and entertaining them at the same time. Because people want to be
excited and delighted at the same time they’re receiving
important messages about their favorite brands. But how do we build that
relationship with brands today that make them want to find us
and have brands in our life? And whatever vehicle that
is, that’s what we need to then use. So we have to turn the
conversation on its head and say, how do we create the right
messages for consumers and the right connections? And then, what are the right
media channels to get that message out there?

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