What would the CO92′ be worth in today’s market? | CO92′ Q&A
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What would the CO92′ be worth in today’s market? | CO92′ Q&A

For myself I’ll go £35m. (laughs). With the
point in the middle? Right Scholesy, we’ll start with you, is there a moment from your career that you think ‘Thank god VAR hadn’t been invented & part of the game?’ Thank god
it wasn’t there essentially? Yeah, I think I scored a goal at Wembley for England against
Poland that could have been handball yeah, but apart from that. Yeah it could of been,
it was a bit chesty, a bit army, you know what I mean Phil? Transfer fees are incredible
right now, how much would each of you be worth in the transfer market today? For myself,
I’ll go £35m. (Laughs) With the point in the middle? With a decimal point in the middle
yeah, £3.5m. It’s too hard to say isn’t it? You just don’t know do ya. We’d be £60m.
Wan-Bissaka, Luke. Yeah he’s better than you though isn’t he? Cancelo? Their better than
you two though aren’t they? (Laughs) Together I mean. It’s a package deal, two for one.
Butty? I wouldn’t have clue. I don’t know. I’d say £35-£40m. I’d say more. For Butty?
Yeah. £40m maybe? £50m I think. Pogba £89m, £90m Scholesy? Yeah you would be £90m I
think Scholesy. I don’t think you would be quite the £100m mark (laughs). Too much risk,
settling into the new place that you would be going. He wouldn’t go would he? Butty,
which player that plays your position in the Premier League, do you admire the most? Now?
Now. I’ll give you some options, Kante, Fernandinho, Gundogan. Nicky weren’t just a holding midfielder
though, you had goals & everything didn’t you? You were box to box, you scored more
goals than Kante. I like Kante, I like the way he goes about his job, I like the way
he goes about his work. Obviously Pogba is a great player, but I just like the way that
Kante goes about his job & the way he goes about his work really, so yeah Kante. Phillip,
Rashford, Sterling & Kane all got off to a flying start this season, who do you think
will win the golden boot? Sterling for me, I think the amount of chances that Man City
are going to create, he’s going to probably have more chances than most to score the goals.
Is there a league game this season that you are particularly looking forward to? Yes,
I’m looking forward to the Oldham games over Christmas. There is one Oldham game over Christmas
& that is the one I’m looking forward to the most. Why? Because it’s a local derby, it’s
the nearest one we’ve got I think to us. Any game you are particularly looking forward
to at Salford this season? Bradford? I think you are right with Oldham, local derby, it’s
our closest one. we’ve not really had a local derby game have we? What is the target for
Salford this season Phillip? Promotion, I did enjoy going to Wembley last year, I thought
that was really good. Go up, whether it’s through the Play-Offs or automatic will be
special. Target? Anything different from you lads? I think getting in the Play-Offs would
be nice wouldn’t it? Scholesy, which current Premier League star would you have most wanted
to play alongside & would have best fitted into the 99′ team? David Silva maybe as a
number 10. Instead of Yorkie? No, not instead of him, just as a player that could fit into
that team, I think he would be very similar to a Yorkie or a Coley as a number 10, someone
to play with. Butty, what is the best atmosphere you’ve ever experienced whilst playing together?
Well there is probably two, I would always say Galatasaray was always the most volatile
if you like. I used to love the derbies, obviously Manchester boys all of us. But then you look
at what happened after the 99′ final at Barcelona, so three probably for different reasons. Which
young players excite you most at Manchester Utd & who do you think has the biggest potential?
I’m going to put this to you Nicky, because you work with them everyday. I think it’s
unfair to get just one, I think Gomes could set alight this season & do really well, I
think he’s matured & got a lot stronger, but I think purely for the excitement & the fans,
I think Greenwood is going to be a real superstar, IF he keeps his feet on the ground & he patient
& he scores the goals that he can. He’s both footed, he’s a big, strong, powerful kid who
is very confident & he’s still very much a young boy who is likeable. Phillip, which
players are you most excited to see playing in the Premier League this year? I think the
young English ones are the ones. I think the top six sides played more English players
than probably ever before so you are thinking about we saw Mason Mount, Tammy Abraham, Rashford,
Lingard. There is a lot of good young English talent now breaking through. Chelsea in particular
have to play their young players, so I’d say the young English talent are the ones that
I am looking forward to seeing develop & getting to the first team & get better experience.
Scholesy, Arsenal have surprised a lot of people in the window, how will they get on?
I think they will be fighting for fourth place with Chelsea & Man Utd probably, possibly
Tottenham as well. I think they have signed some good players, they didn’t play them all
on Sunday in the first game which was a little bit surprising. I thought they would have
got them in as fast as you can & you play them & try & get them settled in to the Premier
League so I think they will do OK. They will do a little bit better than last year. Fighting
for fourth, but I don’t think they will finish fourth. For me, what is a good season for
Frank Lampard & Chelsea this year? I think it will be getting in the top four would be
an outstanding achievement, obviously the transfer ban, Chelsea is a difficult club
& Frank is in his first job in the Premier League so I think for me the top four & if
they win a trophy as well then that would be an outstanding season. Who do you think
will be strong in League Two this season Scholesy? In League Two? Yeah. Plymouth I think will
be good. They’ve got probably five or six of the Bury players from last year who were
a really good team. They’ve got the manager from there as well which was really good.
Who else is there? Hopefully Salford will be up there, teams like Swindon, Richie Wellens
has got a good side there, they’ve had a decent start as well, winning their first two games.
Oldham? No, Oldham will struggle I think. They’ve lost their first two league games
& they’ve lost a lot of players from last season as well & I think it will be a difficult
season. Bradford? Well I think they are the favourites aren’t they? But I think Plymouth
will win it, with what I saw last year at Bury, they were the best team, with the best manager,
they’ve got a great fan base as well, so I think Plymouth will go up yeah. Nicky, what
do you make of the standard of League Two football so far, in the fact that there are
more teams trying to play? Yeah I think from our first two games that we’ve seen, there
is a level up from last year if you like. Managers maybe have more of an idea of how
they want to play with the players that they’ve got, as opposed to previous years, they might
try & play a way that some of the players aren’t capable of quite frankly, but the standard
of play is better than it has been over the past couple of years for us, so no I’m not
surprised because as Scholesy just said, there are a lot of managers in that league that
know how to play football & it is just getting the players that can do it & from what I’ve
seen & the teams that I have watched, there is quite a lot of players that have dropped
down levels & the standard is quite high.

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100 thoughts on “What would the CO92′ be worth in today’s market? | CO92′ Q&A

  1. Scholes really rates David Silva very highly. I remember these guys did a video making a best XI of premier league players except manu players. They ended up deciding on Gerrard, Lampard and Viera in midfield, but Scholes pinned Silva's picture on the board saying "he's hanging on". For him to then pick Silva as the one premier league players he would have liked to play aside confirms he is a massive David Silva fan just like the rest of us haha

  2. Assuming they were sold aged 23:

    P. Neville – 30m
    G. Neville – 50m
    Butt – 55m
    Scholes – 140m
    Beckham – 90m
    Giggs – 125m

  3. Maybe people keep calling Lingard young because he's part of Ashley's gang; he's a Young-ster. Or maybe Lingard studies psychology and is a Jung man.

  4. Gary Neville – 40
    Butt- 20
    Phil- 25
    Scholes- 80 million easy…the man had everything minus tackling

    Not a united fan but they were class players

  5. i like the way he goes about his job i like the way he goes about his work i like the way he goes about his job i like the way he goes about his work i like the way he goes about his job i like the way he goes about his work i like the way he goes about his job i like the way he goes about his work i like the way he goes about his job i like the way he goes about his work i like the way he goes about his job i like the way he goes about his work

  6. Lingard isn't young just because he looks young! 😂 Supposed to be coming into his prime now. Those stats 👀

  7. Scholes is at least a 150m player if not more, the guy ran midfield and could chip in with a worldie now and then too

  8. hahaha phil would pick out lingard. when does he stop being a youth prospect when he retires in a few years time due to being 50?

  9. Gary neville was quite average. Scholes on the other hand was one of the best midfielders to ever grace the game, but he was never fully appreciated until after he retired.

    25mill and 90 mill, depending how old they were

  10. As soon as he mentioned Lingard as a 'young talent', came straight to the comments. Was not disappointed 😂😂

  11. A lot of people in the comments seem to agree with Gary’s valuation of butt, 30 to 40 million ? I’m a missing something here ? Butt was a solid defensive midfielder but no way would he be worth that even in today’s market.

  12. Scholes the player was worth a lot of money. Scholes the pundit could be part exchanged for my hamster as I believe it has more personality despite sleeping most of the time.

  13. Gary Neville-£50 million
    Phil Neville -£35 million
    Nicky butt -£50million
    Beckham -£100million plus
    Scholes -£100million plus
    Giggs -£80 million plus your wife

  14. Neville £35m Walker £50m
    Butt £40m Keita £60m
    Scholes £90m Pogba £89
    Neville £60M
    Butt £55-60m
    Scholes £3bn you'd have to buy the club

  15. Beckham Giggs and Scholes today would be worth well over £100-150 million today. As for Gary Neville, he'd be worth a lot too since united got Maguire for £85 million so then Gary would be worth near enough there too. Trent Alexander Arnold could easily be sold for £100 million today because of how good his crosses are and the fact that he's young and has his whole future ahead of him. So bottomline is of Dembele coutinho can be worth over 130 million then giggs Scholes Beckham being worth well over that is no problem at all

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