What’s the Difference Between Brand and Branding?
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What’s the Difference Between Brand and Branding?

They said the difference between brand and branding is kind of like the difference between a noun and a verb. Branding is the process of making a brand. So branding is figuring out your story and your logo and your name and your goals. Branding is looking into what visually communicates your company’s story. Branding is looking into what verbally communicates your company’s story. It’s putting all of that together in a way that’s digestible and memorable and that all becomes your brand. And your brand is something you create and your brand is something that other people add to over time as well. So if you go through a branding exercise and you establish a brand, you might not have to do that exercise for another ten years, maybe twenty. Maybe your brand will evolve into something that’s bigger than you could have even imagined or maybe you’ll need to do a rebrand and you’ll have to call an agency. So branding is the process of creating a brand. A lot of people use the term branding interchangeably with brand and that’s not correct so don’t do it. So if you like this kind of content or just my face in general, click here to subscribe or leave us another question in the comments below and maybe we’ll answer it.

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