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100 thoughts on “When it Counts – Ep 4 – FINALE

  1. Great ending !!! I was literally feeling sorry for that guy and shedding tears . . . I'm happy now . Thank you for choosing this story to end up like this !!!

  2. Funny if there is a girl liking the friend of phill that thinks tanny is that girl that steals her boy. And there is a boy like that girl that likes the friend of phill etc…

  3. Character ties with Hamilton
    Tammy- Eliza Schuyler
    Matt- Alexander Hamilton
    Justin- Aaron Burr
    Anna- Angelica Schuyler/Maria Reynolds
    Aaron- George Washington
    …… I just noticed it

  4. Okay right. We are in 2017. That short has been up since 2012 but this is the first time I am watching. And bloody hell! I AM SO HAPPY THAT SHE WAS NOT WITH MATT. Like literally I screamed when the right guy came out. Like YES! HE IS THE ONE. Damn.. I was so scared it was gonna one of those cliché short where she ends up with the lead. I love WONG FU just because it's so real and great and amazing and talented and yeah! You go people! I really like the guy though… Yas Tammy yaas!

  5. Wong fu production are so good I'm so glad that they exist because we all learn alot out of it thank you Wong fu production and Phil I wish you guys the best and please make more

  6. i love all of these skitz, and they bring hope to the nice guy but in reality it's only faults hope and i been through what the other guy (the one who got tammy in the end) yet I end up with nothing lol i mean, i get the message here, but they shouldn't give nice guy faults hope cuz it's never like that in all of these skitz.

  7. I absolutely LOVE this series! The development of the plot, the vlogs, the way it was directed, the choreography, were all very good. I hardly feel very strongly about things, and I just way to say how great this production was.

  8. Everyone who consideres himself as the "nice guy" isnt really a nice person. If you feel entitled to someones love because you are nice to them – even worse: if you are nice to someone with the sole purpose of them liking you back, you are an self centered douche. Instead of voluntarily doing everything for them for a long time and not saying anything, because you fear being rejected, you should tell them right away. Its your fault for waiting so long and thinking you can buy someones love with nice actions. Then when you finally tell them and get rejected, you take the easy road and make them the bad guy. Although they are the clueless ones in this whole thing. Now they loose their friend and on top of that realize that you've never even been their real friend – jaust someone who wanted to get something out of the nice things. You cant make them the bad person because of how they feel and because of your mistake. Just be honest with the one you like right from the start so nobody gets hurt.

  9. Oh my gawd! I legit thought she’d end up with Matt but no! I AM SCREAMING!!! so glad she appreciated the person who’s always been there for her.

  10. 6:40 this was so cute :DD <3<3<3

    12:05 I AM SO HAPPY <3<3<3<3 I really like the other actor so normally I root for him, but this time I shipped those two much more XD <3

  11. Even though i kinda knew where this was going I still wanna see the ending..mike song is so handsome in this don’t know why

  12. Does anyone know the background music in this series? I know the description says Paul Dateh but it links to his channel not a specific video. I'm looking for the music in the credits specifically

  13. Omg I had a feeling there would be a twist and that made me so frickin happy. I could tell that he liked her, and it made me scared that they wouldn't be together. Now that I know what happened at the end my heart is a piece for some reason lol. Sorry for being dramatic but I can't help it, even though i'm late on this video.

  14. Lol @ all of the girls saying they were so happy Tammy ended up with the nice friend — when in reality, these are the same girls who would have gone for Matt..

    This is why Matt is right, nice guys generally finish last.

  15. Nah man, don't listen to the guy who knows what Matt is going through, listen to the one who doesn't know what shes talking about.

  16. Loved this Ep and Totally loved that dance! Thanks Wong Fu! Yuri, Mike and Phil, You guys did a great job! Nice choreography Mike!!

  17. Wow,I really loved it and enjoyed to the finale💘🤩😍🔥😘😯😯😯💘💘💘🤩🤩😍💙💖💖

  18. I’m watching this in 2018 and I like the fact how Anthony Lee would be the one to give the wise wisdoms and says “When it counts” when he spits so much knowledge and wisdom into reality already in his current year right now LOL

  19. I don't care what PRODUCT PLACEMENT is that tech, imma buy it. GODBLESS to WongFu for getting me through my first grown up breakup, with the thought-provoking content. AMEN.

  20. Few things/questions I have after watching the whole series.

    The main lead/original nice guy ended up finishing last in the end.
    Some people are saying Matt was no longer a nice guy cos he switched partners. Definitely a douche move but other Romcoms would praise him if the replacement girl didn't like him. But because she did, he's a douche. Even though he had no clue…
    The main girl had no idea the second male liked her. What if the second male had another that like him that he had no idea about. And that girl had another guy that liked her that she didn't know about. And that guy had a girl that he had no idea about.
    End of the day, none of these people would be in this situation if any of them told the people they liked very early that they liked them.
    I love how a show about nice girls ended up having more nice guys in it than nice girls lol. The nice guys were always going to end up worse off in this series than nice girls lol.

  21. Honestly this does happen to alot of people we just miss the signs. We're to busy trying to go after our crushes we forget that person we have right in front of us.

  22. So it seems the remix of stars falling down isn't available on iTunes – bummer. Love the story and choreography.

  23. am I the only that thinks they shouldn't have ended up together?? like he only went for her cause he got rejected and needed to fill in the space the other girl couldn't feel basically a backup plan kmt

  24. That bothers me so much. Guys can be such idiots sometimes… I am not saying all guys are. Just previously a guy who I was friends with that is younger than me asked me out. I didn't return the feelings. I only see him as a little brother. when I rejected him in the nicest way possible by saying "I do hope we can still be friends and this doesn't change things between us." he responded with "me too, I don't want to make things awkward" ever since that conversation he doesn't even look at me in the hallway when he passes by me. He completely hates me. It kinda bugs me but I don't think we can ever be friends again. He has just made it too awkward now. I don't know what to say to him anymore. If I do try to talk to him he will automatically assume I am trying to lead him on. I give up.

  25. @Wong Fu Productions,
    I love your writing and miniseries productions but this one is a rip off of Bazmark Luhrmann's 'Strictly Ballroom'…

  26. I'm so glad this played out the way it did, but I do get the feeling that Matt helped Tammy and his friend to get together. There was no way he was going to date Tammy after what his best friend had just told him, his friend was indeed the nice guy who deserved the nice girl

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