When The iPhone Nearly Killed Finland
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When The iPhone Nearly Killed Finland

Can I show you my fancy bag of clothes yes, I think I’ve got some good stuff for us all milk is good Want to celebrate the finish right? I got some classics here Come in here. Wow, these are we got a few of these and then I thought you might like this one. This is like Maybe if you could me style okay. Yeah, yeah Do you want to go sorta, you know almost underarm like that or this is just pure overall. I don’t know I think I would go over armed because I’m used to that one. Yeah, I’m Looking forward to you embarrassing me Alright here goes nothing. Oh Holy shit Yeah Wow It is said not by me. But by their nordic neighbors the finished people are weirdos Oh Their language is basically elvish They’re aloof and do not engage with strangers or conduct Smalltalk Their hobbies include competitions such as wife-carrying air guitar playing And obviously cellphone bro whoa And yet here I am on a cool Helsinki morning hanging out with Finland’s future Olympic javelin thrower lasse had a lot alone All right, you pick? All I had to do to make this happen was slide right into his DMS and promised to bring some old Nokia’s It turns out that the Finns are in fact very hospitable and that their cell phones are sturdy. Oh So they are not Was there a metaphor in all this? something bigger being said about Finland’s nosedive into a technology apocalypse and subsequent rise as a vibrant inventive force in the technology industry I’m not sure but I’m gonna go with yes and try to prove it to you. What comes next? We all know the idea of a company town but here in Finland so big really unusual happen it became more of a company nation During the early to mid 2000s Finland’s economy booms driven almost entirely by Nokia In its heyday Nokia accounted for 40% of all mobile phones sold and one out of every two smartphone sold Then the 2007 something terrible happened to Finland. Apple released the iPhone I’ve come here to Helsinki to find out what happened in the aftermath of Nokia’s decline. And what startups have risen to take its place For starters, I’ll need a primer on the decline and fall of Nokia And his luck would have it this long haired gentleman. David cord wrote a book by that very title He also happens to be an American but nobody’s perfect You know when I was researching this episode were just telling people what we were gonna do Especially some of the younger people had already They’re like, you know was Nokia that big of a deal because I remember them being seeking out the kings of the mobile industry Well Nokia was huge in Finland they were Integrated than everything in the Finnish culture finns were very proud of what nokia did it was our success. It was a Finland success Nokia’s started way back in 1865 as a paper products company plush toilet paper was its first hit It got into boots tires cables all kinds of stuff and then began making cell phones first for this cool guy in the 60s and then for all of us Can you hear me now the new iPhone is cool at all Life was grand for Nokia and for Finland From these glorious headquarters by the Baltic Nokia poured money into the Finnish social system And then this raging capitalist named Steve Jobs came along and ruined everything Today Apple is going to reinvent The phone and here it is My life always crazy Right because I remember and this like ridiculously quick period of time It’s not like the company was wiped off the face of the earth But I mean, it’ll just lost the phone industry when Nokia started to stumble I started to fail many people took that very personally It was a Finnish failure there were you know thousands of people who are unemployed in the factory workers software developers In its moment of greatest desperation. Nokia’s phone division suffered that greatest of dishonours getting sold to Microsoft Yeah, it was tough. There’s a town called Nokia in Finland Which actually the company was named for and the day the announcement broke a vandal went and changed the town sign to? Microsoft okay before upset that, you know we used to be on the top of the world and now or on Nokia, of course still exists and makes things namely telecommunications and data infrastructure gear But where the company used to employ thirty five thousand people in Finland it now only employs thirty five hundred Gonna pour one out for the notes After Nokia, everyone is always talking about. What’s the next Nokia? What is the next big company that will be able to go international and have such a big impact on? Finland and many people at the time thought maybe with Rubio Rovio created Angry Birds one of the first gaming mega hits of the iPhone age But while they had a few hot years it soon became clear that Nokia levels success was not in the cards Eventually, we came to the side That’s not gonna happen again We need to be more diverse. We need instead of having one gigantic company. We need to have a 10 good profitable mid-sized companies The birds may not have replaced the notes But they did kick off a gaming boom in Finland one that came to be dominated by supercell The maker of all your favorite games and the master of your time Supercell has only 300 or so employees, but it raked in about 1.6 billion dollars last year 100 million people plays games every day some of them spending thousands of dollars to upgrade their compounds and farms and all of this winning happens in a strictly shoes off workplace a common trope among finished startups that supercell claims to have invented Ilka here the CEO is beloved by his countrymen for creating Finland’s biggest post Nokia success story I’m here to find out how he did it and hopefully score some free upgrades in clash of clans You know for my kids When you guys started supercell, what were you trying to do maybe in the gaming industry that was was different, you know It seems to us that most games companies. They’re Oregon organized very like in a very traditional about basically, they had this hierarchy and the underlying assumption is that the leadership knows best what to do but in in games business I feel That it actually is the game developers who are obviously are their closest to the games. We know best I bought double games the company should do so therefore we had this idea that what if you would like flip this traditional model like, you know, The game developers would own the vision of what double games they would do The strategy has made super so one of the most coveted places for game developers to land a job Like Seth here the game engineer on clash Royale who moved all the way from San Francisco I had always been aware of supercell not always kind of looked up to them as a an ideal place to work on Mobile games do you think you’re gonna stay here for a long time? I bought a flat this week if that’s real put that on camera Other supercell imports like Bryce who hails from France bring new characters to life with their fancy pens They fight among each other to get their characters onto the most prized real estate the game startup screen The loading screen is that light? That’s the prize. That’s the best parts of a masterpiece of Course there’s just one problem with putting the creatives in charge crazy-ass perfectionism the way this philosophy is translated is that you guys are very careful about What you actually release and that you cancel games all the time. How many of you killed over the last nine years? There’s no dozens or it’s probably doesn’t I think there’s some story the Girona playing and and in the time that you’re flying across Some David you were pretty happy about God got whacked. Yeah, it was actually one of my favorite games He’s ever done. I used to play the lot for example with my kid son, and I really really loved that game And then I just heard what the team had got together, I guess in a typical Finnish Finnish sauna And then they had had a like show of hands But you know who believes that this is the best game that they can make and you know I don’t think about many like hands went up and then they decided well, that’s if that’s ok Let me should just kill it. How did you explain that to your kids? Oh, you know Have you run this day I dunno that’s me Some doesn’t call myself like the least least powerful CEO My goal is that teams make, you know, most difficult all of all of the decisions Which of course means means that I make very little or no decisions So let’s say that supercells games are exactly good for you But I will say that these fine people seem to be having a good time making them and bringing ungodly piles of cash to their homeland in the process And you’re telling me you cannot get my son Jules Now go outside and play To see what’s next for the finished tech scene I scooted right into a former hospital Which has been turned into a startup incubator called Maria 0/1 This place has it all Gurney’s more Gurney’s tunnels full of startup refuse wheelchairs hanging from the ceiling and A cemetery right outside where venture capital goes to die This hospital is founded in 1990s and then we took over 2016 so currently we serve over 130 startup companies. It’s the largest startup campus in the Nordics The startups here make all types of things from games to corporate software But the freshest startup in Moorea zero one is certainly Nava which produces a high-tech version of a green wall Until this is like breathing in 1,000 trees at once All around the world We see these plant walls But this was the first one I’ve ever That I’ve ever run into that had yeah a lot of built in technology into it as well Yeah, so instead of a plant being just a decorative part of that We have removed altogether the soil from the system almost all of the air purification in plants happens in the root zone Microbes not in the leaves as people think okay. And if your plant is growing in soil the air is not touching the microbes We could rid of the soil in from the system and then on top of the product there are fans So it biofilter raise the air 24/7 in your room and this makes the air purification of plants efficiency over hundred times more more efficient and We’re talking about you’ve sold like hundreds thousands. Yeah, so now it’s the biggest Greenville company in the world We have about 3,000 units in our our customers place right now how kind of bigger vision is? How can we help a billion people to enjoy nature and breathe forests great air in the building environment every day Now that we’ve learned that the shock paddles have been applied in Finland’s tech scene has come back to life I would like to show you just how much better Finn’s are as humans than the rest of us It’s the annual eating of the herring in Finland but gossip for safari For one week in October people come here to downtown Helsinki to gorge on the freshest of fish and other delicious smoky treats They jockey for position prepare Instagram posts and enjoy some Tolkien inspired folk Yes, Jesus As he may have heard life is good for the Finns The kids are smarter than yours Their health system is healthier than yours and my god their parks are parking our than yours These fins also eat really well on a square plate is some old fed lightly smoked pork and boiled garlic emulsion on top Here I am at your run-of-the-mill fast casual joint popping some bubbly And gobbling up a ham and cheese roll followed by a nasa inspired marshmallow made out of beets Good, that’s crazy But the future of food for Finland and the rest of the world may be here Where protein is grown in a VAT overseen by the finished version of Walter White This is solar foods with its headquarters in Espoo on the outskirts of Helsinki We make food out of thin air using just electricity water co2 and some minerals as the main ingredients Have you ever seen Breaking Bad? Yeah, is there anything else we should know that happens in here? This is pretty legal, okay Until the pivot to full-blown meth labs needed Solar foods is focusing on making protein and other nutrients with as little water and other resources as possible No cows. No soy fields just bacteria being fed in a tub by Nature and harvested by lab coat wearing laborers In a sense what we are making is an ingredient for different food products so tofu yogurt breakfast bars, or Any meal that one could think of? solar foods grab co2 from the fresh finish air and hydrogen Produced via solar panels and uses this fuel to feed a microorganism discovered by scientists in Finnish soil The bacteria is then fed a cocktail of water and a secret blend of elements such as iron sulfur and calcium The slurry of goodness is then dried to produce a powder That’s 65% protein with a few fatty acids and carbs making up the rest This is the end product this yellow is powder Protein powder and then this is just the liquid form of that And how long is the drying process take it takes about the day to dry bunkie local? Solar foods calls this stuff. So lame powder Is it vetted by the FDA yet? No, is it safe for consumption? I’m told yes, and since I’m the guinea pig for a technology show my gut is your gut This is my personal vegan pancake recipe. It’s like the regular ingredients for pancakes pretty much Except we’re replacing eggs with with silane powder That’s the magic moment All right here goes our better Yeah, you’re a pro Do you want to try it first I’ll try it this is this is like the pancake of the future I’ve never eaten pancakes grown in a laboratory before It’s a delicious pancake Those dudes may cook a mean protein powder But the true star of the finished healthier food movement is this one Maya it Conan the co-founder and CEO of golden green Golden green makes a vegetable based meat replacement called pulled oats Everyone I met in Finland eats it It’s in the grocery stores in a variety of flavors You can even get it at Taco Bell inside the vegan burrito It’s a thing a brown chunky thing Maya and I met in a former Nokia cable Factory where else to try out some pull notes You’re not trying to mimic meat necessarily at all, right. You’re just trying to make something that’s sort of delicious that’s made from oats That’s the exactly through and and it might be to the final application It’s mimicking, you know, because when you make a burger it needs to be something that feels like a burger But what actually doesn’t mimic is the incremental instinct ingredient least We actually want to make sure that you have few things and they’re really healthy and really clean label and everything is based on that What are the big advantages of us it’s not meat or yeah, I mean what yeah why yes, it’s not originally It’s like marvelous. It has so good health benefits for your heart health and digestion and blood sugar and it’s like medicine, you know Thanks so much it’s like a curry It’s delicious, I mean I read this idea anyway So when we got started we didn’t even plan to sell in Finland this was like two years ago or is this 2016 but we thought let’s just Aim to test it in a couple of grocery stores Then it was so funny because what happened was that people could entirely crazy Although all the newspapers started to call us and all the buyers start to call us So it was like, okay, we’re gonna sell this in Finland, you know, and actually the market grew like 700 percent during that year Unlike just about every other company in Finland Golden greens headquarters are not in a former Nokia building They’re in a former bra factory and it’s elevators real and spectacular This is where pull doubts come to life so these are the basic ingredients Yes, actually, this is oat flour Then we have a fava bean flour. Then we also have a yellow pea pea protein, but that’s about it Okay, and then the magic the secret is how you blend this all together? Absolutely Yes, so we first make like a dry material based of these ingredients. Okay, then we start Moisturizing and baking it and it becomes something like this. Okay, so this This goes through like a machine and the machine in the process. That’s all Top secret nobody gets to see that But I am allowed to see this a brand new venture for gold and green And it’s sizzling salty and pork ish it’s something that can be made to to replace like chicken And this is not a debate Maya refuses to call it bacon But it’s pretty much bacon and it might even be good. I Mean that’s delicious got all the like nice salty fatty kind of feel to it. Yeah, I Like this a lot And now thanks to a brave volunteer from golden-green a Better living through Finland interlude that will come as quite the shock to my American friends. I Present to you a baby a mother and a baby box This is something that the government Sends to every mother Yes, or you can like choose you maybe don’t want this and you can take the money. So it’s 170 euros The box is this meant to be like a crib. Yes. It is like a safe and comfy place to sleep But also in this box there is 63 Items, okay. No, there is like the first baby book You get all these clothes all the clothes in Finland it is quite common that You leave the child outside To take a nap. Okay, so that’s why we need a lot of quotes. So the baby’s warm they sleep outside yes, that’s all seasons or just what it’s The wintertime. Why do they sleep outside? I think it’s it’s good for you How much maternity leave do you get in Finland? 9 months So in the box There’s also the hygiene things it is for the baby and also for adults You get like a Man you guys think of everything. Yes. I think I know that One day the American dream will also include state-provided lube, right, right By now you’re probably thinking these fins are godless vegan socialists who have an unnatural amount of concern for nature and general well-being This is probably even true They also have a thing for relaxing in the glorious outdoors like this open-air Oasis on Helsinki’s waterfront, I Give to you the Alice pools Steamed to perfection And refreshed and frozen by the Baltic Sea I Returned to the mean streets of Helsinki to find out the other ways in which the finns are better than the rest of us Which brought me here to a start-up and Suvi jaime she is the co-founder and CEO of sulla panic and They want to replace plastic with this What is important in our material it’s micro plastic free eventually plastic degrades into micro plastic particles and they stay hundreds of years or even permanently in the nature But we have created almost all the benefits of plastic without the plastic waste problem The big idea here is to take waste wood Mash it up with some plant matter and create a substance that can be molded into all kinds of things from straws to containers to coat hangers Then when you’re done with the objects you ditch them and they gracefully turn back into play it matter we make our materials out of wood and natural binders and These plant-based binders they degrade so they can be eaten by natural occurring microorganisms Ok, so no micro plastic left Soula pack has pulled in some big-name investors including Chanel And it started making its products in factories all over the world Here are their straws coming to life in a factory in st. Louis And unlike paper straws these wooden things actually work So with the straw How long would this last compare like a paper straw when I put it in a drink every second it’s usually melted by the end Of the drink. Well, the criteria is that if you change the drink you have to be able to use this one straw So the whole evening you’re able to drink mojitos Frances, which is my favorite drink. What is one straw? We need new Initiatives to make these micro plastics free materials because there is so much plastic out There you with one company with one material. You can’t solve it all Of course if experimental protein and plastic induced shame is all too much for you have no fear the Fins still have you covered? Here at a traditional finished restaurant a very nice set of ladies will set you up with finished gin Scrumptious reindeer moose a ski loaded with shots And one hell of a bear pie Well fed and well lubricated I set out for helsinki’s wooden house district These beauties were built back in the early 1900s so that the workers of Finland could have nice places to live and nice gardens to tend Their symbolic of Finland’s famed social support system that has made Finns some of the happiest people on earth Bless you Finland and your wheelbarrow gardens Of course progress often has its own plans The workers here for example have been replaced by artsy hipsters seeking a trendy neighborhood and Soon enough workers and hipsters all over the world might be replaced by robots The don’t care about social systems or pretty Gardens at all Hello robot overlords Here at Helsinki is most scenic garbage dump are some hard-working robotic arms from a company called Zen robotics the Zen part obviously being some bizarre marketing ploy because there’s nothing calming about these things Their mission is to divvy up industrial trash sorting things like wood and metal into their own piles How do you get the robot to see you know that it’s not wood that it’s a piece of steel a plastic bag All this stuff is so amorphous and ever be use cameras. We use metal detectors We use 3d sends us and we used all the near infrared sensors the AI is able then to predict Okay, what kind of material? We try to understand how is a human operator Sorting waste and he is not picking it and putting it here it picks and throws Yeah, and we simulated the same movement. So our robot opens a grip and lets the object fly And what do we know about how accurate the robots are Depending on the different kind of ways. We can go to a purity up to ninety percent Here we go. Take a closer. Look. Yes. Okay, so The waste comes up it goes on this conveyor belt and then this is where it’s getting spin and Then in this moment where it’s getting scanned, it’s telling the robots down the line There’s gonna be an object coming then I want you to grab. Yes And then the arms start to go to work yes the robot gets to pick which trades and to throw it in which spin I Mean, it’s a really good jobs and way of picking up these Objects that are such different sizes. Yeah. Yeah You can believe that there many men hours invested to really develop a gripper what is able to grip? total different kind of sizes shades and I think that is one of the biggest challenges Zen robotics recently put its robots to work right here in the heart of Silicon Valley At this massive garbage processing facility in San Jose Artificial intelligence and trash commingling and harmony just the way nature intended Back in Finland. I took a drive from the dump to ESPO. It’s a city about 25 minutes outside of Helsinki That is something of a tech suburb Nokia’s once glorious headquarters are here and So to arts more sedate current headquarters and The Angry Birds are here, too But I have not come des Beaux for disgruntled birds or airborne pigs, I Have come to see some satellites This is the headquarters of ëyesí It’s one of a handful of startups that have built small satellites that take constant pictures of what’s happening on earth How many satellites have you guys put up today? The commercial constellation that we operate right now is three solar three satellites and then your satellites their mini-fridge Yeah, and then you also want to try and surround the earth with with dozens hundreds of these things, right Yeah, so we really want to make the system that allows you to sort of Reliably and accurately and sort of objectively See everything at the whole times. It’s almost like, you know having a sort of a MRI scan for the earth Ëyesí satellites travel from pole to pole every 45 minutes Rather than cameras They’re three small SATs use something called synthetic aperture radar or SAR To pound the earth with microwave signals from low-earth orbit They then used signals that are reflected back from the earth to build images of the surface Unlike cameras SAR can see through the cloudiest of days in the darkest of nights Ice I combined this radar technology with advanced image processing and computer vision software to create highly detailed pictures To a peek at some of these images and walk through kind of what you guys do So this was an example of the hurricane durian in in, Bahamas We were able to image this exactly when the hurricane was on top of the island This is the island as it normally is then in in the afterwards the land border used to be here and I think here’s a really dramatic thing is that all of these red dots are me no buildings, you know fully submerged This is exactly you know, what becomes a sort of insurance information yet proves that others the flooded and yeah, yeah And then proof is one thing and then of course in just ability to react it like now, you know What if you could trigger the payment to these these guys? Automatically so that like the people get to rebuild their lives and so forth. So, yeah Now here we’re looking at large tanker the grace one it relates to the sanctions to Iran It became this big story when it was impounded in Gibraltar When it was said that it was headed towards Syria with a tank full of Iranian oil This is an image from a while back where we’re able to see the grace one ship here in the Iranian shores Okay in in January So maybe the US knows where this tanker is the NSA knows the CIA And they can choose to make public what they want. But basically with you guys I mean there’s a democratization to all this where anyone who’s willing to pay for your imagery, you know Yeah, it’s not just in the hands of these few governments now. It’s like everybody good. Yeah can know what’s going on Yeah, I think I think that’s you know part of the part of the big story here in the case of this tanker Like what was really interesting is what was it full or was not full powerful was it? If it’s full of oil it’s down in the water and you’re getting something on yeah Just the depth from like a shadow off the water. Yeah And this is a mine it’s an open pit mine So, you know This is like the more mundane use case here is just that you monitor the progress of the mining activity, but of course You know the safety of is there some display ventilation you’re likely to cause Landslides or is there some underground mining that is likely to cause collapses When it started in 2014 ice I was the very first company to build a commercial satellite in Finland Since then, it’s raised more than 65 million dollars from investors and Plans to launch a constellation of 18 small satellites in the next couple of years Right now we’re sort of fully booked with customers. So there would be some governments there There would be some insurance some finance I mean, there’s like a ton of positive use cases all the stuff I do think some people though would be creeped out a bit right about this all-seeing eye That is keeping track of what people are doing I think you know as far as sort of like the sort of creepiness honest or personal level I think a lot of the the sort of mobile phones, you know internet, you know Google type services like they tend to track you to much higher position and we ever are so like, you know We would never really be In the business of identifying humans, like, you know, we don’t image faces or like the resolution is way lower than that For us it’s about objectivity of being able to provide as neutral source of information as possible Hey, I robots and super fancy satellites are all well and good probably But no visit to Finland would be complete without exploring its oldest and most famous tech The sauna or as they say it hear the sound And since Finland is a tiny place full of accommodating people I was able to find not just a sauna But the sauna and not just any sauna companion, but these on a companion Finland’s most famous actor. Yes, Bert Bach on it Along with having an outstanding 6-pack jasper owns this beauty He joined me at about 11:00 p.m. To teach me the art of the sauna and What it means to the Finnish people When you walk into a sauna you’re stripped down from your clothes your stripped down from all the titles your wealth you leave your wallet outside and It’s just a bunch of people at their most bare state of being and It’s really hard to not be honest when you’re so exposed and so bare So this is a pretty common thing is to take over here and hash things out. Yeah sauna is the only word from Finnish language to travel to other languages as a common word to use and And saunas are more common in Finn. It’s more common to own a sauna that it is to own a car Okay, which means every single person has a song. Yeah Everybody has these sounds but the ones here are very traditional and well, you know what? What is the classic Finnish sauna the real song it would always be a would heat? Would heat it sauna because the burning of the wood gives it gives the other song lights Hit this very distinct flavor or this load right load of the word means like the spirit of the song I’m going to feel when you throw water on to the sauna heaters rocks That’s load and you just get much better load when you are heat it with wood Perhaps unimpressed by my grasp of the Finnish language Gasper decided it was a good idea to complete the sauna experience By subjecting me to a ritualized form of icy torture To our necks, and then we take a few deep kind of just easy breaths try not to hyperventilate Alright, let’s see now you start feeling this on tingling Able to breathe now And you don’t feel cold, right? No good actually. Yes Once you do it a few times first you get used to it. Yeah, and then you get addicted to it So how many times would you do that during the course of a saw that session I usually do it four times back and forth Okay, so sauna swim sauna swim and then you end it with via with the swim. I often say that Sauna is like the church for a normal average Finn he or she goes to the sauna You’re in silence and you sweat out the daily sorrows both mentally and physically there’s something church like Sadly, I think our version is like football game You

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