Where is the money? Covid Campers Want to Know
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Where is the money? Covid Campers Want to Know

– Hey, COVID Campers, Vince Poscente here. Willie Sutton use to rob banks, and he was asked by the
media, “Why do you rob banks?” And he said, “Well that’s
where the money is.” And that’s something we
can pay attention to. The money’s flowing in a
different direction right now. Well, where is that money flowing? And to pay attention to that,
I’ll give you an example. My sister has a small business. She was ticking along, and
it’s in the events business, and that just went away. And she immediately went,
“Well, where’s the money?” And she said, “Well, wait a minute, “people are delivering groceries.” And she got on some app and then started delivering groceries with her kids, to get her kids involved. And she really just
followed where the money is, because some people need help with getting groceries delivered. So there you go. Follow the money. And it’s not about robbing banks. It’s about paying attention
to where the flow of money is, and you’ll be able to get through this. Particularly the COVID Campers who have been laid off recently, and you’ll get your jobs
back, or you’ll get a new job. Things will be better. Take care. Hang in there. Bye-bye.

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