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White House Internship Service Project

♪♪(students rapping)♪♪ Jordon:
The Fall Internship
Service Protect is a really unique opportunity for White
House interns to be paired up with students at a local D.C.
high school and serve as their tutors and their mentors for
the entirety of our internship. We come in once a week and we
figure out what it is that the student really needs to work on,
whether it’s just their next homework and algebra problem,
a five paragraph essay, or something bigger, like a
college application or studying for the SATs. And in the process we really get
to work with our students to get to know them better. Sometimes even figure out
what their dreams are. And it turns out to be a really
positive experience both for the intern and the student. (student chatter) Student:
We could probably list a
whole bunch of names of cases of when you see somebody who was
successful and then tell them, look, I did this, I
studied, I hated studying, but I did it anyway and,
look, I’m in the White House. I’m helping out people. I’m going to be possibly
working in the White House. I think that’s important
for people to see. (applause) Christian:
This semester we had an
awesome experience going into the schools and working with the
students and we thought it would be really cool for them to get
a chance to come to the White House and see us at work here. Araz:
And hopefully they, too,
will be working at the White House as part of the D.C.
Scholars Program which is the first ever White House
internship for D.C. high school students. Tour Guide:
Hello! Hey! Great to see you guys. How are you doing? Alisha:
I think it would be so
awesome for the D.C. youth to come in to the White
House and actually have that experience because not only are
we saying that it’s okay for you to, you know, come here and
work eventually or the D.C. Scholars Program or the
internship program, but we are also putting
action with our words. So we are opening up the White
House and saying here it is, this is a small taste of what it
may be like for you and let us share our experiences so that if
you want to be a part of this you can. It’s very obtainable. Tour Guide:
The First Lady, I
will show you where — Speaker:
(inaudible) Students:
Yes. Speaker:
Excited? Students:
Yes! Speaker:
All right. Come on in. Alisha:
Something I think that would
inspire them is that we are from all different
walks of life. We are all different
colors, ages. We have different backgrounds. Some of us have come
from political families, some of us have not. And I think that it’s important
for them to know that this is a different, this is a
different administration. This is a different government. And President Obama
is changing things.

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