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18 thoughts on “Who Created The Velocity Banking Strategy? | Who Invented The Velocity Banking Concept?

  1. I so appreciate your honesty. Also i think it is refreshing that you didn't bash others in your business. I watched many videos from different people before i decided to jump in myself. I can understand many of your explanations better than others. I guess i like your "style ". I took out a decent sized HELOC at the start of the year and consolidated my car loan and credit cards with a $15k advance. At the end of this month I estimate that we will have paid it down around $3000. Sure seems to be working. By the end of the year, or earlier, we should be looking at our first chunk against our mortgage. Thanks for your guidance.

  2. Well said ! I like listening to all of you and even when you have it down I can watch another video and pick up on another way of doing it and it only gets better….. when I say better I mean more efficient

  3. I honestly don't remember which trainer was the first one that I saw on Youtube talking about velocity banking, but I went through many, many videos and many, many channels before it all finally clicked. LOL Seriously though, people will nit-pick ANYTHING on a video, which generally means they aren't really paying attention to what the video is trying to teach. Somewhat sad when you think about it. I've been mentioning, or posting links on my videos…I have no idea if viewers have visited your channel or any of the others, but I hope they have. I think it's a fantastic strategy and far better than most I've research…however, I don't think it's for everyone. Depends on how much self-control they really have over their finances. Nice vid!

  4. Hi there! This was invented about 24 years ago in Australia by Harj Gill, and he named it Speed Equity. There are Youtube videos about it from 12 years ago and his channel is Speed Equity.

  5. It was invented about 24 years ago by an Australian named Harj Gill, and he called the system Speed Equity and you can find his Youtube channel with videos from 12 yrs ago…the strategy was renamed many names but it was originally invented by him… He's a great guy and very nice. He tried to bring it here years ago…the State of Washington teaches using his book… look him up! He is the original creator of the strategy.

  6. I bought Morris’s book, liked it found out he was being sued. Moved on to the Kwak Bris and then found mike.

    You do it well mike.

    The one area that’s missing in the velocity space is the actual numbers and break down from a real world example. The same math works well for quick round numbers and whiteboard finance 😉 but I still haven’t found a good progression video from start to finish.

  7. Hi Mike, been watching you for a while, thanks for your videos! So it was a system invented in Australia by the a guy named Harj Gill. He has book called "Own Your Home Years Sooner & Retire Debt Free. You're right it goes way back – back over 20 years ago!

  8. I like that there is more than one person explaining it, I think Mike is one of my favorites(I have 2). I realized its quite an art to explaining it when I tried to explain it to my boss. After getting deer in headlights look, its great we have folks like Mike that can explain it so well and we can send ppl to these videos. I don't care who "invented it", though I'm glad to see who it was in the comments, I'm just glad to have found folks who can break it down and explain it!

  9. Thank you man that is an incredible strategy I learned from you and Denzel for me you guys are super incredibly., I am out of debt and pulled out my wife with 4 other people who did not know this strategy before. Brian Mthethwa,from South Africa

  10. Hello Mike. What are your thoughts on first potion lien HELOC. I been using the chunk method with my PLOC. But now I’ve been thinking of just eating up all of my mortgage with HELOC and using velocity banking to pay it off. But Iam having trouble figuring the amount of interest I’ll be paying. For example I have a 200k mortgage with 3,000 cashflow

  11. Hi Mike, I have  question about when I do the velocity banking on my mortgage. Should I ask my bank to do the recast to recalculate my mortgage payments?https://www.investopedia.com/terms/m/mortgagerecast.asp

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