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Why Big Companies Make Bad Products – Steve Jobs

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Street to Silicon Valley. People get confused. companies get confused when
they start getting bigger they want to replicate their initial success what
happens is like with John Sculley. John came from PepsiCo and they at most
would change their product you know once every 10 years I mean to them a new
product was like a new sized bottle right? so if you were a product person
you couldn’t change the course of that company very much
so who influenced the success of PepsiCo? the sales and marketing people therefore
they were the ones that got promoted and therefore they were the ones that ran
the company well for PepsiCo that might have been okay but it turns out the same
thing can happen in technology companies that get it get monopolies like Oh
IBM and Xerox if you were a product person at IBM or Xerox so you make a
better copier or a better computer so what when you have a monopoly market share
the company’s not any more successful so the people that can make the company
more successful our sales and marketing people and they end up running the
companies and the product people get driven out of the decision-making forums
and the companies forget what it means to make great products it’s sort of the
product sensibility and the product genius that brought them to those to
that monopolistic position gets rotted out by people running these companies
who have no conception of a good product versus a bad product they have no
conception of the craftsmanship that’s required to take a good idea and turn it
into a good product and they really have no feeling in their hearts usually about
wanting to really help the customers there’s a just a tremendous amount of
crafts ship in in-between a great idea and a
great product and as you evolved that great idea it changes and grows it never
comes out like it starts because you learn a lot more as you get into the
subtleties of it and you also find there’s tremendous trade-offs that you
have to make I mean you know there are there are just certain things you you
can’t make electrons do there are certain things you can’t make plastic do
or glass do or factories do or robots do and as you get into all these things
designing a product is keeping 5,000 things in your brain these concepts and
fitting them all together in in kind of continuing to push to fit them together
in new and different ways to get what you want and every day you discover
something new that is a new problem or a new opportunity to fit these things
together a little differently and it’s that process that is the magic I read an
article when I was very young in Scientific American and it it measured
the efficiency of locomotion for various species on the planet so for you know
bears and chimpanzees and raccoons and birds and fish how many kilocalories per
kilometer did they spend to move and and humans were measured too and the Condor
one it was the most efficient and mankind the crown of creation came in
with a rather unimpressive showing about a third of the way down the list but
somebody there had the brilliance to test a human riding a bicycle blew away
the Condor all the way off the charts and I remember this really had an impact
on me I really remember this that humans are tool builders and we build tools
that can dramatically amplify our innate human abilities and to me we actually
ran an ad like this very early to Apple that the personal computer was the
bicycle of the mind and I believe that with every bone in my body that that of
all the inventions of humans the computer
is going to rank near if not at the top as history unfolds and we look back as
you know when you set a vector off in space if you can change its direction a
little bit at the beginning its dramatic when it gets a few miles out in space I
feel we but we are still really at the beginning of that vector and if we can
nudge it in the right directions it will be a much better thing as it as it
progresses on and I look you know I think we’ve had a chance to do that a
few times so there was something beyond sort of what you see every day there’s
something going on here in life beyond just a job and a family and two cars in
the garage and a career there’s something more going on there’s another
side of the coin that we don’t talk about much and and and and we experience
it when there’s gaps when we kind of just aren’t really when everything’s not
ordered and perfect when there’s kind of a gap you experience this in rush of
something and and a lot of people have set off throughout history to find out
what that was and whether it’s throw or whether it’s you know some Indian
mystics or whoever might be and and the hippy movement got a little bit of that
and they wanted to find out what that was about and that life wasn’t about
what they saw their parents doing and of course the pendulum swung too far the
other way and it was crazy but there was a germ of something there and it’s it’s
the same thing that causes people to want to be poets instead of bankers you
know and and I think that’s a wonderful thing and I think that that same spirit
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