Why choose KYKLO as an e-commerce partner
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Why choose KYKLO as an e-commerce partner

My name is Vikan from Factomart.com, we are a B2B distribution platform for industrial equipments and our
customers pain points is that the manufacturers have to have a large team
of purchasing staff, a large stock on-site and have to deal with a lot of suppliers
for industrial equipments and these have a lot of inefficiencies and our target is
to reduce these inefficiencies and provide them with the best solution. KYKLO is our partner in e-commerce space. KYKLO is able to provide us with a front-end platform that comes ready with the
data of the products that we want to distribute and the ability to index this amounts of data into KYLO platform in the range of hundred
thousand up to 1 million products is their core technology. I mean right now
with our own effort we are struggling in in the range of 10 thousands, so to be
able to run up to a hundred thousand range I think is really up to their expertise.

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