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Why choose the MSc Marketing

My name is Mary Beth Lantzy and I am
originally from Chicago Illinois in the States. Gosh there’s so many things that
are so great it’s really exceeded my expectations – I came into it kind of
knowing what to expect but when I got here you know especially if you’re international
you don’t really know how it’s gonna turn out, and there’s been so many great
things. I probably say one of the best things is the relationships that you can
have with the faculty and it’s such an international programme it’s really nice
to get that kind of perspective but I think that the faculty and the programme
does such a great job of really bringing in guest speakers who are practitioners in
addition to people from academia but it gives a whole different perspective
especially being in a graduate programme. I think that’s been very very beneficial.
Oh my gosh the university is beautiful you really do kind of feel like you’re
stepping back into time, just you know the landscape and the ambiance.
Originally coming from Chicago I was used to a big city so coming here it’s
been such a nice transition having that big city feel but in a small city and
it’s walkable and again it’s just beautiful, there’s so many things that
you can do depending on what your taste is, I think that’s what it is I
mean you could just walk around and just you know take it in for what it is but
gosh I honestly can’t say enough good things about the city. The Career
Development here at this Business School has been great, there are so many
different speaking engagements or interactive classes that you can take
with them that really helps you building up not only where you are right now but
where you want to go with your career. I’ve been to a lot of interview sessions
and CV sessions and everybody from the alumni
and from the career development department has been extremely helpful
whether it’s looking at your CV or giving you insight or telling you, you
know, what the best direction may be to go or what to think about and how to
brand yourself. It’s things that you don’t really think about especially
going into your programme you expect to be study study study and kind of from the
first few weeks that we started here they’ve really been enforcing how
important it is to think about the next step, you know being at the school for a
year or two you really have to think about what could be coming next and it’s
so nice to have such great resources to know that they’re there to help and
they’ve been so nice and whenever you have a question somebody is there to
either talk to you or help you through it so yeah, I think that the business
school is really lucky to have such a great department.

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